Beep Beep

HonkingHornWhat upsets people about you honking your horn at them is they find it embarrassing. That’s why you see them peer back at you from their rearview mirror and throw their hands up. That’s what a survey from Safeco Insurance says. And, most times, it’s just a friendly reminder at a light that it turned green about 40 seconds ago and I was trying to be nice and avoid being that guy but you lose half you life sitting at the light at 25th Street and National Road.  54% of people say they are light tappers on the horn. 38% say they’re medium length beepers and 8% like to rival the length of ” “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” to get their point across. I’m not much of a horn guy, I’m more of a hand gesture person.

Scarlett’s Scooter

harleyHarley fanatics are about to lose their minds. The electric bike that Scarlett Johansson’s stunt-double was recently caught on the set of the next Avengers movie is a real thing.  They showed it off in New York and will be making the rounds with it this summer before it goes into full production. It doesn’t look like what we’ve come to know as a Harley. If it wasn’t for the name on the tank you wouldn’t guess it was one. It’s not chromed out and the sound…it doesn’t have one. A Harley that you don’t have to unsuccessfully have to try and scream over the top of?

Foodie Fails

foodieOne picture trend may be going by the wayside. There’s a growing backlash against people posting pictures of food. This is thanks to “foodie fails” which are becoming popular on Twitter and Reddit. they’re bad food pictures of unappetizing food like “canned ham, pineapple, and flaming Cheetos sandwich”. One dying down…now how do we stop the selfies in the bathroom mirror?

Gamer Heaven

VideoGamesHow much are 12,000 video games and 108 consoles worth, besides a whole lot of time wasted deciding what to play? $750,000. The World Record collection of games was put up for sale over Father’s Day so the owner could have money to “help out family and friends”. He estimated it was worth around $700,000, but got a little more than that when the auction ended, landing him $750,250. The buyer’s name and identity is not known. But, if anyone you know goes missing for an extended period of time…

Shotgun Shower

ConfettiHow did you make your baby announcement? Did you do something creative? Morgan and Breanna Medlock who live outside of Huntsville, AL chose to announce the gender of their first baby with a bang. They didn’t do it with balloons or a special color cake that made the announcement when it was cut into…They loaded shotgun shells with confetti and shot them off.  They invited friends over for a party (a gender reveal party) and at one point invited everyone to go outside where the dad to be grabbed his gun and shot it dousing everyone in pink confetti to let them know it was going to be a girl. So we have baby showers, gender reveal parties…let’s draw the line there because the next rung down is conception parties and that’s just weird.

Barista Benefits

fivebucksStarbucks wants to pay for employees college. They say they will cover the costs of an online education for employees who work at least 20 hours. So, if you work more than 20 hours at Starbucks you’re about to have your hours cut!  
So now, not only will you have a job when you’re done and have your schooling paid for… but you may be able to spell the name right of 4 out of 5 customers!


Crustaceans in Her Corduroys!

Larry_The_Lobster_(Ripped_Pants)A 30-year-old Florida woman was arrested last week for allegedly putting seven lobster tails into her pants and walking out of a Publix in Volusia County without paying for them. She was caught on camera, with a store security officer tailing her as she walked past the cashiers. He stopped her as she walked out and the cops came to get her. She told cops she intended to trade the 80-plus-dollars’ worth of lobster tails for either Chinese food or prescription drugs. She’s lookin’ at jail time. Now, had she just led FSU to a National Championship it would have been 20 hours picking up garbage on the side of the road.

Panda Prognostication Prohibited

panda_eating_cAnimals are right about as often as the odds makers are. Having animals pick winners in sports isn’t anything new. Zoos across the country do it for the world series, Super Bowl….in 2010 Paul the Octopus was the official animal prognosticator for the World Cup. Pandas in China have been forbidden from predicting World Cup scores this year. The idea was to have them choose between two baskets of food, each would have the flags of countries playing one another on them. After careful consideration, it was determined the activity involved too much human interaction. This was too much, but the constant poking and prodding to get them to mate isn’t?  Maybe this is what they wait for…”Honey, not until after I see if I picked the Belgium-Algeria game right.

Lizard Baby

JaneBadlerLizardQueenAuthorities in Indonesia have launched an investigation after a woman was accused of giving birth to a lizard. Officials have sent a team of experts to the woman’s remote village where a midwife claims the lizard was born. Scientists a pretty sure the claim is nonsense plus Jane Badler is too old to have kids (look it up).