Maybe Too Much Awesome?

We all know that one can be awesome. But, is it too much, to name a child that?


If a mom in Alaska gets her way, her 1-year-old daughter will go by the middle name “Awesome.”




“She’s just fun and happy and super smart and it fits her personality,” Lisa Flores told ABC News of her daughter, Viviana. “It just fits. She’s an awesome little girl.”

Flores, 36, and the mother of one other child, 14-year-old son Dominic, filed a petition in her hometown of Juneau in February to change Viviana’s middle name from Contea to Awesome.

Flores has completed the requirements of both notifying Viviana’s birth father and filing a four-week public notice in the local newspaper. The public notice landed Flores and her family on the front page of the local newspaper, The Juneau Empire, which came as a surprise to Flores.

“I don’t understand all the attention,” Flores told ABC News.

She has a hearing scheduled for July 7, at which time she will go before a judge and explain why her daughter should be named Viviana Awesome Flores.



What do you think? Is this a good or bad decision?

It’s Been Ten Years! GOSH!


TINA! You fat lard, come eat your dinner!


Napoleon Dynamite turns 10 this year! And the cast reunited at a statue dedication in honor of the film.


Gosh! 'Napoleon Dynamite' Cast Reunites to Unveil New Statue


Ha! I bet that is the only statue in existence with bronze moon boots! Mean while, how cute is Tina Majorino? 




Check out the cast now!



Wait, where’s Kip? Somebody check the internet!



Also, for old times’ sake, check out Napoleon’s sweet dance moves! Remember when it was a thing? 


Honey Boo Boo is Still #1 in My Heart



Here are some amazing facts as to why Honey Boo Boo is America’s Sweetheart.


1. Look at the little diva answer the phone. Can’t we ALL answer the phone like this?

26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure



2. There’s only one food group.




3. Seriously. Only ONE food group!

26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure




4. She’s pretty up to date on her pop culture.

26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure

She is the ultimate master of disguise.




5. She knows no man can rule her life.




6. Because she has a high sense of self worth.

26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure




and that is because she surrounds herself with good peoples

26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure

26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure




7. She’ll kick your butt!

26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure




8. She’s FLAWLESS.

26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure

26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure26 Reasons Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure 



You go Alana. Did you forget she had a real name. Yeah, me too. But, still. I adore her.


For more reasons why Honey Boo Boo Is Still A National Treasure, click here.



New Freddie Mercury? It Could Happen!


We could be hearing more Freddie Mercury? And a “sequel” to “We Will Rock You?” Yes, Please!




Queen guitarist Brian May revealed plans for a new Queen album featuring unreleased Freddie Mercury vocals from the Eighties. “I’ve just been doing something very similar because we found a few more tracks with Freddie singing and all of us playing and they’re quite beautiful. People will be hearing this work toward the end of the year.”


Freddie Mercury of Queen performs


Asked what his favorite Queen song ever recorded was, May said the answer changes every time, but “my favorite at the moment is ‘Made in Heaven,’ which was never a single but it’s the title track off the [1995] album we made after Freddie was gone with all the pieces that were left.


May revealed the album will “probably” be called Queen Forever, with the material primarily taken from the Eighties “when we were in full flight.” “It’s a compilation but it will have this new material on which nobody in the world has ever heard and I think people will really enjoy it,” said the guitarist. “It’s the big, big epic sound. It wouldn’t have been if we hadn’t have done this restoration job. We only had scraps, but knowing how it would’ve happened had we finished it, I can sit there and make it happen with modern technology.”



The guitarist also admitted that he has “secretly and quietly workshopped” a follow-up to We Will Rock You, the wildly successful musical based on the band’s songs. “We are working on a sequel, yes,” said May. “In fact, we’ve already very secretly and quietly workshopped, which means you stand it up and get people to sing it and act it. Everybody loved it, so we’re looking for a theatre and we hope to have a sequel out there at some point. More than this, I cannot say. It’s a little naughtier than the first one.” We Will Rock You author Ben Elton will return for the sequel.



Read more here.

Didja Know That?


12 Enjoyable Names for Relatively Common Things




1. The plastic table-like item found in pizza boxes is called a box tent and was patented in 1983. Most people in the biz now call it a pizza saver. Meanwhile, whomever “invented” this, is probably a billionaire, and that is not fair…..



2. Ever look at a familiar word for so long that it starts to look—and sound—completely strange? That feeling of seeing something for the first time, even though there’s nothing new about it, is called jamais vu. Oh, I see what you did there…. Ha!





3. Paresthesia is that tingling sensation when your foot falls asleep. Needles. I call it needles.



4. The string of typographical symbols comic strips use to indicate profanity (“$%@!”) is called a grawlix. Apparently, this is a thing. Google it.





5. The small, triangular pink bump on the inside corner of each eye is called the caruncula. It contains sweat and oil glands that produce rheum, also known as “eye crispies,” “sleep,” and “tear rocks.” I’m totally using this in everyday conversation. “Hey…you got a little rheum in your caruncula.” Let the weird stares begin. 



6. Another word for playful banter is badinage.



I know must apologize for the next picture. Especially is you suffer from Ophidiophobia. 










7. What do you call a group of rattlesnakes? A rhumba.



8. To waste time by being lazy is to dringle. So maybe it should be called “DringleBook.”



Getty Images



9.  An agraffe is the wire cage that keeps the cork in a bottle of champagne. Tell all your classy friends! Who knew?!



10. Those back flaps on a bra are called wings. Why aren’t they just called “back flaps?” And I guess I have no idea what they’re talking about here. There are back flaps on bras? What is the purpose? Help?!





11. A single slice of bacon is called a rasher. More importantly, why do we need this word. Who eats just a rasher? I want to know what like 5 pieces of bacon are called. I blame the Brits.



12. The web between your thumb and forefinger is called the purlicue (and is pronounced just like “curlicue”). Acupuncturists say pinching it will make headaches go away. This actually works and you should try it!



What are some of your favorite extra ordinary/extraordinary words?




Meet “Happy” the CREEPY new Happy Meal Mascot



Meet the NEW McDonald’s characters. A couple weeks ago, we met the new Ronald.




Now… meet the new Happy Meal mascot. His name is “Happy.”



Yup. I, too, think his name should be “Creepy.”


Look at those EYES!



Look at that MOUTH!



Weird… Maybe they’re trying to capitalize on the “Minion” phenomena from the Despicable Me movies…?





Why do I care? Because these characters were part of my child hood and I don’t like change….