Can Kurt Hummel Be My Stylist?

It’s no secret that I LOVE “Glee” and I think my favorite character on the show is Kurt Hummel. The role gave actor Chris Colfer his first Golden Globe in 2011 [and gave the most adorable acceptance speech here: “Screw That Kids!”]


I have a real connection with Kurt and totes wish this character was on TV when I was in high school! And can we talk about his fashion?


It seems like Purple is the color for Kurt.

kurtfashion2The costume coordinator for “Glee” is amazing!

kurtfashion3I mean look at the hippopotamus brooch! C’mon!

kurtfashion4Hair. Ascot. Vest. Amazing.



I can has this?!?!

And look at these green camo pants! Plus more purple!



He is my fashion icon!





This is great….

So you know all those times you go out in public and there’s always that one couple making out with no respect to what’s going on around them? Yeah I know, it’s kinda gross.

Well instead of yelling at them to get a room, you can now publicly shame them with the latest photo bombing trend- Wingmanning!

Thanks to Drew Phillips (the awkward guy in all the photos) and Scott Cleveland (the guy willing to take all these awkward photos) for pioneering the latest photo bomb trend!

Check out their full tumblr gallery HERE.

There’s a NEW Game Show Being Developed…



Here’s an original idea: A horror-themed game show. Sony Pictures Television‘s UK production joint venture Gogglebox created and is producing Release The Hounds, a one-hour format that mixes the two genres by sending three unsuspecting contestants into a forest at dusk as they seek out chests full of prize money. Little do they know, in order to win big, they’ll face the “scariest challenges ever endured on TV” – those include navigating a field of crucified scarecrows, descending beneath the floorboards in a deserted cabin, and reading bedtime stories in the nursery from hell. The ultimate challenge is to out-run a pack of hounds who are trained to guard the cash. ITV2 has given the first commission to the show and will air the UK version as a special later this month, in time for Halloween. Executive producers are Gogglebox founders Adam Wood and Mat Steiner. The format will be presented to international buyers at Mipcom next week.



I kinda want to sign up for this!

Eraser Law

eraserHow would you like to go back and delete something you posted online. A new law in California will allow minors to delete embarrassing or incriminating social media posts…so Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. It’s called the “eraser law,” and says kids under 18 can ask that posts and pictures they put up be deleted by the hosting company. As it is now, everything is saved. Even if you delete it, someone can go back and dig up anything you’ve put online. The idea is kids make mistakes and ones they make when their 15 shouldn’t  haunt them the rest of their lives. See, some things are still reserved for parents.


breaking-bad-drinking-game-1024x640Nielsen reported that 10.3 million viewers tuned in to Sunday’s Breaking Bad finale — 3.7 million more than the previous week. That’s Breaking Bad’s highest viewership in series history, but in comparison, it fell short of besting fellow AMC show The Walking Dead, which saw 12.4 million viewers for its season 3 finale in March.