Best First Day of Training EVER!

So for those that are following the online schedule for training for the Mill Race Marathon know that today is the FIRST official day of training.

I am very excited to get going on this. This may be nerves too, but I know that only good things can come out of taking time out of my day to train for September 28th (I’m participating in the half marathon portion for those that don’t know).

ANYWAYS- get up this morning, start thinking and planning my day and I go check what I’m supposed to do for my first day.

This is what I found….


Consider it DONE!!!

I am to Couch Flattening as Barb Kellner is to left-over pizza!

So the moral of the story is….it’s Day 1 and I’m feeling great about training already (haha!) and more importantly…you still have time to sign up and start training too…

Check out for all the details. Registration prices go up at the end of this month…so might as well commit and go for it!

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