Biggest scare of the day!

Folks…I almost just died.


For realsies.


Here’s how it happened. 


I was reading some good ‘ol Justin Bieber bashing on Buzzfeed. (Actually, it was a definitive timeline of all his crazy. I would share the link here but it’s not exactly family friendly, so I’ll let you find it yourself.)


And then I came across this in the article…. which scared me more than the diaper pants he wears…


Mar 2 bieber scare





I SHARE MY BIRTHDAY WITH BIEBER??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!



NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!! ( a dramatic interpretation of what happened to my insides)



As soon as my panic attack calmed down, I raced over to Wikipedia and QUICKLY confirmed that his birthday is MARCH 1ST and NOT March 2nd….



Thank goodness Buzzfeed made a mistake. 



PS- I’m sorry to all those who have a birthday on March 1st. 

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