A New Christmas Classic?

I’m super excited about Christmas music this year!

Now note that 99% of the time I am one of those people that refuses to acknowledge the Christmas season until after Thanksgiving (let that poor holiday have it’s own time to shine! haha!). However, this year Brittany Gray and I decided we wanted to freshen up our Christmas music playlists (get excited!), which means searching for a whole slew of “new classics,” your favorite artists, singing your favorites.

HOLY COW did we ever hit the jackpot! Christina Perri, Lady Gaga, Jason Mraz, Coldplay, Michael Buble, OneRepublic, and soooo many more! Needless to say we’ve been in the Holiday Spirit for a while. So much that I wanted to share what holiday song I’m LOVING the most right now!

Below is CeeLo Green’s “All I Need Is Love.” Not to worry Beatle’s fans, it sounds nothing like “All You Need Is Love”. BUT! It DOES have THE MUPPETS and the “Mahna-Mahna” song! And it’s all wrapped in this bundle of Christmas awesomeness! Don’t believe me? Check it out below! Happy listening!

CeeLo Green’s “All I Need Is Love”

-Sara Beth :)

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