Back Together Again…

the-voice-coaches-sing-excitement-of-their-reunion-in-season-5-promoThe original coaches on NBC’s The Voice were reunited in a promotional clip for the upcoming 5th season of the hit singing reality show. In the clip, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are sitting in a boat as they fish on a lake. The pair looks sad and blue as Shelton tells Levine, “Come on man, fishing is supposed to be fun.” Adam then says, “I know, it just that I miss ‘em.” The Peaches and Herb song “Reunited” then starts playing on the radio. Levine starts to sing the lyrics to the classic love song and Blake joins in. Then, Christina Aguilera’s commanding voice can be heard singing the song as Adam and Shelton look back at her. The theatrics continues as Aguilera walks across the water of the lake to join her fellow coaches. Before you know it, Cee Lo Green, who is dressed like Poseidon, rises up from underneath the water on a rock with three beautiful mermaids by his side. Everybody then begins to sing the tune and Blake says, “I think we’re going to need a bigger boat.” The show’s host Carson Daly then sails by the coaches on a massive yacht and says, “Ahoy coaches!” The upcoming season of The Voice marks the return of Christina and Cee Lo to the red chairs after they sat out last season to work on other projects. Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice kicks off on September 23.
Watch the vid here:  The Voice Reunited.

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