$100 Bill! $100 Bill!


Did you know there’s a new $100 bill design? Yeah, me either. It will debut on October 8. And one of them could be worth up to $15,000!new-100

According to the Boston Globe, depending on their serial numbers, their value to currency-collectors could go as high as $15,000 each! Wait, what? That much for a $100 bill?

The Globe explains that collectors view certain 8-digit serial numbers as “fancier” (meaning more rare, and thus more collectible) than others. The fanciest numbers, according to collectors, include ones exceptionally low: A new $100 bill with the serial number 00000001, for example, might fetch up to $15,000.

Other types of “fancy” numbers are highly sought after. These include “ladders,” which have their numbers in sequence (e.g., 87654321), “repeaters,” which have two sets of the same four digits (e.g., 41124112), and “solids,” which have eight of the same digit (e.g., 44444444).


That’s nutso! I will definitely be looking harder at serial numbers. Wait. Nevermind. I can’t remember that last time I held a $100 bill in my hand! [Thanks, direct deposit!]

Read the whole article from Yahoo! here. 

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