Dance Revolution

4163847179_800bf69d01_oSchool dances used to be some of the most-anticipated events of the year. But it seems they’re becoming a thing of the past. Many schools have started canceling dances due to lack of attendance. According to one school administrator in New York, students don’t go to dances anymore because they’d rather stay home and interact with one another via text, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Plus, while teens of the early 2000s were limited to the family computer if they wanted to chat with their friends online, these days most kids have their own laptops and smartphones, which means they can do so from the privacy of their rooms. School officials say that while dances used to be a prime opportunity for kids to socialize, technology has changed all that.   Fortunately- or unfortunately, depending on how popular you are- most schools still at least hold an annual prom.

You’ve Got the Look

Fashion-Word-1660321A new poll from 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair will help you decide. It asked Americans a bunch of questions about fashion and style. Here’s what it found…

-Almost 65% of people say sagging, baggy jeans are the number-one trend they’d like to see disappear. Fake glasses came in second, followed by Ugg bootsharem pants and clogs.

-A quarter of people sometimes leave the house without wearing underwear.  

-More than 30% fear the scrutiny of their significant other when it comes to their outfits.

-Most people get their fashion inspiration from clothing stores, followed by friends’ style, magazines, parents, TV ads and celebrities.

-More than half think girls shouldn’t start wearing makeup until age 14, although 22% say it’s ok as early as 11. On the other hand, 20% think girls should wait until 17 to start wearing makeup.

-Most people feel the ultimate fashion faux-pas is spilling a drink on yourself at a party.

It’s About Time

pie chartWhere does the time go? Now we know. A study broke down exactly how much time American adults spend with digital media. On a typical day, we pass 11 hours watching TV, using our smartphones and browsing the internet, among other activities. The number-one source of electronic media is live TV, which we spend more than five hours watching per day. In second place is radio, which we listen to for two hours and 46 minutes a day. Smartphones come in third (one hour and seven minutes), followed by internet on a PC, timeshifted TV (shows recorded on our DVRs), video game consoles, DVD/Blu-Ray players and multimedia devices.  

Muy Caliente

GuacamoleDipThis may finally get people to take climate change seriously. Chipotle warns that environmental factors may force them to stop offering guacamole! The company says climate change could eventually affect the availability and prices of certain crops. By threatening to remove some beloved items from the menu- including guacamole and some salsas- Chipotle seems to be using its influence to make a political statement about climate change, while promoting itself at the same time. Environmental destruction is one thing, but a nationwide guacamole shortage? That would be a disaster.

Testing, Testing…

sat1The Scholastic Aptitude Test, better known as the SAT, is undergoing some major changes for the first time in nearly a decade. The updated college entrance exam aims to more accurately represent what high school students are learning in school. Among the changes, the test will return to its 1600-point scoring format, which was changed in 2004. And, there will no longer be a penalty for wrong answers- a policy that discouraged test-takers from guessing. Certain vocabulary words will be replaced with more commonly-used words. The essay portion will be made optional. Math questions will focus on problem-solving and algebra. And for the first time, students will have the option of taking the SAT on a computer. Some educators believe the new test will be less stressful for students. They have plenty of that to look forward to in the real world.

Big Problem

TARGETConsumers are sizing up Target’s selection of plus-size clothes, and they’re not happy. Several shoppers around the country have noticed recently that their local Target stores seem to have done away with their plus-size sections entirely. After multiple complaints, a spokesperson eventually responded, claiming that Target is “absolutely not exiting the plus-size business.” In fact, they’re revamping their offering of plus-size duds, and experiencing a slight delay with the spring collection. For now, plus-size shoppers can either be patient, or visit for a wider selection. But the controversy raises a commonly-debated issue about plus-size clothing- specifically, why larger shoppers are so often overlooked.

Rooms with a View

kids-and-tv-commercial-thumb-500x403-56155More than half of children between the ages of 10 and 14 have TVs in their bedrooms. And while this may make them some of the most popular kids in the neighborhood, it appears to be bad for their health. A study found that having a TV in the bedroom is associated with one extra pound of weight gain per year, compared to kids without TVs in their rooms. It’s a well-documented fact that too much sedentary behavior- for instance, sitting around watching TV – is unhealthy and can contribute to piling on the pounds. Experts warn it’s not just TVs that pose a risk- laptops, tablets and smartphones can all contribute to weight gain over time as well.


Courtesy Call

phonesmannersA new etiquette survey reveals the top dos and don’ts of mobile phone use. The majority of people surveyed said they know someone who exhibits bad smartphone behaviors…and many are probably guilty of these transgressions themselves. So hold the phone and check your manners!


…Consider your ringtone and its volume.

…Have conversations about sensitive subjects in private.

…Be careful while walking and texting.

…Turn your phone off during funerals, weddings, movies etc.

…Mind your language when talking on the phone in public.

…Surrender your phone when you’re drunk to avoid embarrassment.


…Use your phone while on the toilet (almost half of people admit to doing this! Here’s a tip- the echo of the bathroom totally gives you away).

…Talk on the phone while making a transaction at a store, coffee shop, bank etc.

…Be overly distracted by your phone while you’re physically with another person.

…Let more than an hour go by before responding to a text.

…Break up with someone via text message (ouch).

…Overdo it with the abbreviations, like LOL.

…Use your phone while eating a meal with family or friends.

…Text or email in all caps.

Shop Talk

iStock_000019842250SmallWe use our phones and other mobile devices for pretty much everything these days. But although experts believe their popularity will only continue to grow, a study found almost three quarters of online shopping purchases are still made from PCs. Tablets are the second most popular devices for internet retail at 14.6%, followed by smartphones at 12.2%. The study didn’t determine exactly what percentage of online shopping purchases are made during working hours (yep, we’re on to you!).

Fantastic Plastic

spokane-plastic-surgeryMore than 15 million Americans went under the knife last year in the name of beauty. That’s according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, who also broke down the numbers to reveal the top procedures. Boob jobs are still on top, with 290,000 breast augmentations performed last year. Coming in second were nose jobs at 221,000. And the third most popular procedure was eyelid surgery at 216,000. While bigger boobs are a perennial favorite of the surgically inclined, professionals expect more patients to request butt augmentations and neck lifts in the next year- in fact, they’re already on the rise.