Rainbow Brite is coming back!

True story time…. growing up, I was OBSESSED with Rainbow Brite.



I’m pretty sure she’s the reason I:

a) am obsessed with color in all aspects of my life, and

b) had the thickest bangs in the world for all of my childhood and most of my adolescence.

Kindergarten me at Halloween….dem bangs!!!!

I had the dolls, the sprites, Rainbow Brite baby, the horse…even my bedspread and sheets were Rainbow Brite! She was my Elsa growing up.


So needless to say…I am super excited to find this article that Rainbow Brite is coming back! They will be featured on Feeln…which is a movie/tv subscription site similar to hulu or netflix.

Check out the trailer!

I’m not as excited about her new look, but I understand they are trying to appeal to a young audience… :)

So what childhood cartoon would you like to see revamped and brought back? Let us know!

Top 3 Things: Game of Thrones Prep Edition


Well hello there! I don’t know about you, but I am super glad fall is here and most of my favorite TV shows are back on the air.

Only thing that would make all this better would be if Game of Thrones was back too. But alas, we must wait until Spring. Womp womp. If you’re also going through Game of Thrones withdrawal like I am, I have a few ideas for how you can pass the time and prep for the upcoming 5th season!


Here are the Top 3 Things you can do to get ready for the return of Game of Thrones:


#3 Host a Game of Thrones party! Be sure to include themed food, viewing of some of your favorite episodes and/or scenes, games and a costume contest. This will surely get you through a few hours of withdrawal.

You can send my invitation to the QMIX studios…


#2 Read the books. Duhdoy. Or watch something else with dragons in it. Because dragons. My recommendations? How to Train Your Dragon, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and Sleeping Beauty.



#1 Download the SWEET new app that helps you learn Dothraki! This is real life! And there was much nerd-rejoicing!




Now go download it and get to work!


I’ve Had [The Time of My Life]

…watching this video!


No body puts Charlie in a corner! He NAILS the Patrick Swayzy dance from Dirty Dancing!

Therapy cat helps young prodigy artist deal with Autism

Adorable. The End.

This warmed my heart this morning like a good cup of tea does on a cool fall day.

Meet Iris. She is an artist…and a reeaalllyy great one! (Seriously…can I paint with her one day?)

She is also diagnosed with autism.

and this is Thula….her therapy cat.

You hear about therapy dogs a lot, but not therapy cats.

I just love everything about this. Check out more of her story and pictures HERE.

God Only Knows

BBC Music

Visually Stunning, this video and the track, which will also be released in aid of Children in Need, features 27 artists across all musical genres.

They include Sir Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin, Sam Smith, Brian May, Jamie Cullum and Nicola Benedetti, and so many more. Check it out.


BBC Music will encompass TV and radio programming, digital services and schemes to support emerging talent including the introduction of classical music to UK primary schools.