Top 3 Things: Sweet Pumpkin-y Goodness Edition

Yes. Fall is coming. Yes. That means everything will be flavored with pumpkin for the next few months…at least. Yes. I’ll be consuming ALL OF IT.


Here are the Top 3 Pumpkin-flavored things that you never knew you needed…until now:


#3 Pumpkin bagels…with pumpkin cream cheese



#2 Pumpkin Spice Oreos

Not these…

pumpkin oreos



#1 Pumpkin Butter


What’s your favorite pumpkin-y treat?


Illustrated Twitter Typos

Whether you are a Grammar Geek or not, you have to admit, typos can get on anyone’s nerves.

ESPECIALLY on Twitter!

But instead of complaining about it, let’s take a moment and laugh at all these amazing illustrations that @SummerRay has done with some sweet Twitter typos.

Check it out here and check out some of my personal favorites below.

Happy Wednesday!