Doggie ‘Lympics!



Think your dog has what it takes to take the GOLD?

Sign your pooch up for the “Doggie’Lympics! Happening on September 13th at Tipton Lakes Marina!

Each canine athlete has the opportunity to participate in events such as the Straight Dash, Marathon Down, Dress ‘Em Up Relay, Outfield Catch, Water Retrieval, Frisbee Expo, and the Obstacle Course!

Cost: $5 for each event, $20 for all events.

If your pup isn’t the athletic type, they can participate in other non-competitive activities, such as Bobbing for Hot Dogs, Pup Picasso, and Best Dressed!

All Proceeds benefit C.A.R.E. Community Animal Rescue Effort.

Click HERE for registration forms.

FREE Training Sessions are available for your pup. Schedule is below:

Obstacle Course Training 1 @Noblitt Park, August 2nd 9:45am-11:30am,

Obstacle Course Training 2 @Noblitt Park, August 16th 9:45am-11:30am

Frisbee Expo Training @Noblitt Park, August 23rd 9:45am-11:30am

Marathon Down and Water Retrieval Training @Tipton Lakes Marina, August 30th 9:45am-11:00am

*All dogs will need leash, collar, own water and bowl, and training toy (frisbee and/or water toy)

I will be living at Taku Steakhouse for forever…

YOU GUYS!!! I’m so flippin’ excited!

Before I tell you why…I have to take you back to 2005….


which btw- that was 9 years ago! What the WHAT?


OK- back to 2005….


I graduated from Milligan College. YAY! Though I was excited for the next chapter of my life, I was sad to leave several things behind… Amazing friends, wonderful experiences, beautiful scenery, and….




Over my 4 years at Milligan I developed a love for several foods down there. (Tennesseans KNOW how to eat!). 3 of those foods were….


Keva Juice Smoothies



Shrimp Sauce

Pal’s Drive Thru.


So- moving ahead to 2006….Tropical Smoothie Cafe Opens.

I am in HEAVEN! For the first time in that year I enjoyed a smoothie that was as close to Keva Juice smoothies as they could get and it was only 3 minutes away from my house instead of 7 hours!


So now to present day…OK- more like yesterday (close enough)… I FINALLY get to check #2 off my list!!








This is how deep the obsession goes. Since 2005 I have been SEARCHING far and wide (and by far and wide I mean within an hour and a half driving distance) for a hibachi grill that has my shrimp sauce. I’ve even searched for a copy-cat recipe! NOTHING has come close.


And then…Dan and I were invited to go to Taku yesterday after church…


Our hibachi grill master came out to greet us… set out some dipping sauce dishes…



AND LOW AND BEHOLD…. he poured that beautiful shrimp colored liquid gold into that dish…



It was all I could do to restrain myself…I thought about asking for a spoon and just eating it right then and there. But I was a good girl, and waited patiently for the rest of my meal to be cooked so I could enjoy the shrimp sauce on ALL THE THINGS!


So needless to say, I am super happy that I can now enjoy my shrimp sauce any time I am craving it. Everything else was great too…I haven’t tried the sushi yet, but I’m sure it’s great and I will be back to try it soon.


Now we just need to work on Columbus getting a Pal’s Drive thru…. :)


Happy eating!


Sara Beth :)



Jason Sudekis & the World Cup

Ummm….this is hilarious. 


and there’s Jason Sudekis. *geek swoon*


If you haven’t seen this, watch it now. 


If you have, I apologize for re-posting old material…I’ve been in Mexico with no communication for 10 days. Watch it again anyway…it’s too funny!


(and yet it hits a little too close to home in how some people feel about soccer in the US.)


For the record: I love the World Cup and Soccer. I also love Hockey, which is just as much misunderstood as soccer in Indiana/Midwest. Go figure. :)


My “Chopped” Challenge judging experience…

OK folks…I have a confession to make…

I love the Food Network/Cooking Channel/any food tv show. 

Seriously. I will totally eat a meal while watching whatever is on Food Network hoping my food would taste like what they are making… (I think Jim Gaffigan did a stand up bit about this…haha)

OK- so now that confession is out of the way, needless to say you can understand my excitement when Dan and I were asked to be JUDGES for a local “Chopped” competition. 

This competition? At our friend’s house. The Chefs? Still in Elementary School! 

Meet Carson and Leyton. These young aspiring chefs blew us away with a wonderful dinner last night “Chopped” Style! 2014-06-23 19.44.35

Last night was their 3rd “competition.” This all started when Michelle (Leyton’s Mom) was going to prepare stuffed peppers for dinner, but Leyton wasn’t all into that. Michelle came back with a “How about you make dinner then.” And that’s exactly what Leyton and Carson did- they took the ingredients for stuffed peppers and made it into a casserole that was more to their liking. Needless to say this started something…and I wanted to see it for myself!

2014-06-23 19.30.33

Michelle (Mom) explaining the rules.

Here’s how it worked: Mom brings in a bag of mystery ingredients. Carson and Leyton had 5 minutes to discuss their plan of attack after seeing ingredients and then 50 minutes for dinner (same for the dessert round, except they only had 25 minutes). Much like the show, they had access to the “pantry” aka anything in the kitchen and fresh herbs outside, and every judge had to have the same thing on each plate. 

So what was for dinner? Here were the ingredients these two had to use:

-Flour Tortillas
-Green Onions
-grilled chicken 
-black beans
-mozzerella Cheese2014-06-23 19.34.22

And here is what they created: A tortilla pizza! they pulled tomato sauce from the pantry to make this delicious treat. 

2014-06-23 20.27.33

They did run into a problem though- not enough tomato sauce…so what did they do? Made their own with Diced tomatoes, salt and sugar! I was super impressed.

And even though I thought THAT was good…the best was yet to come…

DESSERT!2014-06-23 20.38.16

The ingredients:

-italian waffle cookies
-whipped cream
-mini chocolate chips

Now I could eat all these things on their own. but what Carson and Leyton created was amazing! 

They found ice cream in the freezer- added strawberries, blueberries and chocolate syrup to make their own ice cream flavor! (slightly melty, but you can’t blame them for that- they only had 25 minutes!) then they made these wonderful sandwiches and even added some mint! 2014-06-23 21.07.37

So the moral of the story (if there is one) is this…watch out parents, your kids just may surprise you. And if it has anything to do with food please invite me over! :)

Thank you again Leyton and Carson for an amazing dinner and to Michelle and Sara for allowing us to come see the competition and judge! 

2014-06-23 19.28.292014-06-23 21.28.29

PS: Boys will never stop being boys. Left- Dan enjoying chocolate milk from a wine glass, Right: Leyton finishing off what was left of the “ice cream”

What I did while I was gone…

Can I just say, I had a fantastic time away from work last week? 

Don’t worry, you guys will always hold a special place in my heart, and a part of me did miss you. BUT… last week was wonderful. 

Every year, my husband Dan and I go on a mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico and build homes for those in need through Amor Ministries’ Mexico Family Camp week. This is our 5th year doing this, and it seems to get better and better every year. It truly is a life changing experience. 

I would love to rant on and on about everything, but since you probably have to get back to work in a few minutes…I will leave you with a link to information about Amor Ministries and their Family Camp week. Feel free to search around and if you have any questions feel free to email me I would LOVE to chat with you more about this trip!