Rainbow Brite is coming back!

True story time…. growing up, I was OBSESSED with Rainbow Brite.



I’m pretty sure she’s the reason I:

a) am obsessed with color in all aspects of my life, and

b) had the thickest bangs in the world for all of my childhood and most of my adolescence.

Kindergarten me at Halloween….dem bangs!!!!

I had the dolls, the sprites, Rainbow Brite baby, the horse…even my bedspread and sheets were Rainbow Brite! She was my Elsa growing up.


So needless to say…I am super excited to find this article that Rainbow Brite is coming back! They will be featured on Feeln…which is a movie/tv subscription site similar to hulu or netflix.

Check out the trailer!

I’m not as excited about her new look, but I understand they are trying to appeal to a young audience… :)

So what childhood cartoon would you like to see revamped and brought back? Let us know!

Therapy cat helps young prodigy artist deal with Autism

Adorable. The End.

This warmed my heart this morning like a good cup of tea does on a cool fall day.

Meet Iris. She is an artist…and a reeaalllyy great one! (Seriously…can I paint with her one day?)

She is also diagnosed with autism.

and this is Thula….her therapy cat.

You hear about therapy dogs a lot, but not therapy cats.

I just love everything about this. Check out more of her story and pictures HERE.

The Litter Box Kitty Rescue’s Purranoia!



Don’t get paranoid…get PURR-anoid!

It’s The Litter Box Kitty Rescues first ever PURRANOIA Halloween Spectacular! Happening October 17th at the Dancin’ DJ’s Event room in FairOaks Mall!

The family fun starts at 7 pm with a pulled pork dinner, trick-or-treating, music, dancing and a costume contest for the kids. Then at 9 pm the cash bar opens for adults.

Admission: $10 for adults, $5 for children.

All proceeds benefit The Litter Box Kitty Rescue, Inc.

Check out even more details at their Facebook event page.


I think Groupon just developed my new favorite App!

And no…I don’t mean cheese sticks or fried pickles….but if anyone wants to send one of those my way I will not mind! (extra points for Reuben Eggrolls from Jordy McTaggarts!)

So Groupon announced today that they have a new App called Snap!

It’s a cash back program for Groceries. Because Ain’t nobody got time to clip coupons.

Here’s how it works…download the app, check out some of the offers they have. Then go grocery shopping. Once you are done, take a picture of your receipt and send it to your Snap App, and if you purchased any of the “deals” they have going on, they will give you that cash back! They put it in your account and after you’ve acquired at least $20 worth you can request a check!

The deals aren’t that bad either…I was sold when milk was the first deal. I’m pretty sure I can make it to the $20 mark quickly on milk alone…seriously.

You can find out more about Snap HERE.

I’m excited to try this out! Hopefully you are too. Apparently there are already some apps like this that exist…do you already use an app like this? What is it and do you like it?

Happy Grocery shopping!

Illustrated Twitter Typos

Whether you are a Grammar Geek or not, you have to admit, typos can get on anyone’s nerves.

ESPECIALLY on Twitter!

But instead of complaining about it, let’s take a moment and laugh at all these amazing illustrations that @SummerRay has done with some sweet Twitter typos.

Check it out here and check out some of my personal favorites below.

Happy Wednesday!






Running Gadgets

So the Mill Race Marathon is less than a month away (eep!) and we are super excited to be a part of it!

Buzzfeed posted a list of 21 cool gadgets that every runner should have…and some of these would be PERFECT for Mill Race Marathon day! Just remember to practice running with them before the race…nothing new on race day!

Some of my favorites are below…check out the full list HERE.

1. Pacebands

“Knowing what your splits should be is really important if you’re trying to run a certain time — especially for longer distances. These bracelets, available in a wide range of distances and goal times, save you the trouble of memorizing every split or trying to do the math on the fly.”

SB: They have pacebands for every length of race…seems quite handy!

3. Yaktrax

“Don’t let winter limit you to a treadmill for three months! But don’t fall on your ass either! Yaktrax attach themselves to your running shoes to give you some much-needed grip on icy or snowy roads and trails.”

SB: Obviously not needed for this year’s Mill Race Marathon, but if you are planning on signing up for a spring race these would be great for training this winter…especially since it’s supposedly going to be another harsh one.

4. A multipurpose ID bracelet

A multipurpose ID bracelet

IDmeBand / Via amazon.com

“It’s usually a pretty good idea to run with some form of ID on you in case disaster strikes. While there are simpler ways to do it, this ID bracelet is made of paracord stringing, and can be used as a tourniquet or rope in case of an emergency. It can also double as a replacement shoelace in case of a much less serious emergency.”

SB: Always run with some form of ID. These allow you the freedom to leave your driver’s license at home.

7. Ion


Ion / iondesigns.ca

“While most running shoes and a lot of jackets have reflective strips on them, you can never be too visable to cars while running when it’s dark out. This Canadian company offers reflective strips in a variety of designs that you can iron onto almost any piece of clothing. They do customized designs too!”

SB: These would be great for those early morning/late dusk runs that have to happen to avoid humidity!

8. Knuckle lights

“If you want to go a step beyond reflectors to be seen (and help yourself see), these LED knuckle lights will do the trick. Plus, you’ll probably feel a little bit like Iron Man.”

SB: See previous comment.

9. Foam roller

Foam roller

AXIS / Via optp.com

“Rolling against this big foam log after a run hurts so good. It’s less portable than The Stick, but it can hit different muscles to prevent injury and soreness.”

SB: If you’ve never used a foam roller before…GET ONE NOW!!!!! These are super wonderful after a run.

13. Shirts that reveal a hidden message when you sweat

Viewsport / viewsport.us

Viewsport / youtube.com

“These cool shirts by Viewsport are meant to get gross and sweaty, as they reveal a secret, usually inspirational message when they get wet.”


14. Body Glide

Bodyglide / bodyglide.com

Bodyglide / youtube.com

“Chafing is one of the worst things that can happen to a runner. So don’t let it happen.”

SB: PREACH IT! When I first started running, I thought chafing was a myth. I also hadn’t at the time run more than 3 miles. Then I ran 8. that last mile…BURNNNNED! Body Glide is your friend.

15. Cool Towel

MissionAthletecare / youtube.com

After you get these towels wet and snap them a couple times, they become cool, which is exactly what you need after a long hot run. They unfortunately don’t get icy cold, but they offer a little easy and portable relief.

SB: Never used one of these, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it!



17. Shower Wipes

Shower Wipes

Nathan Sports / Via nathansports.com

When you’ve got to squeeze a run into the middle of the afternoon, these portable wipes can help make it so you’re not grody for the second half of the day.

SB: a must for all the work-out things!

18. The FlipBelt

TheFlipBelt / youtube.com

The FlipBelt is an easy way to store your keys, iPod, or pretty much anything else you’d need to bring along on a run.

SB: I don’t specifically use this brand, but I do prefer running with a belt rather than an armband. a) weird tan lines. b) uneven biceps. c.) chaffing

20. Shwings

Will these actually help your run in any way? Probably not, but just look at ‘em! If Hermes and The Flash can run fast with winged boots, you should too!

SB: These are just sweet!

21. Drinking glasses

“After a tough run, you deserve it, and why not enjoy a drink out of a glass that lets everyone know what’s up? What is a beer or two but a little bit of extra carbo loading anyway?”

SB: Yes, the glasses are cool, but what’s even better is the PARTY that is happening AFTER the Mill Race Marathon in downtown Columbus! We will have more details as we get closer, but runner or not, you should probably be there :).

Happy training!

Sara Beth