My Journey To Becoming A Mentor

Joanna and Lakya at their match introduction in November 2014.


I’ve had two main goals since graduating from college: get a job in radio broadcasting and find a long term volunteer opportunity. Well, I found a great job working here at QMIX, so onward to my next goal, to find a volunteer organization that I really cared about. I was drawn to Big Brothers Big Sisters because I’ve been lucky enough to have a handful of mentors and I wanted to pay it forward and be that person for someone too.


I’ll be honest, the day I found out that I was going to be a Big was more exciting than the day I got the job here. (Don’t tell my boss!) I’ve only been a Big since November, but I can say that it has been such an interesting experience! I use the word ‘interesting’ because I didn’t expect to learn so much. I also wasn’t prepared for how simple it would be. I filled out my application to be a Big with angst because I was excited to get started, but overwhelmed at the thought of not having enough time. Or not knowing what to do when my Little and I were together. Being a Big has certainly been equal parts easy and rewarding because of all the support I receive from the BBBSCI staff.




cookies and canvas


Lakya is 12 years old, and just like I was at that age, she is shy and soft spoken at first, but incredibly goofy and creative once she’s comfortable. We enjoy doing anything that involves being creative: movies, art, music, theater, and playing our favorite game, “Would You Rather?” For example, “Would You Rather have a bowl of spiders dumped on your head or sleep in a bed of snakes?” Good luck choosing, because both of those are horrifying!


I am so grateful to be a part of BBBSCI and I cannot wait to see my Little grow into a super confident and creative woman!


Live in Johnson County and interested in becoming a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana? Go here! 


See you all at Bowl for Kids’ Sake on March 7th!


Challenge Accepted, Netflix!

ABC reported tons of titles leaving Netflix. Some as soon as March 1st!

Leaving March 1

3 Ninjas Kick Back – 1994

Cool Runnings – 1993

Dumb and Dumber – 1994

Lords of Dogtown – 2005

Pretty in Pink – 1986

Rachel is Getting Married – 2008

Seven – 1995

Air Bud – 1997

Anaconda – 1997

Arachnophobia – 1990

Brokedown Palace – 1999

Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams – 1981

Desperado – 1995

Emma – 1996

Fireproof – 2008

Fright Night – 1985

Girlfight – 2000

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids – 1989

Jackass: Number Two – 2006

Old Yeller – 1957

Ordinary People – 1980

Out of Time – 2003

Riding in Cars with Boys – 2001

Robin Hood: Men in Tights – 1993

RoboCop 2 – 1990

RoboCop 3 – 1993

Saving Silverman – 2001

Swiss Family Robinson – 1960

The Baby Sitters Club – 1995

The Blair Witch Project – 1999

The Graduate – 1967

The Possession – 2012

The Sweetest Thing – 2002

Troop Beverly Hills – 1989

Leaving March 2

Uptown Girls – 2003

Leaving March 3

The Preacher’s Wife – 1996

Leaving March 5

The Muppet Movie – 1979

Leaving March 11

Flubber – 1997

Leaving March 12

The Grey – 2012

Leaving March 15

House on Haunted Hill – 1959

Muppet Treasure Island – 1996

Leaving March 16

The Tale of Despereaux – 2008

Leaving March 22

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion – 1997

Leaving March 30 - Seasons in parentheses

CN’s Adventure Time (season 1-4) and Dexter’s Lab (3-4)

Children’s Hospital (1-2)

Ben 10 (1-3)

Cow and Chicken (2)

Dude, What Would Happen? (2)

Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy (3-4)

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (2)

Johnny Bravo (2)

Regular Show (1-4)

Robot Chicken (1-2)

Samurai Jack (2)

The Grim Adeventures of Billy & Mandy (3-4)

Leaving March 31

Legends of the Fall – 1994

(Any excuse to use a Moulin Rouge gif…)

Top 3 Things: Oscar Tears Edition

There were a handful of really emotional moments at the 87th Academy Awards last night. I, like many other viewers watching at home got choked up when Common and John Legend performed their Oscar-winning song “Glory”. After I got myself together (and gave myself a high five for choosing to be a slob all day and not put on make up), I compiled this list.


Here are the Top 3 Criers at the Oscars:


#3 Chris Pine. You have mastered that one glistening tear thing. I bet the camera guy who caught that got a raise.


#2 Lady Gaga and Julie Andrews. Come on. If Julie Andrews gave you a hug, you’d cry too. LOVED that performance!



#1 Me. Every time Benedict Cumberbatch was on screen with his soon to be wife. Sighhhhhhh.

Okay, but seriously. How incredibly cute are they?!


What were some of your fave moments from the Oscars?

Top 3 Things: Honorary GRAMMY Award Edition

Yes, I know. The GRAMMYs were 2 days ago. BUT I wanted to send a friendly reminder to you that there were some shining stars at the award show that did not get to take home an official GRAMMY Award and I think they more than deserve to.


Here are the Top 3 Honorary GRAMMY Awards that I would like to give out:

#3 The award for worst person on the planet based on multiple incidents of extreme terribleness goes to….

#2 The award for hero of mine that KILLED it and showed off some wonderfully artistic expressions goes to…


#1 The award for most majestic ponytail ever goes to…

What other Honorary GRAMMY Awards would YOU give out?

Top 3 Things: Dream-Inducing Edition

I have been on a pretty strict diet for the past month. Last night, I caved and ate an entire bag of Cheetos. Not my proudest moment.




The reason I’m sharing my weakness with you is because I had the craziest sequence of dreams last night! And I think it’s all because of the Cheetos! This thought led me to do more research.


Here are the Top 3 Things you can eat to give you trippy dreams:


#3 Pizza! You’re welcome. You now have a great reason to eat pizza right before bed. (Let’s face it, did you really need a reason?)


#2 Cinnamon. I don’t recommend eating this by the spoonful, but cinnamon has been shown to give people crazy weird and vivid dreams!


#1 British researchers gave 200 people cheese every night for a week before bed. No one had a nightmare but it did affect their dreams. People who ate cheddar dreamt about celebrities. While another British cheese, Red Leicester, sent people back to their schooldays. 


Have you experienced any foods giving you weird or vivid dreams?


Top 3 Things: Birthday Wish Edition

It’s my birthday! More specifically, it’s my golden birthday! I was unaware “golden birthdays” were even a thing until last week, but I’m pretty sure someone said that you are supposed to get EVERYTHING you want on your golden birthday. Right? (Just go with it…)


Here are the Top 3 Things that I would love for my birthday:


#3 All the cake! I’m on a diet right now that prevents me from eating any sugar or white flour. Soooo…cake is 100% off limits. Unless someone has a clever recipe that doesn’t have any of those things in it. Help a sister out! I miss cake.


#2 Come on. You know what I would really love for my birthday….



#1 My heart breaks when I think about our four-legged furry friends out in the cold and sans-snuggles. What I would love more than cake or even more than Benedict Cumberbatch (GASP!) is for everyone to help out our furry friends. The Humane Society of Johnson County has hundreds of cat shelters available. If you’ve noticed some feral or stray cats around your area, go pick up a shelter or two and help them stay warm throughout the rest of this winter.







Please send your gift ATTN to Joanna to the QMIX studios ;)