#win this Christmas with these sweet gift ideas!

Time is running out y’all… got your Christmas shopping done yet?



Don’t worry, mine isn’t done either. :) Especially after seeing this list of sweet gift ideas! Thank you crowdsocial.com and my friend Lindsey for sharing on Facebook!


Here are some of my favorites, but you can see the full list HERE.


For the Apartment Dweller in your life: Balcony Grill! 

I bet these would even fit on those super tiny balconies at The Cole!

Balcony Grill


For the Biking enthusiast: Bike Tire Lights!

I think I would bike more often at night too if I had these on my wheels…

Bike Tire Lights


Anyone who enjoys the physical fitness: Storage Water Bottle


Storage Water Bottle


For the Literary Genius who refuses to get an e-reader: Transparent Book Weight

Why didn’t I think of this?!?

Transparent Book Weight


For the one who has great ideas at the most in-opportune times: Aqua Notepad!

Plan your day while getting squeaky clean! Multi-tasking at it’s finest.

Waterproof Notepad


And finally…For the coffee lover: Floating Mug!

This is just fun :)

Floating Mug

Brittany Gray’s Favorite Things!


‘Tis the season to list our favorite things…

But when Brittany Gray lists her favorite things…they can become your favorite things too!

Here’s a list of what she’s giving away this year:


Monday, December 22nd:

  • Beats by Dre Headphones
  • Beats Pill (Bluetooth Speaker)
  • 2 tickets to the Wind Jammer New Years Party and over night stay at Fourwinds Resort and Marina


Tuesday, December 23rd:

  • Xbox One Assassins Creed bundle
  • Halo: Master Chief Edition


Wednesday, December 24th:

  • 48″ Smart TV
  • $60 subscription to Netflix


So you want it…how do you get it? Fill out and submit the form below (if not below then click HERE) and listen to the Q Wake Up Crew starting Monday morning, Dec 22nd! Keep that phone handy…Brittany could be calling you with some wonderful news! :)

**ONE ENTRY per person ONLY. You only need to fill out the form ONCE to be entered to win. Entry form will expire Tuesday, Dec 23rd at Midnight.


Good Luck and Merry Christmas from Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning, Johnson Memorial Health, Delor Medical Spa, Hills O Brown Vacation Rentals and QMIX 107.3!



Contest Rules



QMIX Christmas JOY!



Help spread Christmas Cheer with Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning‘s QMIX Christmas JOY!

The perfect way to give and RECEIVE! (And by receiving we mean $100!)

Starting Monday, December 8th, listen for Santa and his elves to tell you to call during the Q-Wake Up Crew! Be caller number 7 at 812-378-1073 and $100 is yours!

The fun doesn’t end there! QMIX will match the $100 with a donation to the Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County’s Grant a Wish program! You’ll even get to choose which wish to grant!

Good Luck and Merry Christmas from Advantage Heating and Air Conditioning, Johnson Memorial Health, Delor Medical Spa, Hills O Brown Vacation Rentals and QMIX 107.3!



Today Show wins at Halloween

So if you haven’t seen it yet…make sure you check out the TODAY show’s Halloween costume reveal.

In honor of the 40 year anniversary of SNL, everyone dressed up as iconic SNL characters.

Tamron Hall and Willie Geist as the Spartan Cheerleaders (my favorite couples costume EVER!)

Natalie Morales as the ever wonderful Mary Katherine Gallagher (my favorite SNL character of all time!)

Hoda and Kathy Lee as Wayne and Garth (way to commit ladies!)

Al Roker and Lester Holt as the Blues Brothers (hasn’t Al been this character before recently?)

Matt Lauer as “Pat” (bahahahaha!)

and last but certainly not least…. Jenna Bush-Hagar, Savannah Guthrie, and Meredith Viera as the Mom Jeans models!

Great job everyone!

I do wonder though…what about Carson Daly? He would have made a fantastic Mango :).

Happy Halloween everyone!



OneDirection Pre-Sale Ticket Giveaway!




One Direction: On The Road Again Tour 2015 is coming to Lucas Oil Stadium on July 31st at 7:00pm!
CONGRATS to all of our ticket winners!
1. Facebook ‘Like and Share’ winner: Nikki Carter-Windland
2. Instagram winner: Seth Sharpe
3. Tropical Smoothie Cafe winner: Noah Goble
4. Website winner: Sydney Talkington
5. Caller 7 winner: Shannon Koester
Thanks to everyone for listening and playing!

Rainbow Brite is coming back!

True story time…. growing up, I was OBSESSED with Rainbow Brite.



I’m pretty sure she’s the reason I:

a) am obsessed with color in all aspects of my life, and

b) had the thickest bangs in the world for all of my childhood and most of my adolescence.

Kindergarten me at Halloween….dem bangs!!!!

I had the dolls, the sprites, Rainbow Brite baby, the horse…even my bedspread and sheets were Rainbow Brite! She was my Elsa growing up.


So needless to say…I am super excited to find this article that Rainbow Brite is coming back! They will be featured on Feeln…which is a movie/tv subscription site similar to hulu or netflix.

Check out the trailer!

I’m not as excited about her new look, but I understand they are trying to appeal to a young audience… :)

So what childhood cartoon would you like to see revamped and brought back? Let us know!

Therapy cat helps young prodigy artist deal with Autism

Adorable. The End.

This warmed my heart this morning like a good cup of tea does on a cool fall day.

Meet Iris. She is an artist…and a reeaalllyy great one! (Seriously…can I paint with her one day?)

She is also diagnosed with autism.

and this is Thula….her therapy cat.

You hear about therapy dogs a lot, but not therapy cats.

I just love everything about this. Check out more of her story and pictures HERE.