Top 3 Things: Napping Is Awesome Edition

Let’s face it. Napping is awesome. There are many great times to nap. But do you have a favorite time to nap? I do! And I’m going to share them with you because maybe they are also your favorite times! Or maybe you never thought to try a nap at that time. I’m just looking out for ya.


Here are my Top 3 favorite times to take a mini-slumber:


#3 During rainy and stormy weather. I find it relaxing. Plus, I want it to go away. My logical brain tells me it will be gone when I wake up and then I can go out and play. 



#2 During nice, cool, sunny weather. Inside. With the windows open. Preferably laying in the sun. Like a cat. (And here are all 3 of my cats displaying said napping style. Ha.)



#1 Right before my show! You listen, so I’m sure you have found the perfect time between work and 8pm to take a quick nap to get rested and ready to hang out with me. Right?? (just nod and smile) ;)

Top 3 Things: May Holidays Edition

Hooray for May! Time for summer and cookouts and the Indy 500 and so much more! BUT, let’s not forget about some holidays coming up within the first few weeks of the month.


Here are the Top 3 Holidays coming up in May and fun ways to celebrate them:


#3 Cinco De Mayo! Get a group of friends together and head to a festival to celebrate! Or host a fiesta at home! Just make sure nachos are involved somehow…


#2 Mother’s Day! Get your mom a rad gift this year! We got ya covered. < Once you win it, fill it with other goodies she loves!


#1 Star Wars Day. If you didn’t know, that’s May the 4th. Get it? Celebrate and prepare for Episode VII by having a movie marathon and inviting all of your friends to dress up as their fave character! Feel free to include Spaceballs… ;)

Top 3 Things: Random News Edition

I got in to work tonight and read some pretty crazy things. I feel like you may want to know about them too.


Here are the Top 3 Things that happened:


#3 Select 7-Eleven’s will be serving a spicy mango flavored Slurpee. Those people over at 7-Eleven are geniuses. Because they are going to sell those like crazy just because people want to know what the heck it tastes like…


#2 The University of South Florida is banning ‘selfies’ during this year’s graduation ceremony. AND they are holding diplomas for anyone who is caught. Ha. 


#1 35 tons of Little Debbie snack cakes were destroyed on Friday after a tractor trailer overturned on I-75 in Georgia. 

Top 3 Things: Skinny Jeans Edition

Whoever invited skinny jeans is evil. They are way too much trouble for very little pay off. The worst.


Here are the Top 3 reasons why skinny jeans are awful:


#3 You can’t fit anything in the pockets comfortably. Emphasis on the word comfortably. Phone? Forget it. Keys? Ouch.


#2 Can we talk about the journey you have to go on just to FIND a pair that fit right? Ugh. Forget it.


#1 Don’t you dare wash them ever! 


I’ll just stick with sweat pants, thank you very much. :)

Top 3 Things: Summer Movies Edition

This summer is going to be so fantastic movie-wise!

I obviously couldn’t name only 3 movies that I’m looking forward to this summer, so instead I’m giving you my Top 3 for each month! 

 (Click the links for all the available trailers and/or movie clips!)

Here are the Top 3 movies to look forward to in May 2014:

#3 Maleficent (May 30th)

#2 X-MEN: Days of Future Past (May 23rd)

#1 The Amazing Spiderman 2 (May 2nd)


Here are the Top 3 movies to look forward to in June 2014:

#3 22 Jump Street (June 13th)

#2 They Came Together (June 27th)

#1 How to Train Your Dragon 2 (June 13th)


Here are the Top 3 movies to look forward to in July 2014:

#3 Tammy (July 2nd)

#2 The Purge: Anarchy (July 18th)

#1 Wish I Was Here (July 18th)


Here are the Top 3 movies to look forward to in August 2014:

Honorable Mention to Lucy (Aug. 8th)

#3 Let’s Be Cops (Aug. 13th)

#2 The Giver (Aug. 15th)

#1 Guardians of the Galaxy ( Aug. 1st)




Which ones are YOU looking forward to?


Top 3 Things: Online Dating Edition

If you’re single, odds are you’re trying out some online dating arenas. If you’re not, and thinking about trying it out, I have some tips for you. 


Here are the Top 3 tips for online dating: (Let’s face it, they’re all mainly about avoiding phonies…)


#3 It’s okay to slightly investigate the person. If you try to do a Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. search of the person of interest and you can’t find ANYTHING…


#2 You can Google search an image just like you search anything else. If nothing comes up…or 6 different Facebook profiles come up…


#1 Make sure to get specifics. If this person keeps answering and talking to you in very vague responses…

Top 3 Things: Earth Day Edition

In my opinion, EVERY DAY should be Earth Day. Who’s with me???


Here are the Top 3 easy ways you can regularly contribute to the health of our beautiful Earth planet:


#3 Plant a tree! 


#2 Volunteer. All the time. As much as you can. If you need ideas, check out the EPA’s website! The Earth will feel better and you’ll feel good that you helped make that happen.


#1 Skip a shower every once in awhile. I know, ew right? But did you know that every 10 minute shower you take uses 50 gallons of water?! To relax in a nice bath uses 70 gallons! Go semi-stinky for a day! I promise I’ll still be your friend. Considering water shortages in some parts of the world, it is a small price to pay. 


How did you celebrate Earth Day?

Top 3 Things: Sneezing Edition

Hello Spring! Beside the obvious weather change, the reason I know Spring is officially here is that my news feeds on Facebook and Twitter are full of the woes of the dreaded allergies! So, I thought I’d gear tonight’s list toward that whole mess.


Here are the Top 3 Things you didn’t know about sneezing:


#3 Closing your eyes while you sneeze is an involuntary reflex. And no, if you sneeze with your eyes open, they won’t pop out of your head. Apparently that’s a thing…?


#2 Why do we sneeze? It’s been compared by researchers to rebooting your computer. Sometimes, your nose just can’t handle life and needs to be reset. 


#1 The fun guys at Mythbusters tested how fast sneezes can travel and recorded theirs at 35 miles per hour. Hmmm.

Top 3 Things: Easter Edition

Easter is my favorite holiday! Most people get real confused when I say that. But it’s true! 

And here are the Top 3 reasons why Easter is the bomb:


#3 Egg-shapped food and candy! Everything from deviled eggs to the candy to Jello eggs! AND I just found egg-shaped popsicles?! Good job, America!


#2 Easter egg hunts! Planning them or partaking in them, super fun! It’s like Halloween, except you have to work for it…


#1 All the time you get to spend with family and friends. Not to mention putting on your Sunday best for church as I clearly loved when I was younger. Check out that little weirdo on the left…


Happy Easter weekend!! 


Top 5 Things: Famous Proms Edition

Yes. You read that right. Top 5 Things. I’ve been getting mentally prepared for CAP Adult Prom and that made me think about the greatest TV and movie proms. Once I started to remember my faves, I couldn’t possibly narrow my list down to just 3.

But Joanna! This is madness! You can’t just throw rules out the window like that! 

Maybe not. But it’s happening!


Here are the Top 5 most memorable TV/Movie Proms:


With Honorable Mention going to She’s All That. Thank you, Usher. 


#5 Friends. The Ross look. Nailed it. 


#4 10 Things I Hate About You. Check out little JGL. Ha. 


#3 Mean Girls. ::Breaks Crown:: GASP!


#2 Never Been Kissed. The theme, the romance, the dog food.


#1 BUFFY! Prom werewolves and Buffy gets the “Thanks” she deserves. And then some Angel. Feelings.


What are some of your favorite Prom moments in TV or movies?