A Cop’s Cash for Life

edna-aguayoHas a psychic ever told you anything that turned out to be true? A lottery-winning police officer in New York says a fortuneteller she saw at a carnival in 1998 predicted she’d win the lottery one day. Edna Aguayo, a 20-year police veteran who retired in 2011, is the state’s first daily Cash4Life winner, winning $1,000 a day for the rest of her life, and she knew she would. She went to the a fair and visited a psychic who not not only predicted her win, but even what game it would be in, telling her to buy ‘for life’ tickets. And, the name of the game was Cash4Life, so she bought them every Monday and Thursday and it’s paying off. She’ll get $227,410 a year after taxes for the rest of her life. Hopefully she doesn’t try to hunt her back down and get investment advice.

A Safety Innovation

are we there yetDriving when you’re tired isn’t safe, just ask Tracy Morgan. A company has invented the Harken which is a seatbelt with sensors in it that monitor your heart rate and breathing and will sound an alarm if it thinks you’re falling asleep. Or, you could just drive everywhere with a 5 year old because it’s nearly impossible to sleep through them asking “Are we there yet” every 20 seconds!

The Weekend’s Here… Grab a Cold Beer!

BeerMugBourbon may be booming and more wineries are cropping up all over the nation, yet we still like beer the most. According to Gallup, 41% of drinkers say they typically drink beer, compared with 31% who go for wine and 23% who reach for liquor. It’s the biggest gap between beer and wine in six years, and except for 2005 when wine outpaced beer, beer has been the drink of choice since the ’90s.  And I’m certainly doing my part to keep it that way!

Movie Character Names

batesAnyone named after a character in a movie? The movie “Frozen” not only has made Adele Dazeem a house hold name thanks to John Travolta, but Idina Menzel has done well too and so have the names Elsa and Anna. According to birth records those are two of the hottest names of the year so far and it’s because of the characters in the movie. Which, if you’re parents are going to name you after movie characters, it beats Carrie, Samara (The Ring) or Annie (Wilkes from Misery). “This is our daughter Annie. We named her after Kathey Bates’ character in the movie ‘Misery’. She’s into hobbling.”

Beep Beep

HonkingHornWhat upsets people about you honking your horn at them is they find it embarrassing. That’s why you see them peer back at you from their rearview mirror and throw their hands up. That’s what a survey from Safeco Insurance says. And, most times, it’s just a friendly reminder at a light that it turned green about 40 seconds ago and I was trying to be nice and avoid being that guy but you lose half you life sitting at the light at 25th Street and National Road.  54% of people say they are light tappers on the horn. 38% say they’re medium length beepers and 8% like to rival the length of ” “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” to get their point across. I’m not much of a horn guy, I’m more of a hand gesture person.

Scarlett’s Scooter

harleyHarley fanatics are about to lose their minds. The electric bike that Scarlett Johansson’s stunt-double was recently caught on the set of the next Avengers movie is a real thing.  They showed it off in New York and will be making the rounds with it this summer before it goes into full production. It doesn’t look like what we’ve come to know as a Harley. If it wasn’t for the name on the tank you wouldn’t guess it was one. It’s not chromed out and the sound…it doesn’t have one. A Harley that you don’t have to unsuccessfully have to try and scream over the top of?

Foodie Fails

foodieOne picture trend may be going by the wayside. There’s a growing backlash against people posting pictures of food. This is thanks to “foodie fails” which are becoming popular on Twitter and Reddit. they’re bad food pictures of unappetizing food like “canned ham, pineapple, and flaming Cheetos sandwich”. One dying down…now how do we stop the selfies in the bathroom mirror?

Gamer Heaven

VideoGamesHow much are 12,000 video games and 108 consoles worth, besides a whole lot of time wasted deciding what to play? $750,000. The World Record collection of games was put up for sale over Father’s Day so the owner could have money to “help out family and friends”. He estimated it was worth around $700,000, but got a little more than that when the auction ended, landing him $750,250. The buyer’s name and identity is not known. But, if anyone you know goes missing for an extended period of time…

Shotgun Shower

ConfettiHow did you make your baby announcement? Did you do something creative? Morgan and Breanna Medlock who live outside of Huntsville, AL chose to announce the gender of their first baby with a bang. They didn’t do it with balloons or a special color cake that made the announcement when it was cut into…They loaded shotgun shells with confetti and shot them off.  They invited friends over for a party (a gender reveal party) and at one point invited everyone to go outside where the dad to be grabbed his gun and shot it dousing everyone in pink confetti to let them know it was going to be a girl. So we have baby showers, gender reveal parties…let’s draw the line there because the next rung down is conception parties and that’s just weird.