Love Thy Neighbor…

neighborsThe neighbors aren’t so bad after all. A new survey says most people feel positively about their relationships with their neighbors. Half say they think the people living next door are “good.”  35% say they’re “okay”, that goes into the pot with the 13% who call their neighbors “great.”  So that’s 98% of people, meaning there are only 2% of people who make bad neighbors…and I always end up living next to them.  Wait… maybe I AM them!

My Favorite Part of the Emmys Was…

definitely the dance number before the choreography award was given. I loved that they incorporated each of the best drama nominees. Heck! There were even Breaking Bad dancers. Something tells me Walt wouldn’t have approved of all that Pop and Locking in the lab.

I couldn’t find a decent quality shareable video to embed here so I’m going have to refer you to Entertainment Weekly to take a look. You’ll notice they were big fans of the number, but I loved it.


Ikea… It’s Like Disney World For Adults

We made a trip to Ikea over the weekend and came back with our wallets significantly lighter, but we scored lots of great stuff for our new house. ‘Course it may be 2 years before we get it all assembled.   =)

I’m pretty excited about the new bed, because the one we’ve been using is old as the hills and starting to look a little sad. Here’s the new one. YAY for extra storage!!



We also got a new chest.



A kitchen table…



And I got these chairs in super fun colors!



and now I’m broke. No more shopping until Christmas…. 2015.


McEverythingEveryone has a bucket list, things they want to do, places they want to see before they die. It’s not often food ends up on them, but when you write a food blog I guess it’s cool. Nick Chapman of went to his local McDonald’s in Wisconsin and ordered all 43 sandwiches on the menu. He showed up before the menu switch from breakfast to lunch so he could cover them both and, using skewers, made what he calls the “McEverything.” The 43 sandwiches in all, stacked on top of one another. I bet he got a Diet Coke to go with it. You know, he’s watchin’ his calories.

Yuck Advisory!

hand-washingIt’s kind of gross to think the person who didn’t wash their hands before leaving the bathroom may have cleaner hands than you, but apparently that’s not true sometimes. Apparently, 25% of the soap in public bathrooms is dirtier and has more bacteria in it than toilet water. The deal is, bathrooms are just dirty places, to the point some of the nasty stuff, real bad bacteria end up in the soap which isn’t always anti-bacterial either. Just because it says it on the outside, doesn’t mean that’s what’s been put in it. So there it sits and multiplies in the soap. Theoretically, you could end up going into a bathroom and coming out dirtier than you were before. This is why I think we should handle things with our feet, like orangutangs.

Is this guy for real?

Meet David Rees. He is an artist.

His Medium? Sharpening Pencils!

YUP! That’s right Amy Poehler! Apparently this guy is for real. and the fact people PAY HIM to sharpen their pencils is even more crazy ($35 a pencil!)!

He has also written a book about sharpening pencils!

Below is a video of him demonstrating his technique.

Yeah….wow….so many thoughts:

- Is there a professional name for this? Writing utensil technician? Scribe Engineer? What does it say on his business card?
-How do mom and dad feel about this?
-Does he realize that for about the same price he charges someone can buy an electric sharpener? Maybe even cheaper? And it will last for a while?
- Is there really a market for this? Last I checked the only time I’ve used a wooden pencil was during istep exams and drawing classes, and I doubt students young or old really have the extra cash to drop on this, because they are too busy saving for an ipad or paying school loans!
- I now feel like a rebel every time I use a mechanical pencil.

#Firstworldproblem? Yes.  #Firstworldoccupation? Most definitely.

If people really have extra money to blow on stuff like this- send me your address and I’ll send you a list of wonderful charities that will gladly take your money.

What are your thoughts about this?

-Sara Beth