Top 3 Things: ‘Food Rumor Has It’ Edition

Another life lesson: Don’t believe everything you hear. A recent article from the New York Post has blown the story wide open! Some foods that you have been told are unhealthy, are actually not as awful as you think.


Here are the Top 3 foods that you can put in your face hole and not feel super awful about it:


#3 No need to just eat egg whites. All the nutrients come from the yolk. 

#2 Naturally flavored hot chocolate is okay. The packaged kind, not so much, because of all the extra sugar. But using pure cocoa powder is a good way to get some extra antioxidants. 


#1 BACON! (In moderation…<that part isn’t as fun. Sorry.) Just trim the fat and try to only indulge once a week. 



Top 3 Things: Social Media Bug-a-boos Edition

So if you’re not into the whole social media lifestyle yet, first of all, that’s a little odd. And second, I want to applaud you. It is quite the magical beast. And by that, I mean it’s really a great medium, but I have some issues. 


Here are the Top 3 things that bug me when it comes to the ease of using social media:


#3 *SPOILER ALERT* <You see this all over the place these days. Especially when it comes to TV shows, movies, books, etc. I kind of hate that if I don’t want something ruined, like the season finale of a TV show, I have to completely log off the grid Walden style. We all now how hard it is to completely disconnect from all of our devices. Soooo there’s that.  Few things are worse than when you’re on the 3rd and last book of a series and then by accident, you see an article about everyone who dies at the end. 


#2 Accidentally “Like”-ing something. You’re finger is browsing through and you accidentally like some random person’s family reunion picture. You haven’t spoken to said person in what seems like 20 years. What do you do know? It’s just a bucket of awkward. 


#1 Posting something with a typo. I HATE IT WHEN THIS HAPPENS. I could look over a status or a post 8 times and still mess something up. It’s not a life-ending problem, but it’s like nails on a chalk board. Grammar flubs also fall into this category. Don’t act like you haven’t judged someone for using the wrong form of “your”/”you’re”…


What are some of your Facebook, Twitter, etc. bug-a-boos?


Top 3 Things: Feel Fancy Edition

I’ve been feeling kind of blah lately. I blame exhaustion over the long winter and the emotionally-draining end to some of my favorite TV shows this season. So, in case you’re feeling kind of blah too…


Here are the Top 3 things you can do to feel a little fancier about life:


#3 New socks! There are actually studies that talk about how putting on a new pair of socks can be a good stress reliever. Plain or fancy…so delightfully comforting.


#2 Go buy some fresh berries. Not just any fresh fruit. Something about berries just feels a little fancier, right? 


#1 Pick up a “Just Because” gift for someone. Doesn’t have to be overly expensive. This will bring a smile to your face and the face of the person getting the nice gift. 


What are some things you do to feel a little more fancy?


Top 3 Things: Procrastinating Fool Edition

April Fool’s Day is tomorrow people! If you have not been maniacally planning all your tricks and want to throw something together, I’ve got you covered!


Here are the Top 3 best pranks you can get for your procrastinating buck:


#3 Go buy a bag of Reese’s Pieces, M&M’s and Skittles. Mix them ALL into a bowl. Watch while delicious mayhem ensues!


#2 All you need are cups of any variety and water. Fill all the cups up with said water and cover the surface of a room or hallway. Watch people try to get around this mouse-trap-like scenario!



#1 All you need is a phone and quick wit. Just watch. :) 


What are some of the greatest pranks that you’ve either pulled off or have been the victim of?

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Top 3 Things: Vocab Lesson Edition

Happy weekend! 


Here are the Top 3 words you probably didn’t know existed and you can use this weekend to impress everyone you know: (whew! that sentence!)


#3 I included 2 because they are kind of related. Barm: the foam on a beer. And Puntthe bottom of a wine bottle. 


#2 Nurdle: a tiny dab of toothpaste. Hehe. Say it again. Nurdle. 


#1 Wamble: stomach rumbling. You now have a much more adorable way to tell people you’re hungry. 

Top 3 Things: I love the internet today Edition

Here are the Top 3 things on the internet that are my favorite right now:


#3 Disney Characters re-drawn to exist in a Walking dead world. Awesome. This one is my fave, I think. Who do they remind you of? ;)


#2 Channing Tatum is the bees knees. Found this article about Alisa Finley. She was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. She created a bucket list and was able to check something off of it in a very awesome way. Feelings. You can watch the very sweet video “Chan” sent her here.


#1 The Office still remains one of my favorite TV shows. I found what they are calling a Time Machine. It is a magical place where you can go, plug in a year and it spits out a video with all the pop culture references on the show from that time. It is evidence that “culture enriches everything”. Just awesome. 

Thank you, Internet, for being so awesome. That was fun. :)


Top 3 Things: Office Bug-a-boos Edition

Time to vent about some office bug-a-boos. (Disclaimer: My list does not pertain to the lovely peeps at QMIX. We act dignified and respectful here. ;) But seriously, I did have an “office job” a few years ago. So when I saw an article about this today, I decided to throw my own list together.)


Here are the Top 3 bug-a-boos that you may witness in the office:


#3 Loud phone conversations. Let’s keep things to a dull roar please. No one wants to be an involuntary 3rd person in your conversation. 

#2 Inappropriate desk behavior. I’ve actually been sitting at my desk and HEARD someone clipping their toe nails. What? Take that mess to the bathroom! Or better yet, do it at home. 

#1 Email signatures that are comparable to a short story or a complete resume. Stop it. 


What are some of your office bug-a-boos?

Top 3 Things: Celebrity Lifestyles Edition

I’ve been trying to soak up knowledge about how to do life gracefully. Because I am the first to admit, I’m the opposite of graceful right now. So I’ve been looking to those who are successful. 


Here are the Top 3 celebs that I’ve looked to for their wisdom and lifestyle choices:


#3 Tina Fey. She’s everything I want to be when I grow up. Her book, Bossypants, is full of advice and stories of how she handled difficult people. We could all use more tips on that subject, right?


#2 Mindy Kaling. Like Tina, she is funny, charming and relatable. I can relate to her a little more because she embraces the weird and single. I’ve most recently read her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me (And Other Concerns). It did not disappoint. She’s the bees knees.


#1 Matthew McConaughey. HA! I’m not super serious about this one. BUT I do love how he says what’s in his heart and can make an entire room sit on the edge of their chair, listening. No matter how crazy it sounds. Who wouldn’t want to wield that power?

Top 3 Things: Disturbing Google Search Edition

Thank you Google. You’re always my go-to resource for all the random things that run through my head. I had a handful of those random thoughts this weekend. After all my knowledge-gaining interweb searches, I thought, “Man. If I died today and someone went through my Google search history, that’d be awkward. For them. Because I’d be dead.”. You get the idea. 


Here are the Top 3 Things I Google-d this weekend:


#3 “What do you do with a dead pet?” This one is so morbid. Sorry. But I own 3 cats and I started to freak out thinking about what I would do if I came home and one of them was, ya know, no longer with us. Oy. 


#2 “Why is Times Square called Times Square?” A little embarrassing that I didn’t already know the answer to this. But we have a good friendship, so I feel comfortable sharing my ignorance with you. 


#1 “Good haircuts for big heads” I have a large noggin. And I have even bigger hair. I’ve been wanting to try something new. Sadly, my search results were inconclusive. 


What are some weird (PG-rated) things you’ve Google-d?