Friday Favorite things!

Don’t you just love it when entertainment/internet/pinterest/anyone brings together several random elements and they all happen to be your favorite things? 


Like that time Kermit the Frog was on 30 Rock?


Or every pin on pinterest that involves raw cookie dough?


(can someone make this for my birthday please? :) )



Well that’s what Jimmy Fallon did the other night with Will Ferrell, “Ice Skating,” and Downton Abbey. 


Watch below…


Thank you Jimmy….thank you!

Guys! Here’s how you REALLY can woo us!

Don’t get me wrong, ladies still appreciate the flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day…especially if it’s her favorite chocolate and her favorite flower. (In case Dan is reading this…I’ll take all the Gihradelli dark chocolate/raspberry squares you can find and tulips please! :) )


And we also love that big romantic date of a steak dinner, tickets to the theater (movie or live) and even that hotel room you rented for the night away from the kiddos…yeah- don’t cancel any of that. :)

But if you REALLY want to show her how much you care….AND stay on a budget? Check out this list of 15 Unromantic things that men do that we women swoon over.

Below are a few of my favorites…and maybe a few comments I’ve added…


Making the bed – “When we head upstairs to get dressed and see a freshly made bed staring back at us, it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders.”


Scooping the poop – “Whether it be cleaning the litter box without being asked, walking the dog, or picking up the leftover dog droppings in the front yard — we totally heart our dudes when we’re off poop duty for once.”


Taking care of our cars – “Whether it be filling up the gas tank, putting air in our tires, taking them in for maintenance, or simply scraping the snow and ice off our windshield on their way out — handling car stuff reminds us that we’re loved.”


Emptying or loading the dishwasher – “With the amount of times we have to do this during the week, even getting off the hook once is like some kind of vacation.”


Cooking dinner – “‘Nuff said.”


Bringing us a hot cup of coffee – “Nothing says, “I love you” quite like noticing our cup is empty and getting up to refill it so we don’t have to move from the couch on a Sunday morning.”


SB: Extra points for going to Starbucks and treating us to our favorite handcrafted drink! 


Folding the laundry – “Ohhhh. Swoon.”


Doing any sort of cleaning – “We even get butterflies when they spray the counters and wipe them down after dinner.”


SB: For my birthday last year Dan helped me clean the house. Guys holding a dust rag and bottle of pledge is very comparable to a six pack and biceps! 


Doing ANYTHING without us prompting them – “It doesn’t matter how small the household task. If he takes it upon himself to do something simply because he knows it is going to help you out in some way, shape, or form — he’s being a total romantic.”


And guys- if you REALLY want to earn swoon points with your sweetie- do these things throughout the year! Don’t limit your love to Valentine’s Day! 


Oh! Almost forgot one!


Dedicate a song to her during “Pentzer Printing presents QMIX Love Songs for Love Chapel!” You’re expressing your love for her AND helping a great organization feed those in need in Bartholomew County. You really can’t go wrong. You can find out more about this HERE. 

Who is Gus Kenworthy? Doesn’t matter…he’s wonderful.

Gus Kenworthy is an Olympic freeskier for the US Olympic Team.

Adorable, right? :)


He also loves puppies. 

The adorable meter just climbed 200 notches.  

He apparently found a litter of puppies and their mom in the Sochi Olympic Village.


Not only is he sharing the photos, but he is proactively searching for homes for the pups- whether they stay in Russia or come back to the States with him. 

“Gus gets the Gold!” -anyone who loves puppies (which is everyone). 

This winter Olympic Sport needs to come back right now!

This may be the most wonderful sport ever….Ladies and Gentlemen….I give you….




According to Wikipedia:

Ski ballet (later renamed acroski) was a freestyle skiing discipline from the late-1960s until the year 2000. It is no longer a part of competitive freestyle skiing. Ski Ballet involved a choreographed routine of flips, rolls, leg crossings, jumps, and spins performed on a smooth slope. After the mid-1970s the routine was performed to music for 90 seconds. For a short period of time (in the 1980s) there was also pair balletcompetitions, a variation of ballet, where two people performed tricks that not only included spins, jumps and leg crossing but also lifts and synchronic movements. A panel of judges scored the performance.


AKA: All the stuff you love about Figure Skating on skis!



WHY DON’T I REMEMBER THIS??? True, I may have been to wrapped up in everything Kristy Yamaguchi / Nancy Kerrigan  at the time, but still! This sport is wonderful. It needs to come back.

Especially the gold puffy sleeves. 


According to Buzzfeed, it only appeared in the 1988 and 1992 Winter Olympics, and even then was only a “demonstration sport,” which means it was only added as a trial run to raise the sport’s popularity.


Ugh- All that talent….just down the toilet….so sad!


I am all for bringing this back… just as long as the tacky outfits come back with it!



What do you think? Should Ski Ballet come back?



Totally worth the 4 minutes…enjoy!

Biggest scare of the day!

Folks…I almost just died.


For realsies.


Here’s how it happened. 


I was reading some good ‘ol Justin Bieber bashing on Buzzfeed. (Actually, it was a definitive timeline of all his crazy. I would share the link here but it’s not exactly family friendly, so I’ll let you find it yourself.)


And then I came across this in the article…. which scared me more than the diaper pants he wears…


Mar 2 bieber scare





I SHARE MY BIRTHDAY WITH BIEBER??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!



NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!! ( a dramatic interpretation of what happened to my insides)



As soon as my panic attack calmed down, I raced over to Wikipedia and QUICKLY confirmed that his birthday is MARCH 1ST and NOT March 2nd….



Thank goodness Buzzfeed made a mistake. 



PS- I’m sorry to all those who have a birthday on March 1st. 

I’m a puddle of GOO!


Have you seen this Budweiser commercial for the Super Bowl? It’s like they took all the cuteness in the world and smashed it into 60 seconds….I’m still gushing!


Even though I’m not a fan of everyone releasing their Super Bowl ads early (I like to be surprised), I’m glad that Budweiser did this…for the sheer fact I didn’t want to be a pile of goo/tears/blubbering idiot in front of my friends. 

So thank you Budweiser. 


What do you think of this commercial?


Would YOU eat this?

When it comes to interesting flavors, Jelly Belly has done it again…and this time they are targeting the male population. 

Introducing BEER flavored Jelly Beans! 


They are also rolling out a chocolate covered Tabasco Jelly Bean. You can read the article HERE.


With these new and unique flavors, Jelly Belly is hoping to reach a new audience of Men, since they feel they have the niche on the women population who enjoy “sophisticated” flavors. 


Any other time I would probably poo-poo this… but have you tried Jelly Belly’s? They know what they are doing. I don’t eat them all the time (it’s a texture thing) but I’ve tried them and they are spot ON with their flavors. My favorites? Very Cherry (classic), Margarita, Orange Cream, and yes, even buttered popcorn.


BTW Buttered popcorn reminds me more of caramel corn, but it’s still good. 


What do you think? Would you at least TRY these Beer flavored beans?