All the Single (Columbus) Ladies….

Columbus Ladies….we have it made. 


My cousin-in-law posted this article on Facebook this morning, and as silly/flaky as the source may be…I can’t help but agree with most of it’s observations. (I say most because no one is perfect.)


Why would I agree? My wonderful father was an engineer (retired now from Cummins), and my husband is an Engineer at Cummins. So yeah. I have first hand experience with this topic. :) 


To ladies who are currently dating/engaged/married to an engineer- feel free to read this article and revel in the fact we are some of the luckiest women in the world! The same goes for men too who are married/engaged/dating our lady engineers- that’s like…the best of EVERYTHING :). 


And to those single ladies (and men) looking for a quality relationship… you don’t have to go too far to find those sweet single polo wearing, Cummins badge sporting gentleman (or ladies). 


Here’s the article link…enjoy! 


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