yellow headed amazonIt sounds like a bird-brained excuse, but apparently it was true! A driver in England cut off a cyclist recently because he was rushing to save his dying parrot. The biker chased after the man and confronted him with hiscamera-phone rolling. “Can you just give me a bit more room next time?” the cyclist asks. The driver points to his coat, where the head of a parrot is seen peeking out. “Sorry, I’ve got a parrot dyin’ on me, so, y’know what I mean?” The man then speeds off, likely in search of treatment for his sickly pet.


100920-salmon-hmed-3a.grid-8x2There’s something fishy about this. The FDA is close to ruling on the first genetically modified (or GMO) animal protein. AquAdvantage salmon would be the first genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption. It’s designed to be both more environmentally friendly and more efficient than existing farmed fish, but will people eat it? Several supermarket chains have already vowed not to sell the so-called “frankenfish.” Jeez, when you put it like that…


wedding-dress-460x307Guess “wedded bliss” refers to the relief women feel once their wedding is over and they can finally go back to eating what they want. A survey found most brides pack on five to 10 pounds during the six months of marriage. And those who diet prior to their big day gain even more! The study also revealed one out of three brides was told by a family member- or in some cases their fiancé- to lose a few pounds before tying the knot. Ladies, if your husband-to-be says you have to slim down before your wedding, maybe you shouldn’t marry him.


questionsTurns out it’s not three little words that determine whether your relationship is built to last- it’s three little questions. That’s according to data from dating site OKCupid, which suggests that if you and your mate are on the same page about these three questions, you truly belong together. They are…

-“Do you like horror movies?”

 -“Have you ever traveled around another country alone?”

 -“Wouldn’t it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat?”

 We know what you’re thinking- these questions sound totally random and must have little to do with a couple’s long-term potential. Well, the data was analyzed by Harvard mathematicians, so it MUST be true.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Irish_cloverRaise a glass of green beer- today is St. Patrick’s Day!  The holiday was named after Saint Patrick, the most commonly recognized patron saint of Ireland, and commemorates the arrival of Christianity in the country.  St. Patrick’s Day became an official public holiday in Ireland in 1903.  Though blue was the color originally associated with Saint Patrick, the tradition of the color green goes back as far as the 17th century.  The significance of the three-leaved shamrock is that Saint Patrick was said to have used the plant to explain the Holy Trinity to pagans.  On the other hand, the leprechaun, a figure inspired by Celtic folklore, is an American invention that has nothing to do with Irish history.  Today, St. Patrick’s Day is a general celebration of Irish culture, and includes religious services, parades, festivals, parties and of course, plenty of drinking.  Erin go bragh!

Vigil Tonight for Slain Students

So, most of my blog posts are happy, trivial, even stupid.  Not so today.  See, I’m originally from Greensburg and am proud to live there again.  And the last couple of weeks have been pretty awful for our little town.  If you’ve been following the news you know that we’ve lost two young men in just the last couple weeks…to gun violence.  So in today’s blog, I just wanted to let you know that tonight there’ll be a candle light vigil in honor of Tyler Hall and Craig Roberts.  If you feel you feel moved to attend, it will be on the Decatur County Courthouse lawn at 7 p.m.  Candles will be provided and you’re encouraged to wear red and blue.craigrobertstyler


ryan-gosling-george-clooney-ides-march-posterIt’s not just a movie starring Ryan Gosling or something you vaguely remember from studying Shakespeare in high school.  March 15th corresponds with the Ides of March in the ancient Roman calendar.  The Roman calendar began with the month of March, and the days of each month were numbered using three fixed points- the Nones (the 5th or 7th depending on the length of the month), the Ides (midway through the month on the 13th or the 15th) and the Kalends (the first day of the following month).  The Ides were supposed to correspond with the full moon.  This day was historically marked with a sheep sacrifice and a feast to celebrate the New Year.  Most famously, it was the day Julius Caesar was killed at a senate meeting in 44 BC.  Want tocelebrate?  Pour yourself a Bloody Caesar (the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary). And beware!


gapyearWhen the daily grind is getting you down, you could take a vacation…or a whole year off. That’s what many young adults, faced with career stress, work burnout and a tough economy, are doing. In a trend that’s being called the grown-up gap year, 20- and 30-somethings are putting their lives on hold to travel or live abroad. Some choose to take their gap year after being laid off or leaving a job, while others are able to negotiate a sabbatical, allowing them to return to their old gig after the trip. Still others find work overseas or work remotely. And while taking a year-long vacation may seem risky when it comes to future employment prospects, experts say travelers can spin their experiences as part of developing their professional skills (in addition to the tan).

Dance Revolution

4163847179_800bf69d01_oSchool dances used to be some of the most-anticipated events of the year. But it seems they’re becoming a thing of the past. Many schools have started canceling dances due to lack of attendance. According to one school administrator in New York, students don’t go to dances anymore because they’d rather stay home and interact with one another via text, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Plus, while teens of the early 2000s were limited to the family computer if they wanted to chat with their friends online, these days most kids have their own laptops and smartphones, which means they can do so from the privacy of their rooms. School officials say that while dances used to be a prime opportunity for kids to socialize, technology has changed all that.   Fortunately- or unfortunately, depending on how popular you are- most schools still at least hold an annual prom.

You’ve Got the Look

Fashion-Word-1660321A new poll from 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair will help you decide. It asked Americans a bunch of questions about fashion and style. Here’s what it found…

-Almost 65% of people say sagging, baggy jeans are the number-one trend they’d like to see disappear. Fake glasses came in second, followed by Ugg bootsharem pants and clogs.

-A quarter of people sometimes leave the house without wearing underwear.  

-More than 30% fear the scrutiny of their significant other when it comes to their outfits.

-Most people get their fashion inspiration from clothing stores, followed by friends’ style, magazines, parents, TV ads and celebrities.

-More than half think girls shouldn’t start wearing makeup until age 14, although 22% say it’s ok as early as 11. On the other hand, 20% think girls should wait until 17 to start wearing makeup.

-Most people feel the ultimate fashion faux-pas is spilling a drink on yourself at a party.