Candy Commies!

mounds__almond_joy_5378_390x191The kids do the legwork but don’t get to keep the candy. I would have never let anyone touch my Halloween candy. If I was doing the work, I was reaping the reward, but more than half of parents say candy that’s brought home on Halloween doesn’t exclusively belong to the collector but is shared with everyone in the family.  WHAT?  That’s Candy Communism, I say!  The only way I’d be for that is if I was the one who got to divide up who got what.  I’d push the Mounds and Almond Joys (yuk) to everyone else and keep the rest.


this-radical-iphone-6-concept-completely-reimagines-the-worlds-favorite-smartphoneWith smartphones and gadgets in hand, we’re having a hard time dropping our work load when 5 PM rolls around. Even after an 8-hour day, many employees report checking emails and taking work-related calls after hours. Having constant access to our mobile communication streams tacks on an extra two hours of work a day.  A good rule of thumb is… are you checking your smartphone constantly because you really NEED to… you’re expecting something to come in that CANNOT wait?  OR are you checking it because it makes you feel important?


Not_facebook_not_like_thumbs_downFacebook admitted this week what many teens already know: it’s not as cool to be on Facebook anymore. But while some stories would have you believe teens are dumping Facebook in droves, it’s not true. The company says while there is a decrease in “daily users among younger teens,” just about every teen in the U.S. is still using the social media service.

Miley a Top Costume!

Miley-Cyrus-CostumeIt’s turning out to be a not-so-scary Halloween…that is depending on how you view Miley Cyrus. Google data says tomorrow you can expect to see a lot of trick-or-treaters dressed as Minions from the Despicable Me. It was the number-one search over the last month and if you’ve been to a Halloween party you were probably among a couple. The second most popular looks to be the Miley Cyrus VMA get-up, with the bear face on the leotard. It’s been hot with the female celebrities. I saw a picture of Paris Hilton, she went to the Playboy Mansion Halloween part dressed as Miley. You know it’s bad when Paris Hilton is subtly mocking you.

Tech: Next Horror Wave

BrideOfFrankensteinPosterYou iPhone turning on you is a scary thought, and it may be the plot of a horror movie in the next few years. Early on in horror movies it was the monsters like Frankenstein and Dracula, then it turned to martians and things from space or swamps (creature features), then it more possession type movies which moved into slasher films…that’s been the evolution of horror movies and next up they think is technology turning on us. The brain trust in Hollywood says that will be the next wave of scaring us, technology going too far and taking us over, or cutting out altogether. Oh, the horror of having to actually have to speak to someone!

Woman Giving ‘Fat Letters’ for Halloween!

halloween-letterThere is something worse than the person who hands out pennies or fruit for Halloween, it’s a note telling your kid they’re not getting candy because they’re fat. This note has been making the rounds online. A woman in Fargo, North Dakota, says she plans to hand out a letter instead of candy to kids she thinks are overweight.  In an interview, the woman –identified only as Cheryl– said, “I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight… I think it’s just really irresponsible of parents to send them out looking for free candy just ’cause all the other kids are doing it.”  In the letter she says this fight takes a “village”…and we just found this one’s idiot!

You’re So Money, Baby!

iIf it stars Robert Downey, Jr. it’s going to make money. He’s been named the Most Valuable Movie Star for a second year in a row. That means the movies he’s in make the most money.  And it’s not just the Iron Man movies that give him the top spot. His likability rating is high, critics’ have a more than positive review of his work, he’s not drowning in social media or tabloid trash…which is actually quite amazing since there was a time when he was drowning in the tabloid pool. There was a time when he made Charlie Sheen seem sober.