Top 5 Things: Famous Proms Edition

Yes. You read that right. Top 5 Things. I’ve been getting mentally prepared for CAP Adult Prom and that made me think about the greatest TV and movie proms. Once I started to remember my faves, I couldn’t possibly narrow my list down to just 3.

But Joanna! This is madness! You can’t just throw rules out the window like that! 

Maybe not. But it’s happening!


Here are the Top 5 most memorable TV/Movie Proms:


With Honorable Mention going to She’s All That. Thank you, Usher. 


#5 Friends. The Ross look. Nailed it. 


#4 10 Things I Hate About You. Check out little JGL. Ha. 


#3 Mean Girls. ::Breaks Crown:: GASP!


#2 Never Been Kissed. The theme, the romance, the dog food.


#1 BUFFY! Prom werewolves and Buffy gets the “Thanks” she deserves. And then some Angel. Feelings.


What are some of your favorite Prom moments in TV or movies?


Top 3 Things: Life Hacks For Adults Edition

Being an adult can be rough. I’ve found some useful tips for making it just a little easier. 


Here are the Top 3 Things you wish you had been doing already:


#3 You’ve just ordered a scolding hot cup of beverage goodness and can’t possibly wait any amount of minutes to enjoy it. Result: your tongue hates you for the rest of the day. Tip: Tell the lovely coffee shop person that you want it “kids temperature”. Apparently that’s a thing! Then you can consume your beverage right away!


#2 You’re having a get together and have a bottled beverage that needs chilled now or the world will end. Tip: Wrap the bottle in a wet paper towel, put it in the freezer and it should be nice and cold in about 15 minutes. 


#1 You have a sore throat that feels a little swollen and eating things makes it hurt worse, but you really want to eat something sweet. Tip: Eat marshmallows! There’s a little bit of scientific reasoning behind it, but psh, who cares! Marshmallows!


Top 3 Things: Productivity Edition

Tax day is today! Give yourself a high five! You deserve it!

With that in mind, I thought I’d throw some productivity tips out there. I can’t be the ONLY person in the world who waited until the last minute to submit my taxes. Right…..?


Here are the Top 3 ways you can increase your productivity and say “Bye bye!” to procrastinating:


#3 Create a routine for yourself and set up habits that will signal the start and end to your work day. For example, after you finish your morning cup of coffee, you also force yourself to finish checking up on all your favorite websites. And make plans at the end of the day. That gives you more accountability to leave work at a specific time. 

#2 Track your time wasting habits. Write down everything you do for a day and then see on paper just how much time you spend doing pointless stuff. 

#1 Revamp your work playlist to include motivating tunes. Or just listen to QMIX all day ;)

Top 3 Things: Will You Go to Prom With Me? Edition

CAP Adult Prom is going to be here soon! Time to think of some creative ways to get yourself a date! Even if you have your date situation locked down, you may still be able to use these sweet ideas in the future. (Thank you, Internet.)


Here are the Top 3 ways to guarantee a “YES!” to that infamous question, “Will you go to Prom with me?”: 


#3 Utilize that free social media stuff. I’m not talking about just posting on someone’s wall or Tweeting them. Look how these guys got sneaky…


Nailed it.


#2 Anything involving food and word play. Better yet, both. 



#1 Puppies.



Have you witnessed some fun Prom-posals? Share! See you all at CAP Adult Prom!

Top 3 Things: Celebrate Your Pet Edition

It’s National Pet Day! Whether you have a pet or not, I have some ideas for you.


Here are the Top 3 Things you can do to celebrate National Pet Day: 


#3 Donate money or supplies to an animal shelter. 

#2 Make something homemade and delicious for your pet.

#1 Watch this video

Here are a bunch of cute animal gifs to inspire you. :)


How did you celebrate? 

Top 3 Things: ‘Good Job At Life!’ Edition

Ya know how sometimes we give you things just for listening to your QMIX? Like on April Fuel’s Day? When we gave out $50 gas cards JUST for listening? Which you do anyway? Yea. Wouldn’t it be great if there were other things like that in life? 


Here are the Top 3 Things that people should get awards/rewarded for:


#3 Pet Cuddling Champion – Even though we all probably do this enough, we could stand to do it more. Everyone wins when you cuddle with your pet! (Unless you have a reptile or a tarantula or something…) Wouldn’t it be rad if someone came by your house with a big check and congratulated you on your stellar pet-cuddling skills?? 

Like these guys. They win all the awards. Ever. 



#2 Hitting EVERY SINGLE Pot Hole Even When You Are Trying Specifically To NOT Hit Them Award – Everyone would go home with at LEAST a participation award for this. I win 1st Place for this today. 

#1 The Highest Of Fives Achievement – Just imagine…High fives just became more epic now that fireworks go off and everyone cheers as a kick line comes in and celebrates your celebratory high five. Sounds awesome, right?


Let’s appreciate the little things more! :D What other things do you think people should get awards for?



Top 3 Things: You’re Getting Old….er Edition

Everybody gets old. BUT! Are you doing it gracefully? 


Here are the Top 3 ways to tell if you’re doing it right:


#3 You’ve watched TV shows and movies and started to identify more with the older characters. Not necessarily the parents or really old people…..but kind of, yea. Don’t worry though, this shows maturity. Feel better?


#2 You’re going to bed at a reasonable hour. You used to be a night owl, but now you’re in bed before you’re exhausted and you’re whole body aches for sleep. For some people, this is 10pm. For others, 8pm. Both perfectly acceptable. Sleep is so yummy. 

 This guy gets it….eventually. (#toocute)

#1 Social activities are not gone, just toned down. You go to concerts and get really pumped when there is seating available that isn’t the ground. Instead of going to several different bars and finally decided to leave when it’s almost morning, you have a few drinks at one place and then head home. All good in moderation. 

Top 3 Things: Real Life Edition

There are things that exist in real life that you kind of just wish…didn’t. 


Here are the Top 3 Things that we’ll have to accept have happened. All we can do now is just try to move past it. 


#3 Awkward high-five rejections are the worst. It’s even worse when you know it was caught on camera for the world to see over and over. Ouch. 



#2 These two have gone through over 100 to look like Ken and Barbie. This is real. Those are real people. (Also, they are not a couple. What a waste.)


#1 This, you can actually laugh at and not cringe like the other two items on the list. CollegeHumor posted an article letting the whole world know about some knock off/bootleg childhood toys that are real life. Caution: These are hilarious with a touch of disturbing. 

Too soon, man. Too soon.

Too soon, man. Too soon.

Just a tad terrifying.

Just a tad terrifying.



Don't feed Pooh after midnight, ya'll.

Don’t feed Pooh after midnight, ya’ll.


Top 3 Things: Weekend TV Edition

There’s a little something for everyone in tonight’s Top 3 Things list. So many great things happened on TV this past weekend. So if you missed it (or were busy enjoying the fairly gorgeous weather), I’ve got the highlights for you.


Here are the Top 3 Things that my eyes saw on TV this weekend:


#3 NCAA Tournament. (Okay, my eyes didn’t actually see this, BUT I would like to take a second and brag about my bracket that is currently in 1st place in my pool. HUZZAH!)  The Final Four threw around the pig skin…wait…basketball…uhh…dribbled the round orange ball and the final game of the tournament is tonight! 


#2 Anna Kendrick hosting on SNL. I think that this was the funniest SNL in a very long time. Kudos, Anna! My favorite was probably when she once and for all smashed the cup. Nice. 




#1 The Hound and Arya on Game of Thrones. I can’t include a clip because, well, ew. I just love everything they do and say and last night’s season premiere was no exception. 


Top 3 Things: Wise TV Couples Edition

Whether you’re already in a relationship, or still looking, you can always get some relationship advice from some of your favorite TV couples. 


Here are the Top 3 TV couples that have taught us important life/relationship lessons:


#3 Nick & Jess from New Girl.  Lesson: Make it a priority in your relationship to find common ground when it comes to communicating. It will make everything else a lot easier to handle. 


#2 Chandler & Monica from Friends.  Lesson: Always have an open mind and try to learn things from your partner. 


#1 Jim & Pam from The Office. Everything is easier when you’re partner is your best friend. 


Who is your favorite TV couple?