Top 3 Things: Elevator Etiquette Edition

If you haven’t seen the recent elevator kerfuffle with Queen Beyonce, her sister Solange and Jay-Z, here’s the link. It’s quite rough. No word yet on what is going on. With that said, I’ve thought of some other non-destructive things you can do in an elevator beside get into a Jerry Springer-like fight.


Here are the Top 3 fun things to do in an elevator:


#3 Break out in song or dance. Maybe you’ll inspire others in that small space to join you. Nothing like an impromptu dance party!

#2 Take a random elevator selfie. #LifeIsFullOfUpsAndDowns (Feel free to include random strangers. You can never have too many new friends!)

#1 This! (Don’t forget to give everyone a hug as they get off on their floor!)


What’s some weird behavior that YOU have witnessed in an elevator??

Top 3 Things: Worldly Hangovers Edition

I pride myself on not being a picky eater. I’ll try anything once. I also pride myself on rarely getting hangovers. Then I found this article about hangover cures from around the world and have made the decision that I do draw the line at trying anything…


Here are the Top 3 bizarre hangover cures from around the world:


#3 This.



#2 This…



#1 This?!



What are some crazy hangover cures that you have tried? Would you ever try one of these to get over a hangover? 


PS: I clearly would not do well on Fear Factor

Top 3 Things: ‘The Internet Can Be Cruel’ Edition

I made the healthy life decision to start dieting this week. I wrote out a meal plan, went grocery shopping, the whole 9. The universe decided that it would also be nice to give me a cold the same week. Hooray. 

In other news, I have decided that the Internet is not a good place to be if you are trying to resist delicious food temptations.


Here are the Top 3 Things that are cruel but fun for you fellow diet-ers:


#3 Here’s a ranking of the best restaurant breads. I’ll take all of them, please. 



#2 Here are 14 lyrics that perfectly describe your relationship with pizza. My current relationship status with pizza: on a break. 



#1 Finally! A Buzzfeed quiz that MEANS something! Which Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Are You? Here’s my result. And I want some. Now, would be good. :) 



Share your flavor below!

Top 3 Things: Colds are the Worst Edition

I am officially a wimp when it comes to being sick.

I currently have what I can only imagine is the worst head cold in the known universe and I’ve decided some things.


Here are the Top 3 worst things about having a cold:


#3 Mouth breathing ruins lives. Your tossing and turning all night trying to be able to breathe out of your nose only to fall asleep trying and end up breathing out of your mouth. Then you have a sore throat the next day. Thanks, Cold.


#2 It becomes very hard to speak basic words. You try really hard to enunciate and just end up sounding silly. For example, QMIX dot com becomes QMIX dot com-b. Ugh.


#1 Ya just feel dumb. Or maybe that’s just me. My head feels like it’s not a part of my body and as a result, my brain literally has a mind of it’s own. I almost forgot to put on shoes today. 

Top 3 Things: Spring Cleaning Edition

I truly understand the meaning behind the phrase “Spring Cleaning” now. I got in this weird mood over the weekend to clean, organize and purge. During the process, I discovered some things.


Here are the Top 3 Things you will love about Spring Cleaning:


#3 You may find things that you forgot you had. For me, a pair of jeans that didn’t fit right so I threw them in a bag only to uncover them months and months later. They fit like a dream now! Hooray!



#2 So much nostalgia. Oh the feelings! Being in radio since high school, I’ve collected quite a few CD’s, cassette tapes and flash drives full of the most random of audio tidbits. 



#1 Once you’ve de-cluttered your space, car, mind, etc. you can go out and find more things to fill it up with! 

Top 3 Things: Cinco De Mayo Edition

Today is Cinco de Mayo! 


Here are the Top 3 Things you need to know about Cinco de Mayo:


#3 Today is NOT Mexico’s Independence Day. Cinco de Mayo is a day that is celebrated because of the Battle of Puebla. This is where the Mexican Army defeated the French in 1862 despite being much smaller and ill-equipped. 


#2 Cinco de Mayo has become a holiday celebrated more in the US than in Mexico. In Mexico, the day is observed with political speeches and battle reenactments. In the US, well…



#1 With that said, this is what NOT to do on this historic day…




For more ideas for Cinco de Mayo Do’s and Don’ts, check out this Buzzfeed article

Top 3 Things: ‘QMIX Girly Golf Rocks!’ Edition

Today was my first QMIX Girly Golf experience. It was SO much fun. If you didn’t get a chance to participate this year, please set a reminder now to keep a look out for next year’s registration.


Here are the Top 3 things I loved about this year’s QMIX Girly Golf:


#3 Simply Pottery donated a beautiful platter for all the ladies to decorate. So much creativity! Of course, someone got to take it home at the end of the day. 


#2 Free Ritters. Duh.


#1 New friends! My favorite. :)

Top 3 Things: Napping Is Awesome Edition

Let’s face it. Napping is awesome. There are many great times to nap. But do you have a favorite time to nap? I do! And I’m going to share them with you because maybe they are also your favorite times! Or maybe you never thought to try a nap at that time. I’m just looking out for ya.


Here are my Top 3 favorite times to take a mini-slumber:


#3 During rainy and stormy weather. I find it relaxing. Plus, I want it to go away. My logical brain tells me it will be gone when I wake up and then I can go out and play. 



#2 During nice, cool, sunny weather. Inside. With the windows open. Preferably laying in the sun. Like a cat. (And here are all 3 of my cats displaying said napping style. Ha.)



#1 Right before my show! You listen, so I’m sure you have found the perfect time between work and 8pm to take a quick nap to get rested and ready to hang out with me. Right?? (just nod and smile) ;)