Here, let me help you with that…

Warning: I’ve been suffering from a sore throat, runny/stuffy nose (funny how that can happen at the same time) and just the crappy feeling that comes with a sinus infection (I think). So that means I get extra sassy. I apologize now if you get offended by my extra sassiness.

If you’ve been on Facebook at all these past couple of days or if you watched the Today show this morning, you saw the “Giraffe Riddle” Which goes something like this:

“It’s 3 a.m., the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors! It’s your parents and they are here for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you open?”

You are supposed to personal message the answer to whoever posted it, and if you guess wrong, you are supposed to change your profile picture to a giraffe.

First off- the answer is THE DOOR. You could say “Your Eyes” too, but when the question is asked you are already awake. There. You can keep your profile picture.

Now here are all my gripes about this: (here comes the sassiness!)

- Why giraffes? They are pretty cool animals. Don’t subject them to this poop. Let them just be awesome in Africa or your favorite Zoo.

- Why are you letting others control what you post as a profile pic? Last time I checked ONLY YOU can control that feature on your FB page…so really…you can just simply NOT DO IT!

- Why are my parents at my door at 3 am? they know me well, and know that I won’t be awake at that time, let alone answer the door at 3 am. Remember Stranger Danger? Yeah I take that seriously.

ps- best video find ever!!!

- And lets say that for some reason I DID open the door and it was my parents and they were asking for breakfast…they know where the food is…I’m going back to bed.

- And if for some reason I CAN’T go back to sleep, yes, I would probably open the wine, because that always puts me to sleep.

So in conclusion- can we be done with this? I’d rather you focus on creating your Bitstrip avatar so I can make a fun cartoon of us rather than have Facebook be littered with Giraffe pictures.

SBCM bitstrip

Thank you!

-Sara Beth

This movie should have happened a long time ago!

They were probably waiting for Ty Burrell to come along!

Mr. Peabody & Sherman have been made into a movie! I had no idea this was happening and it kind of made my day!

You know, the really smart dog and the kid from “The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show” that traveled through time?

Mr. Peabody will be played by this guy:

Ty Burrell from “Modern Family.”

And Sherman will be played by Max Charles.
max charles

They join to form the duo of Mr. Peabody & Sherman!

Also in the cast:
Stephen Colbert, Mel Brooks, Allison Janney, Lake Bell, Stanley Tucci and more! Love it!

Opening in March 2014, Here’s the Trailer:

Check it out on IMDB, too. Just click here!

So Halloween is two days away!

and today’s song on the countdown is thrillifying!

Michael Jackson – “Thriller” (1982)

The Vincent Price laugh still packs a wallop. “Thriller” is the title song from the bestselling album of all time. Michael Jackson’s accompanying video is still well worth watching. Be ready to jump at the surprise ending to the story.

Finally this list of Top Ten Billboard’s Halloween Songs gets real!

To catch you up, here’s the rest of the list:

3. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – “Nightmare On My Street” (1988)
4. Mike Oldfield – “Tubular Bells Pt. 1″ (Theme From ‘The Exorcist’) (1973)
5. ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Soundtrack – “The Time Warp” (1975)
6. Ray Parker, Jr. – “Ghostbusters” (1984)
7. Donovan – “Season Of the Witch” (1966)
8. Ramones – “Pet Sematary” (1989)
9. Rockwell – “Somebody’s Watching Me” (1984)
10. Talking Heads – “Psycho Killer” (1977)

Halloween is 3 Days Away…

Monday’s # 3 Most Popular song on Billboard’s Top Ten Halloween Songs has me confused:

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – “Nightmare On My Street” (1988)

This song was so successful that the producers of the film Nightmare On Elm Street sued for copyright infringement. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith, the Fresh Prince, will add good humor to any Halloween gathering.

4 Days Until Halloween

The #4 song of Billboard’s Top Ten Halloween Songs of All Time is from the scariest movie of all time:

Mike Oldfield – “Tubular Bells Pt. 1″ (Theme From ‘The Exorcist’) (1973)

Can you say creepy? The producers of The Exorcist knew what they were doing when they chose this song for a theme. The album Tubular Bells was released as the first album on the Virgin Records label and gained an impressive commercial foothold for the new entry into the music industry.

5 Days Until Halloween

The #5 song of Billboard’s Top Ten Halloween Songs recalls one of the best cult movies ever:

‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Soundtrack – “The Time Warp” (1975)

This signature song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a perfect party song. It not only makes you want to dance, the song provides the instructions. Many TV watchers will remember the use of “The Time Warp” on The Drew Carey Show and Glee’s tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

6 Days Until Halloween!

Today’s Top Ten Billboard’s Halloween Song ia…

#6 “Ghostbusters,” by Ray Parker, Jr.

This is the theme song from the phenomenally successful movie Ghostbusters. Ray Parker, Jr. wrote the song like an advertising jingle for a ghostbusting business. This #1 pop hit is certain to get everyone shouting along, “Ghostbusters!” Suitable for all ages, the song “Ghostbusters” isn’t scary. It is simply pure fun.

Which state does your personality belong in?

This is a fun test….in case you are clock watching this Friday…

According to a team of researchers out of the University of Cambridge, The US is NOT United in it’s personality and Mood.

Hmmmm…funny that this test is coming from folks outside the US, but I’m all for a fun test anyway!

Click HERE for the full article and test from… and Below are my results:

which state matches personalityApparently I belong in Utah!

Confession: I took this test multiple times and adjusted the scales to see what other states I would do well in (I was kind of hoping for Washington- I love Seattle!) and the others were Illinois and Tennessee (that works- I went to school there!)…but MOST of the time it was Utah.

What state matches YOUR personality?

-Sara Beth




Seems these days there are two types of household… ones in which the kids have phones, and ones in which the children spend every waking moment begging for their own phones.  Well the latest survey of teens and tech shows nearly 8 in 10 (78%) have a cell phone, and almost half of those (48%) own smartphones.
… In 1998 the big teens in tech story was this: One in ten U.S. teens owned a pager!  Remember those things?