Why Doesn’t Anything Like This Ever Happen To Me?

Imagine you’re cleaning the attic and you run across a painting and think, “Hey, that’s a pretty picture. Wonder if it’s worth anything?”

…..and the you find out IT’S AN ORIGINAL VAN GOGH!!

Turns out this painting, “Sunset at Montmajour” had originally been owned by Van Gogh’s brother, sold to an art dealer, and then ended up in the hands of a Norwegian collector, who was told it was a fake. The collector shoved the painting up in the attic, where it sat until the current owners purchased it and found out it was real.


Officials wouldn’t assign a value, but a Van Gogh  painted the same year sold for $40 million in 1987.

Teen Exorcists

See these 3 girls?

article-2415387-1BB1C1F6000005DC-159_634x407Lovely little things aren’t they? Look like they should be spending their weekends at the mall, movie theater, or maybe snap chatting their friends, but no. They spend their spare time hunting demons and now they are headed to London to clean up the mess that Harry Potter has made!

Believe it or not, that is NOT the premise of a new fall tv show… well, actually it kinda is. Film maker Dan Murdoch is following the girls for an upcoming documentary for the BBC. Brynne Larson and sisters Tess and Savannah Scherkenback, of Arizona, believe the spells written in the Harry Potter books are real and allowing demons to possess the unsuspecting people of London.

I can’t…I just….but… Guh. There are no words. Except now I do kinda wanna watch the show. I’m a sucker for crazy.


Superbowl Goes To Mars!

Well, as you’ve probably heard Bruno Mars will be performing the half time show at Superbowl XXVIIXVVIXIXIIIV9erXXII (I don’t know roman numerals, ok?)


Looks pretty pleased with himself, doesn’t he?

My initial reaction was:  Dear half time show committee, Say what now? <3 Brittany

what are you doing

Then I thought about it a little bit and I remembered that Bruno Mars has been nominated for like a bajillion Grammys and is a very hot artist right now. Maybe it makes more sense than I originally thought. It’s obvious the half time show is a way for extra viewers to be pulled in (the ones that aren’t all hip to the sportsball) and Bruno is probably a pretty good choice in that respect.

All I know for sure is that I’m a little crushed. I had my heart set on Justin Timberlake.

JT - Press Photo 2 (Credit Tom Munro RCA R.JPG


Like… seriously. I’ve got this feeling of panic that I can’t get rid of. The fall TV season is here and I haven’t seen an issue of the Fall TV Preview of Entertainment Weekly? I rely on this issue every year to help me decide my DVR schedule for the year. What am I gonna do without it?

Ok, perhaps I’m being a little over dramatic. It is just TV, after all, but I can’t help it. What if I miss something fantastic, because I never saw a preview for it and didn’t know I needed to be recording it?

Maybe the better question is, in this day of Hulu, Netflix, and online streaming why am I do freaked out about missing a show? I rarely watch them live anyway. All I know is since I realized the date this morning and that I don’t have my fall TV schedule set I can’t stop biting my nails and spazzing out just a little.

Send help.

stressed cat

Just Why?

Ran across one of those links to awkward and sometimes gag-inducing photos today. A lot of them were the usual pictures that make the rounds, but some that were new to me. As Tim and I scrolled through the same question kept popping up. WHY? Just why?

Here are a few that drew a reaction from us. WARNING: Some things cannot be unseen.(also, there is some skin in these pictures, though all the actual personal R-Rated bits are covered)

mime4 mime11 mime12 mime17 mime20 mime26


And finally… the crème de la crèmemime1

I’m sorry.



I had a blast this morning at the United Way of Bartholomew County Campaign Kickoff Breakfast at Amazing Joe’s Grill. A BIG thanks to everyone who came out to help. Did you know that the United Way of Bartholomew County supports over 75 programs which help more than 20,000 children and adults each year?!? That’s AMAZING!

If you were unable to make it to breakfast today, but would like to help out there are a couple ways you can help. Of course, you could always make a monetary donation to the campaign, or you could volunteer your time by contacting Angie Huebel at 812-314-2706 or e-mail at ahuebel@uwbarthco.org.


GEE IT’S FUN: Gifs With Brittany

Sometimes as I sit trying to write a blog I just start cruising the interwebs for random things to see where it will take me. I realize that this can be quite dangerous, but what can I say? I like to live on the edge.

Today my rando browsing somehow led me to a page full of Full House gifs. In my world this is a WIN and it led to an idea! Welcome to the first installment of GEE IT’S FUN: Gifs with Brittany (thanks Tim Green for the title)

Our maiden voyage is a trip down memory lane with the Full House Gang. Don’t deny your excitement. Just give into it….

Danny Tanner, those eyebrows are nice but they can’t compete with…


Have you guys noticed that John Stamos hasn’t aged a bit? Such a beautiful man. Don’t agree? Well then…

Michelle Tanner Full House Gif

Oh yeah, and…

Seriously though…

This is the point in my GIF search where I found inappropriate material, and even though  I’d consider bleaching my brain to get rid of the images, just like Michelle with cookies I can’t forget about it…

So… Now I’m afraid to keep digging for Full House GIF gold so I’ll just leave you with this gem.

Unofficial Rules of Facebook

So… there are a lot of unofficial rules for Facebook. uniquelynormalmom.com has a pretty good list of them. Below are some of my favorites.

Stop making FB the place where you declare your love for your significant other.  It makes it really hard for us to believe (and also makes us roll our eyes and throw up in our mouths a bit) when you post updates like “Can’t wait til my boo gets off work so we can make out on a bearskin rug in front of my fireplace”.  And posting ridiculous love notes on each other’s walls just makes us want to vomit too.  It makes us wonder why you are being so obnoxious and it REALLY makes us want to yell, in all uppercase, of course: GET A ROOM!  An occasional “I love you” or “Thanks for the flowers!” is acceptable.  It’s just when one-third of your interaction on FB is withor about your significant other, and CHEESY well, you probably need some friends.

Grammar.  tH!s Izz N0tt apPROpri8Te gr@mMmma ~~3Va eVA ~neVa  N doNt 4gEt 2 uSee P3ruds  k thxxxxxx byee!!  Translation:  This is not appropriate grammar, ever, ever, NEVER!  And don’t forget to use periods.  OK?  Thank you, goodbye.

Don’t sync your Twitter and Facebook.  They are two separate entities for a reason.  They both serve a very different purpose.  There are great programs that allow for selective tweeting.

7. Status updates (several points) -

Don’t post a newb status update, which was really intended to be a comment (my FAVORITE) - “It was great seeing you John!  I’ll be sure to tell Cy hello.  I hope Kathy’s sinuses are draining and the infection is healing up.  Will I see you next week at Kristin’s concert?”

  • Don’t give one update about 12 different topics.  We don’t know which one to comment on or if it’s OK to click ‘like’. “Finally cleaned my house and made dinner.  On the way home from the grocery store, my van broke down, but that’s OK because my uncle is a mechanic. Does anyone have any good movie suggestions?”

  • Don’t update too often
    “Gosh, this toilet seat is cold.”  “Has anyone seen my toothpaste?”  “What to wear, what to wear….”  “Oh shoot, I need to iron my shirt!”

 ‘Fess up to your stalking.  Nothing annoys me more than when I’m talking to someone about something going on in my life and they let it slip that somehow they knew that information.  Quickly putting two and two together, I know they found out those details from Facebook and I wish they would just admit that’s where they saw it, or they were stalking, or at least leave a comment.  Much respect to those who confess to stalking.  I have a few that I stalk, but I comment on their stuff to let them know I’m there.  No one wants a creeper.  And for goodness sake, STOP pretending that you “are hardly ever on Facebook”!  We ALL know you are!

Two of my own rules that I think should be included:

Don’t overshare on the private family matters: Your baby mamma/daddy drama is NOT for facebook!

DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!: Let them starve.

So now the burning question. How many of these rules have you broken? I know I’ve broken a few.