old_geezer_apple_storeWho knew things so small and light could cause so much pain? Tablet and smartphone use is being blamed for back pain. The majority of people 18 to 24 say they’ve had upper back pain in the last year. They’re calling it “iPosture,” it’s the slouching, hunched position you automatically put yourself in when you text, Facebook or play Candy Crush for hours on end… There’s your excuse if a cop pulls you over and suspects you of texting while driving because he saw you hunched over. It’s wasn’t because you were texting while driving, it’s because of all your texting.


oh deerWe in the Hoosier State are plagued by deer-auto accidents.  I myself have hit no less than two in my life… both doing significant damage to my car and even more to the deer!  But new data out this week shows that, of all states, drivers in West Virginia are the most likely in the country to hit a deer during their vehicular travels. West Virginia drivers hit more deer, followed by drivers in Montana and Iowa. The data comes from State Farm.


smart-dog-Top-of-the-class_myZXT_rFinally, a way to prove your dog is a genius.Dognition is a site that determines how empathetic your dog is, how clever it is at solving problems, and how much it actually understands what you’re saying. Each dog is then assigned a personality trait that can be compared to other dogs of similar age, size, and breeds. Of course, do you really need a website to tell you that your dog is a geniu

What are you THINKING Prince Harry?!?

According to People.com, Prince Harry is dating British socialite Cressida Bonas.

I have no idea who this chick is, and I’m sure she’s a lovely person (maybe), but first impressions are always pretty strong…

and based on this photo below I don’t like her at all.

And here are all the shallow reasons why I don’t like her:

1.) SCRUNCHIE!!!!!! SHE’S WEARING A SCRUNCHIE! I love the 90′s as much as the next, but the scrunchie needs to stay there!
2.) BRUSH YOUR HAIR! Or if you are trying to do the Snooki Poof, believe me you are doing it wrong!
3.) That jacket is ugly. And doesn’t match your shirt. True, those items don’t have to match, but this jacket is a statement piece and probably should coordinate with your outfit somehow. (And no- the scrunchie doesn’t count)
4.) Blinding Bling….NO!

And I pretty sure Prince Harry agrees with me, since he’s giving us “That Look” and walking a couple steps behind her.

She has potential- I’ll give you that…but until then…Harry you can do much better.

Lights, Camera, Christmas!

‘Tis the season to be jolly — possibly all the way to the bank.


TVLine has learned exclusively that ABC this December will untangle and put on display Lights, Camera, Christmas!, a new competition series in which 16 families from across America trick out their homes in ways that would make even Clark Griswold envious — all with their eyes on a grand prize.

The 16 families — chosen through a nationwide search, based on their previous Christmas light displays, choreography and over-the-top designs — will compete four-at-a-time in weekly playoffs, after being given 21 days to make their homes as merry as can be.

The four finalists will then be flown to a surprise location (the North Pole? Whoville?) to compete for the best Christmas gift ever, $50,000. The series is produced by FremantleMedia North America’s Thom Beers and Jennifer Mullin and exec producers Brady Connell and Max Swedlow (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition).

(Not sanctioned by ABC is TVLine’s own plan to fine any of the finalists $50K, should they leave their lights up past Jan. 15.)

Will you be tuning in for this twinkly Christmas display? Have any neighbors who this competition was made for?


Welcome to Columbus!

Is anyone else just as excited as I am for all the fun restaurants Columbus has acquired the past few months?


Yats has officially joined the downtown restaurant family, last month we were introduced to all the delicious noodles that Noodle’s & Company prepares, and today is the Grand Opening of Qdoba Mexican Grill!


It had been a while since I had visited Qdoba, so checking it out today at lunch was like visiting a new restaurant.

True, you can get a burrito there that’s as big as your thigh like the place down the road, but Qdoba is great because they have the craft 2 option! Similar to the You Pick 2 at that other other restaurant, and the portion sizes are a lot more lunchtime friendly…unlike the burritos which I can eat for 3 days because they are ginormous!

So I hope you get a chance to check out all the wonderful new options for dinner that Columbus has now!

So this just begs the question….whats coming next? I’m personally looking forward to the opening of the Japanese Hibachi Grill restaurant next to YATS…mmmm!

What restaurant would YOU like to see come to Columbus?

-Sara Beth