Band Up Today, Alieve Tomorrow!

So last night was the start of Week 3 (for me at least-other’s started Monday with Kickboxing) of my 10 week challenge at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping.

It was another Upper Body Strength Training Day. At Farrell’s, instead of using weights, you use Resistance Bands for strength training. I think this is pretty sweet because they are a lot easier to manage rather than actual weights, and you still get a fierce workout.


Now in case you don’t know, My upper body strength is almost like an oxymoron- because to say I have any is almost like lying. So I grabbed the usual colors for my weak arms- the yellow (least resistance) and green (a little more resistance when yellow is too easy).

Then Erik Piper saw me.

Erik and Sean “The Madman.”

He looks super nice and kind right? He really is super nice and kind. However he saw my bands and told me that I needed to add the red one.


He even picked it out for me!

So sweet right?

Well…It was nice to have them because I was able to band up more with some back and chest exercises. Very proud of myself! WAHOO!

This morning though…super sore!

And Kickboxing is tonight….

Wish me luck!

-Sara Beth

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