Can Kurt Hummel Be My Stylist?

It’s no secret that I LOVE “Glee” and I think my favorite character on the show is Kurt Hummel. The role gave actor Chris Colfer his first Golden Globe in 2011 [and gave the most adorable acceptance speech here: “Screw That Kids!”]


I have a real connection with Kurt and totes wish this character was on TV when I was in high school! And can we talk about his fashion?


It seems like Purple is the color for Kurt.

kurtfashion2The costume coordinator for “Glee” is amazing!

kurtfashion3I mean look at the hippopotamus brooch! C’mon!

kurtfashion4Hair. Ascot. Vest. Amazing.



I can has this?!?!

And look at these green camo pants! Plus more purple!



He is my fashion icon!




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