There’s a New Record…

HEMETFB08ripM.jpgRecords are like apps, there’s one for everything — even back handsprings. This is impressive though because I’d have gotten sick after 4 or 5, that is assuming I could have done one without breaking my neck. A girl in Georgia broke the world record for most consecutive back handsprings. She did 44 of them in a row. The old record was 36 flips. She took the record hands down…and then up…and then down… and then up…


buying-onlineThis year, Cyber Monday is projected to be the biggest shopping day in history for online retailers. FedEx is forecasting that the Monday after Thanksgiving, December 2, will produce the “company’s highest volume in history.” The company predicts that on Cyber Monday, roughly 22 million packages will be processed and shipped through the cargo carrier’s network.

7 Days Until Halloween!

So, somehow I got messed up in my days. Today’s songs on Billboard’s Top Ten Halloween Songs are…

Here’s #8: Ramones, “Pet Sematary.

Punk legends the Ramones recorded “Pet Sematary” for the movie of the same name based on a novel by Stephen King. It was also included on the Ramones album Brain Drain. Many fans consider the movie to be one of the scariest of all time.

And the number 7 song, a classic. Donovan. Season of the Witch.

This 1960s pop classic by Donovan has been used widely in movies and TV. It is most frequently used either to illustrate the sometimes violent unrest of the late 1960s or as an accompaniment to the topics of horror and witchcraft. Most recently the song was used on the sountrack to Tim Burton’s feature film version of the TV show Dark Shadows.

Tomorrow’s episode is pretty epic, so be sure to check back!

Ellen: Be Kind to One Another!

Ellen Degeneres’ final thought of the day is a way of life. And she shows her appreciation to a lady that is pretty amazing.



Watch this story:


We need more people like this in the world. More Sarahs. More Ellens. Everyone needs to take this advice to heart. “Be Kind To One Another.” You just never know who may be watching!

Band Up Today, Alieve Tomorrow!

So last night was the start of Week 3 (for me at least-other’s started Monday with Kickboxing) of my 10 week challenge at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping.

It was another Upper Body Strength Training Day. At Farrell’s, instead of using weights, you use Resistance Bands for strength training. I think this is pretty sweet because they are a lot easier to manage rather than actual weights, and you still get a fierce workout.


Now in case you don’t know, My upper body strength is almost like an oxymoron- because to say I have any is almost like lying. So I grabbed the usual colors for my weak arms- the yellow (least resistance) and green (a little more resistance when yellow is too easy).

Then Erik Piper saw me.

Erik and Sean “The Madman.”

He looks super nice and kind right? He really is super nice and kind. However he saw my bands and told me that I needed to add the red one.


He even picked it out for me!

So sweet right?

Well…It was nice to have them because I was able to band up more with some back and chest exercises. Very proud of myself! WAHOO!

This morning though…super sore!

And Kickboxing is tonight….

Wish me luck!

-Sara Beth

9 Days Until Halloween!

Today’s song on Billboard’s Top Ten Halloween Songs:

Rockwell: “Somebody’s Watching Me” (1984)

There is a feeling of paranoia in this debut hit from Rockwell that has been unmatched by other major pop hits. Rockwell is the son of Motown Records executive Berry Gordy, Jr. “Somebody’s Watching Me” includes backup vocals from Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson. The song went to #2 on the pop singles chart in the US and was certified gold.


Click here for yesterday’s #10 song.

Are You a Bad-Candy-Giver?

Halloween Candy Health IndexNo one wants to be the person at Halloween handing out bad candy. I always hated the guy who gave out fruit. ‘A’ for effort, but a fat ‘F’ in the eyes of kids. Shape magazine has a flow chart in it about popular Halloween candy and which is the most healthy. Candy Corn ranks near the bottom with Nerds. A little higher up on the list are Snicker, Starburst. My takeaway is that Peanut M&M’s are health food.