United Way Kick-Off Campaign and Lunch


QMIX 107.3 is proud to be a part of the United Way Kick Off Campaign!

Make a lunch date with your family or co-workers and join us at Amazing Joe’s Grill Thursday, 11am-2pm. Tickets are $8 in advance.

We will also be there with a live broadcast at 10:30-12:30, thanks to Old National Bank. So swing by and say hi!

For more details about the United Way Kick-Off Campaign and service day, click HERE.

My Muffin Conundrum


OK- Here is my issue.

Monday Night I made some AMAZING Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Bread Muffins.

2014-08-27 10.15.42

mmmmmmmmm…….. #foodporn.


If you would like the recipe…. I used this one from Rachel Ray and instead of using a loaf pan I made muffins…cuts on cooking time (20-25mins) AND easier to eat! Wahoo!


There’s just one problem.

I like to enjoy these with some butter. (that’s not the problem, but maybe it is….)


But I can never decide how I should slice the muffin!


Should I go down the middle and enjoy both the muffin bottom and muffin top in each side?  With the downside being the ratio of butter to muffin always varying with each bite?

2014-08-27 10.16.23


OR…. Should I slice the muffin top off, enjoy my equal butter to muffin ratio, but know that half of my muffin will be more amazing than the other? 2014-08-27 10.16.42

Because we all know muffin tops taste better than muffin bottoms…. thanks Elaine!


What do you think? How do you slice your muffin when you want to enjoy it with butter?

Meanwhile- I will have the 30 Rock “Muffin Top” Song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Have a great one!

Quick Before Summer Runs Out!

Summer is about to wind down…have you made the most of it yet?

Buzzfeed listed 27 things you need to do before summer is over. It’s a great list, and after making some “family-friendly” edits, it is TOTALLY do-able within the next few weeks before summer is officially over.

1. Eat something fried, delicious, and awful for you at a local fair. Hopefully you already took care of this at the Bartholomew County Fair…I know I did! This is probably one you could skip if need be. :)

2. Get cheap seats at a baseball game. Nothing says summer like a baseball game. The Indy Indians are still playing! But only through this weekend, so get tickets NOW! 

3. Do one touristy thing in your city/town that you’ve never done before. This could apply year-round in Columbus with the Architectural Tour and the Miller home tour. Get Tour info HERE

4. Turn off your phone and go read in a park. Lunchtime at Mill Race Park.

5. Or better yet, at the beach. ummm…this might be harder to do….bring a jar of sand with you? Or find friends at Tipton Lakes and make them take you to the Marina!

6. Ice cream #1 after lunch: YES!

7. Ice cream #2 after dinner: YES! (I kinda love ice cream….)

8. Go for a night walk. So often this is about the only time when it’s cool enough to be outside. Enjoy the people trails! Please be safe and alert though. :)

9. Stargaze. I had PLENTY of opportunities to do this while camping in Mexico, but find a clear night and a spot out in the country and it will be just as beautiful. (you might just be able to combine #8 & #9!)

10. Wake up early and get all the best stuff at the farmer’s market. YES! The Downtown Columbus Farmer’s Market is one of my most favorite places to visit Saturday mornings! Go for the fresh produce, stay for the crepes, omelettes, dog watching, and running into all your friends. Running every Saturday through the 20th!

11. Make lemonade from scratch. A good idea, but you can get some wonderful lemon shake ups at the Farmer’s Market!

12. Have a picnic in the park. Mill Race Park again!

13. Have your all-white outfit moment. You can skip this one…

14. Get on a boat If it were up to me I would live on a boat every weekend.

15. Build a fire and make S’mores. Sooo many people have those backyard fire pits. Either get one from your local hardware store or find friends that have one and have a S’more party!

16. Go to an outdoor movie. Canary Creek Cinema’s in Franklin has a Drive in Theater that offers double features at a great price!

17. Or an outdoor concert. Hospice Concert and JCB Neighborfest. Done and Done.

18. Walk somewhere you usually would have driven or taken public transit to. I love doing this for lunch. True, I work near downtown so it’s a bit more convenient, but I’m sure you have friends that work downtown. Meet them at their place of work and then walk downtown (or where-ever you plan to eat lunch).

19. Invite friends over, make water balloons, and see what happens.  A little more prep, unless you have one of these things. but well worth the effort on these hot sticky days!

20. Make grilled pizza. Or get a pie from the Flatrock Flatbread Company at the Farmer’s Market.

21. EAT ALL OF THE BARBECUE. YYYAAASSSS!!!!! I love it all! With coleslaw and sweet tea! I don’t care how or where you get it, make it happen!

22. In the event of a thunderstorm, try to capture the perfect lightning bolt photo. Please be safe though. Some of our storms can get pretty nasty!

Whether you were able to finish this list or not, I hope you had a fantastic Summer!


Sara Beth

Doggie ‘Lympics!



Think your dog has what it takes to take the GOLD?

Sign your pooch up for the “Doggie’Lympics! Happening on September 13th at Tipton Lakes Marina!

Each canine athlete has the opportunity to participate in events such as the Straight Dash, Marathon Down, Dress ‘Em Up Relay, Outfield Catch, Water Retrieval, Frisbee Expo, and the Obstacle Course!

Cost: $5 for each event, $20 for all events.

If your pup isn’t the athletic type, they can participate in other non-competitive activities, such as Bobbing for Hot Dogs, Pup Picasso, and Best Dressed!

All Proceeds benefit C.A.R.E. Community Animal Rescue Effort.

Click HERE for registration forms.

FREE Training Sessions are available for your pup. Schedule is below:

Obstacle Course Training 1 @Noblitt Park, August 2nd 9:45am-11:30am,

Obstacle Course Training 2 @Noblitt Park, August 16th 9:45am-11:30am

Frisbee Expo Training @Noblitt Park, August 23rd 9:45am-11:30am

Marathon Down and Water Retrieval Training @Tipton Lakes Marina, August 30th 9:45am-11:00am

*All dogs will need leash, collar, own water and bowl, and training toy (frisbee and/or water toy)

I will be living at Taku Steakhouse for forever…

YOU GUYS!!! I’m so flippin’ excited!

Before I tell you why…I have to take you back to 2005….


which btw- that was 9 years ago! What the WHAT?


OK- back to 2005….


I graduated from Milligan College. YAY! Though I was excited for the next chapter of my life, I was sad to leave several things behind… Amazing friends, wonderful experiences, beautiful scenery, and….




Over my 4 years at Milligan I developed a love for several foods down there. (Tennesseans KNOW how to eat!). 3 of those foods were….


Keva Juice Smoothies



Shrimp Sauce

Pal’s Drive Thru.


So- moving ahead to 2006….Tropical Smoothie Cafe Opens.

I am in HEAVEN! For the first time in that year I enjoyed a smoothie that was as close to Keva Juice smoothies as they could get and it was only 3 minutes away from my house instead of 7 hours!


So now to present day…OK- more like yesterday (close enough)… I FINALLY get to check #2 off my list!!








This is how deep the obsession goes. Since 2005 I have been SEARCHING far and wide (and by far and wide I mean within an hour and a half driving distance) for a hibachi grill that has my shrimp sauce. I’ve even searched for a copy-cat recipe! NOTHING has come close.


And then…Dan and I were invited to go to Taku yesterday after church…


Our hibachi grill master came out to greet us… set out some dipping sauce dishes…



AND LOW AND BEHOLD…. he poured that beautiful shrimp colored liquid gold into that dish…



It was all I could do to restrain myself…I thought about asking for a spoon and just eating it right then and there. But I was a good girl, and waited patiently for the rest of my meal to be cooked so I could enjoy the shrimp sauce on ALL THE THINGS!


So needless to say, I am super happy that I can now enjoy my shrimp sauce any time I am craving it. Everything else was great too…I haven’t tried the sushi yet, but I’m sure it’s great and I will be back to try it soon.


Now we just need to work on Columbus getting a Pal’s Drive thru…. :)


Happy eating!


Sara Beth :)