Columbus Lands on Indiana’s Best List

The Movoto Real Estate Blog compiled a list of the 10 Best Places in Indiana and I doubt it’s a shock to anyone that Columbus made the list. Columbus-Indiana-bridge(Photo credit


1. City of Carmel
2. Town of Fishers
3. Town of Zionsville
4. City of Noblesville
5. City of Jasper
6. City of Westfield
7. City of Columbus
8. Town of Munster
9. City of Greenwood
9. City of Crown Point


Coming in at #7 here’s what the blog had to say about our fine city:


Columbus knows how to flaunt its style. Besides having some truly amazing architecture, this city has lots to keep its 44,061 residents entertained.

Locals can enjoy ice skating at the Hamilton Center Ice Arena or enjoy one of the many lovely parks during sunnier months. People who want something fun and interesting to watch can drop in on a roller derby tournament at Skateland or take in a cricket match at Ceraland Park.

Just by the numbers, Columbus still looked like a really great place to live. The employment rate was high and the commute time low, which means workers can comfortably get to their jobs. The air quality was the best on our list, which makes this city a real breath of fresh air, and the average summer temperature is 73 degrees. If you like to be active, working, and enjoy some more eclectic pastimes, Columbus might just be the right city for you.


They chose some interesting things to highlight. Things you don’t normally hear about when Columbus makes these sorts of lists. Nice to spread the love a little, dontcha think? I often tell people who were born and raised here that they have no idea what a gem we have. As a Columbus transplant I’m always in awe of the offerings in Columbus. It’s really a fantastic city.

If you want to read about the rest of the cities and towns on the list, you can click right here. 

Would you jump off the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere?

My answer is a resounding HECK NO! I’m terrified of heights and just thinking about jumping from a step ladder makes me sick to my stomach.

I actually snagged this story from the lovely Joanna. So thanks for leaving it for me to watch, J. I almost threw up.

Anywhosit, back in September these 4 guys snuck to the top of One World Trade Center and jumped. Video below:

That video was never intended to be seen by anyone other than the jumpers, but after a 5 and a half month investigation all 4 were arrested for the incident, so they figured, what the hey and posted it on YouTube. They all face charges of third-degree burglary, and second-degree reckless endangerment.

Cause when I think New Years, I think three-foot tall, thirty-pound wooden flea

new years ball

We all know about the ball in New York, but some cities think outside the box when deciding what to drop on New Years.  Here are a few of my favorites:


Bangor, Maine will drop a beach ball decorated with lights

Baltimore Maryland will drop a disco ball.

Duluth, Georgia – a disco ball called the Soaring Spirit Ball is raised

Terre Haute, Indiana will drop watermelons

Atlanta will drop an 800-pound peach.

Port Clinton, Ohio is dropping a walleye fish.

Mount Olive, NC will drop a pickle

Hershey Pennsylvania will drop a Hershey’s Kiss.

Tallapoosa, Georgia will drop an opossum

Kokomo, Indiana – an aluminum 70-Pound Ball with 34,000 lights is dropped

Vincennes, Indiana – watermelons are dropped

Havre de Grace, Maryland – a wooden duck is dropped

Black Creek, North Carolina – a large red heart represents “A Small Town with a Big Heart”.

Brasstown, North Carolina – The Possum Drop. A plexiglass pyramid containing a living opossum is lowered from the roof of Clay Logan’s convenience store. The possum is turned loose at the end of the celebration.

Elmore, Ohio – a sausage will be dropped

Cincinnati, Ohio – a flying pig is “flown” – not dropped, confirming there is at least one occasion “when pigs fly”.

Akron, Pennsylvania – A purple-and-gold shoe is dropped

Beavertown, Pennsylvania – a beaver is dropped

Cleona, Pennsylvania – A pretzel is raised

Frogtown, Pennsylvania – A frog is dropped

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania – A lollipop is dropped

Ickesburg, Pennsylvania – A french fry is dropped

Mobile, Alabama – A giant electric Moon Pie is raised

Flagstaff, Arizona – A pine cone is dropped from the balcony of Weatherford hotel.

Key West, Florida – A large ruby slipper, with drag queen Gary “Sushi” Marion inside is dropped

Easton, Maryland – A crab is dropped

Ocean City, Maryland – A beach ball is dropped

Eastover, North Carolina – A three-foot tall, thirty-pound wooden flea is dropped

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania – Two pickles are dropped

Lebanon, Pennsylvania – A 100-pound stick of Lebanon Bologna is dropped

Richland, Pennsylvania – A cigar is dropped

Bartlesville, Oklahoma – An olive is dropped


What do you think Columbus should drop? A Diesel Engine, maybe?