Skydiving Rocks!

The last thing you’d expect to happen to you when you’re skydiving is to have a rock go shooting by you, but that’s what happened to a guy in Norway. The video is everywhere…He documented the jump with two cameras fixed to the front and back of his helmet and says that on the way down he felt ‘something’ happen, but didn’t know what it was until he went back and looked at the video and saw it was a meteorite. Scientists say it was in ‘dark flight’, which means it had already done it’s burning on the way through the atmosphere so it was no longer glowing but it still shot by him at about 186 mph. At least it was nice enough to pass him on the left. 

Fighting Germs!

handwashreminderhandsApparently, most people aren’t using antibacterial soap right. It’s soap, how hard can it be?
Well, it all depends upon how long you scrub with it. Experts say that to get it to do its job, you need to scrub with antibacterial products for 20 to 30 seconds. But studies show people average only six seconds, making it just as effective as normal soap.
I don’t know about you, but based on what I’ve observed in public restrooms, I would give someone a medal if I saw them washing their hands for even 6 seconds — let alone 20 or 30!

Bigfoot’s a Fake?

bigfoot1n-1-webThe guy who said he killed Bigfoot after luring it with Walmart pork ribs was lying. Again. This is the second time for Rick Dyer. In 2008 he stuffed a gorilla costume and said it was bigfoot. This time it was a costume he had made by a toy company in Washington. They couldn’t say anything because he had them sign an agreement that they’d keep it secret. Everything came apart though when his own PR guy found out it was a lie. He says so far this year he had made $60,000 from people who were willing to pay $10 a piece to see the body. How does he get $10 a pop to see this but the Dragon Lady at the fair who’s charging 50-cents has no takers?

Allergies Could Be Worse

sneezerAs much sneezing as you’re doing already this spring it could be worse, you could live in Louisville. It’s the allergy capitol of the country this spring. Everywhere will be worse than normal because of the brutal winter. Just about everything, everywhere went completely dormant and with the warmer temperatures everything is pollinating. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has released its list of the worst cities for spring allergies in 2014, based on their pollen levels, use of allergy medications and the number of board-certified allergists in the area.

And the cities are:

1. Louisville, Kentucky

2. Memphis, Tennessee

3. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

4. Oklahoma City

5. Jackson, Mississippi

6. Chattanooga, Tennessee

7. Dallas

8. Richmond, Virginia

9. Birmingham, Alabama

10. McAllen, Texas

WhatsApp, Doc?

whatsappA woman has actually injured herself after using WhatsApp on her phone for six hours. Her doctor diagnosed her with a case of “WhatsAppitis,” which is a condition of sore wrists suffered after excessively using the WhatsApp text message service. It’s thought she’s the first to suffer form it, but she won’t be the last. Here are some other ‘diseases’ that might be on the way thanks to our social network addictions:

• The Twitches – The feeling that you cannot sit through an event without compulsively tweeting about it.

• Instagramorexia – A phenomenon where you can’t eat your food until you post the photo.

• Obsessive Refresh Disorder – The compulsive urge to refresh your Gmail.

• SiDS (Sudden iPhone Death Syndrome) – A disease associated with people who believe they charged their phones … but did not actually charge their phones.

• ADCCD (Attention Directed to Candy Crush Disorder) – An inability to focus on anything that is not Candy Crush. (TheDateReport)

Instant Karma

Road-rageJohn Lennon sang about instant karma, and a guy learned about it on a road rage video that’s gone viral. It happened in Tampa. A woman was being tailgated by a guy in a truck. She felt intimidated, so popped her camera over her shoulder and started to record the incident. Now, she was in the left lane and going slow, which is wrong to begin with. None the less, the guy got impatient and when he saw an opening, he darted around her, showed her where she ranked on his list, then cut her off, only to end up losing control of his truck and crashing into median.  To make his problem worse, he left the scene of an accident — even though he was the only one involved. Turns out the cops frown upon that more than what happened while they were driving.  Here’s the (PG-13) video… 

Tree Hugging Record Set

blog-image-tree-huggingEverybody likes trees, some people like trees more. Portland, Oregon’s status as the world’s preeminent tree-hugging destination is now official. Guinness World Records has just recognized their tree hugging event last summer as a world record. Last July, 936 people simultaneously hugged a tree at a park in Portland for one minute. They also set a record for most splinters removed in an hour, 5 of which from areas once thought to be impossible to get one while clothed. Very odd.

Sellotape Selfie

Pee-Wee-as-Plastic-Surgery-VictimAs fast as change comes and as the gap grows between generations it’s nice to know their attention spans are just long enough for them to catch the things that define growing up… like contorting their face with Scotch Tape and taking a selfie. Going back, Pee Wee Herman did this in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and more recently Jim Carey did it in Yes Man, and that’s what’s being given credit for the trend. That and social media. The Facebook page Sellotape Selfie has popped up and it’s full of pictures of people taping up their faces, and in some cases taping stuff to them, and then taking pictures of themselves. What they should also post on this page is video of these people ripping the tape off. Some aren’t just using Scotch Tape, they’re using industrial strength tape as they’re taping dumbbells and things with actual some hefty weight to their heads.  So if you see someone with a big patches of hair on their head, that could be the reason!

Now THIS is drunk!

bryan-hillLet ye who has not confused pants for shirt cast the first stone…  A drunk man in Indianapolis apparently had a bit of a weekend.  24-year-old Bryan Hill was found by police passed out in the driver’s seat of his car.  He was in his underwear, he had on one sock, and was wearing his pants over his arms like a shirt. Hill was arrested around 4 a.m. Sunday for public intoxication and obstructing traffic. Considering the problems he had with his pants, I can just imagine how finding the keys went!  A few years ago a story like this out of Indy would have involved a Pacers player!

It’s a New Girl Scout Record!

ThinMintCookies_500closeGiven the laws, I would have guessed this happened in Colorado or Washington, not Oklahoma.  But that’s where the record for selling the most boxes of Girl Scout Cookies has been set. She pawned off 18,107 boxes, which beat the old record set in the 80′s by 107 boxes. That’s the difference in the two. In the 80′s the kids went door to door and had to put some effort into it.  Now they give their order forms to mom and dad who take them to the office, yoga class, up and down aisles at the grocery store… they’re the relentless ones now. They’re more aggressive than the kids ever used to be trying to put their kid at the top while they sit at home playing Just Dance with their friends, whose parents are also out hocking cookies. I bet it was 18,106 boxes of Thin Mints and one stubborn holdout who wanted Cranberry Citrus Crisps.