Sharknado’s BACK

SharknadoPoster_2616393bYou can be in the sequel to the SYFY movie, “Sharknado”. Producers say they’re trying to raise $50-thousand dollars for a bonus scene that would include “chainsaws being used in the vicinity of sharks.” So they’ve decided to finance that scene through the website, IndieGoGo, and among the things your money can buy are:

–For $45, they’ll name a shark that appears in the movie after you.

–If you fork over $120 bucks, they’ll record your scream and use it in a scene

–$5,000 bucks gets you a walk-on with either a death scene or a heroic scene

“Sharknado 2,” will be out July 31. Just when you thought it was safe to turn SyFy back on.

(Actually, it’s never been safe.)

Google Glass

glassIf you want to get on the upside of the curve, tomorrow is the day you can buy Google Glass glasses. It’s the first time you, me and every average person can buy a pair. Up until now they were only sold to Google “Explorers”. Feelings are mixed on them. Some call it the future of computing, others call it the downfall of personal computing and it takes even less effort to be connected and zone out. People wearing them have been banned from bars and restaurants, given tickets for distracted driving…and since you won’t have your phone in your hand when you run into something, people will just think you’re an idiot.

NBC Needs YOUR Ideas

TLCHere’s your chance to come up with a TV show. NBC is asking for you, the average Joe, to pitch sitcom ideas o them. Your ideas will be given to Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, and several funny, creative people to review and vote on. Which is curious, if you’re paying these very creative, talented people why not ask them for ideas? Isn’t that what they get paid for? But maybe they’re doing it. Get a bunch of ideas from the public and show that they’re no better than what they’re coming up with already. It’s scary to think Honey Boo Boo may be the pinnacle!

Resurrection of a Vette

vetteThe last ‘Vette is out. Workers have recovered the eighth and final Corvette from the sinkhole that swallowed them at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY in February. The 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06 was found upside-down about 40 feet underground and they look nothing like Corvettes anymore, especially this one. they say it’s the one in the worst condition.  You can see all of them, as the museum will have them on display through August. They’ll then send them to a General Motors plant in Michigan to be repaired.

Cell Jerk Syndrome

portable-cell-phone-boothWe know overhearing someone’s cell phone conversation is annoying. But does the act of talking on the phone actually make you more of a jerk? Someone got the idea to dress someone up in a leg brace and have them walk by both people on their phones and people who weren’t and drop a stack of magazines.  To no one’s shock, the people on the phone were much less likely to pause and offer any help (9% vs. 72% for people not on the phone). At least it’s 9%. Had they been texting, they wouldn’t have seen him drop the magazines or realized anything was wrong!

Til Twitter Do You Part

gty_twitter_ll_131202_16x9_992Twitter could be destroying your relationship. A guy doing doctoral research at the University of Missouri, says he’s found that active Twitter users are far more likely to experience Twitter–related conflict with their romantic partners. It’s hard to have it if you don’t use it, isn’t it?  The issue though is how Twitter chats seem to lead to conflict which then leads to negative relationship outcomes, including emotional and physical cheating, breakup and divorce. I’m going to guess the issue starts with your response to being questioned about your tweeting. “Stop nagging. I cut down on the video game time and I went to that stupid thing with your parents, what more do you want?” is probably not the best answer to give.

Hoops Dreams

imagesCollege basketball comes to an end tonight in a most unlikely fashion. Seventh-seeded Connecticut and eighth-seeded Kentucky will play. Neither was around in last year’s tournament and neither looked like national title contenders at times this season. Their combined seeding is the lowest since the NCAA tournament began seeding teams in the bracket in 1979 and Connecticut is the first seven seed in the past 36 years to make the title game and Kentucky is the first team to start 5 freshmen since the Fab 5 at Michigan in the early 90′s. Tonight’s pregame speech for the Wildcats will be from Chris Webber who will remind them to know how many timeouts they have.

Skydiving Rocks!

The last thing you’d expect to happen to you when you’re skydiving is to have a rock go shooting by you, but that’s what happened to a guy in Norway. The video is everywhere…He documented the jump with two cameras fixed to the front and back of his helmet and says that on the way down he felt ‘something’ happen, but didn’t know what it was until he went back and looked at the video and saw it was a meteorite. Scientists say it was in ‘dark flight’, which means it had already done it’s burning on the way through the atmosphere so it was no longer glowing but it still shot by him at about 186 mph. At least it was nice enough to pass him on the left. 

Fighting Germs!

handwashreminderhandsApparently, most people aren’t using antibacterial soap right. It’s soap, how hard can it be?
Well, it all depends upon how long you scrub with it. Experts say that to get it to do its job, you need to scrub with antibacterial products for 20 to 30 seconds. But studies show people average only six seconds, making it just as effective as normal soap.
I don’t know about you, but based on what I’ve observed in public restrooms, I would give someone a medal if I saw them washing their hands for even 6 seconds — let alone 20 or 30!

Bigfoot’s a Fake?

bigfoot1n-1-webThe guy who said he killed Bigfoot after luring it with Walmart pork ribs was lying. Again. This is the second time for Rick Dyer. In 2008 he stuffed a gorilla costume and said it was bigfoot. This time it was a costume he had made by a toy company in Washington. They couldn’t say anything because he had them sign an agreement that they’d keep it secret. Everything came apart though when his own PR guy found out it was a lie. He says so far this year he had made $60,000 from people who were willing to pay $10 a piece to see the body. How does he get $10 a pop to see this but the Dragon Lady at the fair who’s charging 50-cents has no takers?