Oh My Pratt!

I always thoroughly enjoy the little extra promo videos that SNL posts for their upcoming shows. This one is my favorites to date. Kate McKinnon is one of my favorite cast members and Chris Pratt is one of my favorite people soooo….check it out.

Top 3 Things: Sweet Pumpkin-y Goodness Edition

Yes. Fall is coming. Yes. That means everything will be flavored with pumpkin for the next few months…at least. Yes. I’ll be consuming ALL OF IT.


Here are the Top 3 Pumpkin-flavored things that you never knew you needed…until now:


#3 Pumpkin bagels…with pumpkin cream cheese



#2 Pumpkin Spice Oreos

Not these…

pumpkin oreos



#1 Pumpkin Butter


What’s your favorite pumpkin-y treat?


Top 3 Things: Gen Con 2014 Edition

Happy Monday! My legs are killing me….


…because GEN CON 2014! Oh my goodness! There are few greater feelings than walking around for hours and hours surrounded by a bunch of people who are just as weird as you are. Love it.


Here are the Top 3 cool things that happened to me at Gen Con:


#3 My eye balls got to see Chewbacca playing a musical instrument. Amazing.



#2 I got to try out a cool new game that involves technology in the coolest way. (Not to mention, I’m really good at it.)

20140817_103744 20140817_110742


#1 I got to be in a Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock Tournament! Yes. I made it to through 3 rounds! Huzzah!



Did you go? Want to go next year? Share with me!


Top 3 Things: Ice Cream Edition

Tonight’s ‘Top 3 Things’ was inspired by a post I saw from Mr. Tim Green last night. Apparently this is a thing?!


I don’t know how I feel about it. BUT! I DO know that I love ice cream!



Here are the Top 3 other fun ice cream things that I’ve found:


#3 You can make perfect homemade ice cream sandwiches with this contraption! Look how pretty! And yummy…


#2 This would be about the only thing to keep me from a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream.



#1 Did you know….that there is a service that will send you gourmet ice cream sandwiches every month?! Now you do! LOOK!


Top 3 Things: Silver Lining Edition

This past weekend, some lovely person (or people) decided to break into my car and steal my purse and my sense of security. Hooray!


BUT here are the Top 3 positive things to come out of this horrific experience:


# I had a handful of my business cards that are now in said thief’s possession. Hopefully they decided to drop them into random free food raffles at my favorite restaurants. That would be the kind thing to do, I think.


#2 In my last blog, I talked about a Toothless stuffed animal gift that I had just gotten from a co-worker. Toothless is gone now. Hopefully he will find some new adventures!



#1 All my family and friends are being really awesome to me during this time of extreme frustration. So that’s nice.

Top 3 Things: Simple Edition

Simple tonight, you guys!

Just like how the simple things in life are the things we need to appreciate most.


Here are the Top 3 simple things that made me smile today:


#3 A gift from a co-worker. It even makes a cute little sound! #Toothless #HowToTrainYourDragon #love



#2 I didn’t know this existed. I’m so glad I know now. Watch and laugh.



#1 This.


Top 3 Things: Cat Lady Edition

So, I really wanted to list my Top 3 favorite things about Guardians of the Galaxy, but I’m terrified of spoiling something for you. Go see it, love it and then come back here sometime next week for an extensive list of all my favorite parts.


Instead, I suppose I’ll talk about cats.


Here are the Top 3 Things that you can do that may just save your life, if you’re a cat owner:


#3 Build your cat some work out equipment. If your kitty is looking a little on the not-skinny side, make sure they have some jungle gym-type stuff to play around on. There are some pretty fantastic DIY instructions out there so no need to buy some expensive cat castle (pictured below for reference).

Buuuut…okay, this would be pretty rad…


#2 Litter-Tub!!! Cheap and much better than your standard little box.



#1 This.

This Music Video.

You guys. This is my favorite thing right now. It has everything I never thought I wanted: track suits, fake mustaches, Kristin Stewart lip-syncing, Brie Larson doing her best boy-dance and Anne Hathaway moving her arm as a clock does when a lyric says, “ticking”. Plus so much more!

Watch for some giggles. :)

…not to mention the song is so rad, I can’t stand it!

Top 3 Things: Elevator Etiquette Edition

If you haven’t seen the recent elevator kerfuffle with Queen Beyonce, her sister Solange and Jay-Z, here’s the link. It’s quite rough. No word yet on what is going on. With that said, I’ve thought of some other non-destructive things you can do in an elevator beside get into a Jerry Springer-like fight.


Here are the Top 3 fun things to do in an elevator:


#3 Break out in song or dance. Maybe you’ll inspire others in that small space to join you. Nothing like an impromptu dance party!

#2 Take a random elevator selfie. #LifeIsFullOfUpsAndDowns (Feel free to include random strangers. You can never have too many new friends!)

#1 This! (Don’t forget to give everyone a hug as they get off on their floor!)


What’s some weird behavior that YOU have witnessed in an elevator??