Wine Lovers! This will change your life!

I’ve seen this video circle around Facebook, but I finally watched it. 


This guy opens a wine bottle without a corkscrew! It’s awesome!




This is good to know especially right before the D’vine Winter Wine and Beer Festival! Although I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of corkscrews at the Commons and this process won’t be necessary…but it’s still good to know!




If you don’t have your tickets yet make sure you get them soon!


Dear Comic Sans…GO AWAY!

(Warning: Graphic Designer Rant Ahead. Read at your own risk.)

This is why Buzzfeed and I are best friends…because I find articles like this that make me scream “PREACH IT SISTER!!!”

This is also a memo to everyone over the age of 12 that uses Comic Sans font.


It’s the number one way to strip whatever message you are trying to get across of all it’s decency and validity. 

The only legitimate reason I’ve ever used Comic Sans in my design work is for a cartoon talk bubble. Even then I only used it because I couldn’t find the super cool comic font and it was the closest thing I could come to. So unless you are a comic strip artist (like the name suggests)…stop. 

Still need a fun font? just google “free fonts” and you will come up with several sites where you can download some sweet fonts that will probably better match your message. 

Still need proof as to why you need to stop using Comic Sans? See this wonderful Buzzfeed article below…

Proof That Comic Sans Ruins Everything

Nothing like taking an iconic sign and making it just a little bit fancier.


Nothing like taking an iconic sign and making it just a little bit fancier.

Or enhancing a historical newspaper with the charm of Comic Sans.


Or enhancing a historical newspaper with the charm of Comic Sans.

This classic recruitment poster definitely becomes more compelling with the addition of Comic Sans.


This classic recruitment poster definitely becomes more compelling with the addition of Comic Sans.

Maybe Comic Sans is just looking to add a little diversity to this Helvetica poster.


Maybe Comic Sans is just looking to add a little diversity to this Helvetica poster.

Or is helping a classic brand to update its logo.


Or is helping a classic brand to update its logo.

Because, really, Comic Sans helps Rolex look a little more high-end.


Because, really, Comic Sans helps Rolex look a little more high-end.

And last, but certainly not least, clearly George Lucas meant to use Comic Sans for the opening of Star Wars.


And last, but certainly not least, clearly George Lucas meant to use Comic Sans for the opening of Star Wars.

People’s Choice Awards 2014 Fashion

So the People’s Choice Awards were on last night…and I did not watch them at all. 



BUT that’s ok! Because the main reason I love award shows is the fashion and everyone usually posts photos of it the next day anyway, so we are good to go! 


So- based solely on the pictures floating around the web (and mainly this buzzfeed article) I would like to give out some awards of my own! 


Lets start with the easy ones- SB’s favorite dress award goes to…

peoples choice favs

I can never pick just one. I think these ladies got it. People’s Choice Awards aren’t the Oscars, but it’s one of the few award shows we get to choose. So thanks for being tasteful, fun, and honoring of what our opinion means to you ladies! Plus you have to give mad props to Britney for looking so great. 


The next Award is for the actress who in trying to update her look ended up copying another famous person’s look. This award goes to….Naya Rivera looking like Jennifer Lopez!

Naya and J lo

Not that this is a bad thing at all, I just couldn’t believe how much they looked alike after a hair color change!


Our next award is for the ladies who forgot where they were going or had assistants who told them they were going to a garden party, church, high tea, or just accidentally pulled something from the Mother of the Bride section (Anna Farris)


Really? You are wearing that? I love you ladies, but come on!


This award is my favorite, because it happens every awards show…I’ll call it the “Project Runway” award…in that these dresses look like they came from that designer that was working til the last second finishing the dress and ended up sewing them in the dress…


Between the extra fabric, weird folds, and a horrible fit, these ladies have done a lot better. 


Now on to the “Janet Jackson Award”…another favorite amongst award shows, well at least for the men that are forced to watch the shows with their significant other. This category contains ladies who daringly choose THAT dress that always bears a little too much and is a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. 

peoples choice fall out

How can these ladies focus? I would be praying the whole time that my hollywood chest tape would never lose it’s stickiness throughout the evening. 


And finally- the “NOPE- go home and change” Award. Pretty self explanatory. 

people choice nope


Now I will say these comments in no way reflect on my feelings for each of these actresses/artists. I love a lot of these ladies and all their works. I just think they may need to rethink a few of their stylist’s ideas

Plus, there is plenty of awards season left…so lets hope they make better choices as the season goes on.


Next up… GOLDEN GLOBES! With my two favorite ladies!!!

I WILL be watching this award show :).


What did you think of the fashion from last night?

I’m Running….JOIN ME!

So a few blogs ago I announced that I am participating in the Indy Mini Marathon on May 3rd this year as part of my goal to run more than one half marathon in 2014.

Mini Logo Choice

I am so excited for this opportunity! 

So excited…I would love for you to join me… for FREE!


I have a registration spot to give away for the Indy Mini Marathon! If you are planning on running the race but haven’t signed up yet, fill out the form below (or here if it’s not showing up below) before next Tuesday, January 14th at 5pm and I will announce a winner next Wednesday! 

For more information about the Indy Mini Marathon, check out

If for some reason I don’t come into work one day…

It’s because I sold my original American Girl Doll collection on eBay for booku bucks and I don’t need to work anymore!

OK- I doubt that will ever happen…but according to Buzzfeed, if you have one of the original American Girl dolls (and most ’90s girls had one or several or had friends that had one or several) you could be sitting on a goldmine! 

Here are some of the stats that Buzzfeed is throwing out there….

Here is a Kirsten doll plus seven other outfits and accompanying accessories, plus bed and trunk: $2,199.99


Here is a Kirsten doll plus seven other outfits and accompanying accessories, plus bed and trunk: $2,199.99

OK, so you get quite a lot of the Kirsten line in this package, but the doll is listed as being in “fair” condition. The price for a Kirsten doll with a paperback book in 1991 was $82.

Felicity doll with four outfits, plus six books: $700


Felicity doll with four outfits, plus six books: $700

The original cost of this lot would have been somewhere around $200.

Here’s a Samantha doll (condition listed as “used”) priced at $599 — she comes with several outfits and accessories.

And my favorite doll Molly…. Who was MY first AG doll:

Here’s a rather pricey listing — a Molly doll (she’s in a doll hospital outfit here), but she comes with her a decent chunk of Molly’s line: $4,958.


So this actually comes with a TON of stuff, but it’s still a collection that has appreciated in value…

I added up all the items included in the Molly eBay listing above…


I added up all the items included in the Molly eBay listing above...

Using this American Girl wiki, it looks like the original retail cost of all this stuff was somewhere just north of $1,000.


This is crazy! I’m sure there’s a huge price difference too between the original Pleasant Company products and Mattel made products too. 

So the question…would I ever give my collection up?

Sorry mom…. probably not. 

So do you (or your daughter) have an American Girl Doll or dolls? If so would you consider cashing in on them?

-Sara Beth :)

Need some heat?

So this is a pretty sweet way to heat your space on the cheap! And seriously, you probably have most of these items around the house.

If not, your neighbors might. Note that I am not suggesting to run out to Lowe’s because that requires you getting in your car and driving somewhere today. As cool as this project is, it is not worth going out and risking a slide-off or whatnot. When things clear up I give you permission to make this happen. 

OK- back to this cool heater…it’s pretty much 4 tea lights, a metal loaf pan, two flower pots that fit inside each other, and something to cover the hole of the first flower pot (hard to make out what it is exactly in the video, but I’m sure something that won’t burst into flames will work.)

Here is the video of the guy putting this together:

And here’s the original article I found (I love my friends on Facebook). I’ll let you read that and explain the science behind it because when it comes to me explaining science-y things I confuse myself and turn into Penny from The Big Bang Theory

Probably depending on the size of space you are trying to heat you would need a few here and there for larger spaces.

And since my husband is a volunteer fireman I am required by law (not really, just highly encouraged) to remind you that this IS an open flame so make sure you don’t leave it unattended. 

I can’t wait to try this! Would you give this heater a shot?

Remember that one time I did the 10 week Challenge at Farrells?

Farrell's-10-week-giveawayWant to experience the Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping 10 Week Challenge for FREE? Fill out the form below!

We are giving away a 10 week challenge spot for the session starting January 11th! Enter below before January 7th, and I will announce a winner during the QMIX 90′s at Noon Wednesday January 8th!  

Good Luck!



I said Brrrrr!

Who’s ready for all this wonderful snow this weekend?

I am actually quite excited for it! Mainly because a.) it’s coming on a weekend so I don’t have to worry about having to get to work, and b.) it’s January- when it’s supposed to snow! I tend to get angry when it snows after February 28th. 

I know several people will be taking time today and tomorrow to “prepare:” aka- buy out all the milk, eggs, and bread at grocery stores (seriously- where is this grand french toast party held when it snows and how can I get invited? :) ) But below is another list to consider when preparing for snow and chilly temperatures.

At Home:

- Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to piping under sinks and vanities near exterior walls

- run a small trickle of water from hot and cold faucets during extreme cold (keep from freezing)

- keep exterior doors to unheated spaces closed as much as possible (duh! It’s cold out there! haha)

- Bring your pets inside! Even if it’s just the garage. Temperatures are low enough to be life threatening for them too.

- Make sure your car battery still has plenty of life left (if you think it’s on it’s way out then you may want to have a new one ready to go)


- have extra blankets, bottled water, and some granola/power bars on hand, and make sure your cell phone is completely charged before leaving. 

-alert family and friends when you are leaving and when you are expecting to arrive at your destination.

-also have a small shovel and a small bag of kitty litter in your vehicle in case of a slide off. 

For more winter safety tips, Columbus Township Fire Department has a very extensive and helpful list. Check it out HERE.

Stay safe and enjoy the SNOW!

Stop drinking diet soda…

Ever since 2011 (the year I got married:) ) I’ve severely cut back on drinking soda of any kind.


There was a point in time where I would avoid the stuff completely, but now I only have a soda every now and again if it seems appropriate for the occasion (aka: I’m at Zaharako’s, Zwanzigz Pizza, a foreign country where it’s made with real sugar, or my in-laws house that has well water.)

Ever since then, I’ve been preaching how much I saw a change in my energy level when I gave it up. I figured it’s probably better for my body anyway, and will probably see those benefits later in life. 

SO if your goal for 2014 is to give up soda, especially diet soda…here is a link to some extra motivation for you…

True, this slide show is focused more on diet soda, but regular soda is not helping your body either when consumed in polar-pop quantities. 

Here’s to making 2014 a healthy lifestyle year!

My 2014 Goal…at least one of them…

2013 was a great year for me…sure it had it’s ups and downs, but what year doesn’t?

But I can honestly say that I am one of the 8% of people that achieved his/her New Year’s Resolution for 2013…and that was to finish the Half Marathon at the Mill Race Marathon. 

My Husband and I finishing the Mill Race Half Marathon!

So…what’s a girl to do in 2014 after accomplishing such a great goal in 2013?

Do it again….and again….

YUP! I have devoted 2014 to running and making it a habit I don’t want to quit. So I am planning on running at least 2 half marathons this year (the second being MRM again), and I’m already signed up and ready for the first….

Mini Logo Choice

I am SUPER EXCITED for the opportunity to run the Indy Mini Marathon! I’ve heard so many great things about the atmosphere of this race…I can’t wait! Well I can wait because I still need to train, but you know what I mean… :)


Now one would think that since I already have a half Marathon under my belt that a second one would be easier right? Yeah that is wrong thinking. Sure there is a bit more confidence that I can finish it, but there is a whole new round of nerves that I will be dealing with going into this training…

First- It’s the Indy Mini- Nothing Mini about it: The nations LARGEST Mini Marathon! 35,000 run/walk this! The great thing about the Mill Race Marathon was that even though it was a spectacular and fairly large event for Columbus, it still had a “small” vibe to it. The crowd size scares me quite a bit.

Second- runner’s knee: I went into training for the MRM with a clean bill of health. I never had problems with joints or anything of the sort before. Now…it’s something that concerns me. Thanks to Farrell’s and it’s awesome strength training program I do feel better about starting out, but it’s something that will always be on my mind. 

Third- Training in the Cold: Yes, I dreamed of cooler temperatures when training for the MRM in the ridiculous heat. But I’m pretty sure Danny Fisher still remembers me whining in February when I took his Road Warriors class. (I HIGHLY recommend this class and I may take it again, Danny is a rockstar! But I was a naive young runner who didn’t understand running.)

I’m sure there is more that I can stress over, but I think those are my 3 biggest hurdles to get over for the Indy Mini. But as I learned last year, there will always be something in the way, but I have to push through it, and there is something amazing about the weight of that finisher medal around your neck :). 

Don Lovins (Our Business Manager/Accountant/Funny Guy) and I with our Finishing Medals from the MRM- Don completed the Full- he’s crazier than I am!

SO- are you interested in participating in the Indy Mini? If your answer is DEFINITELY YES! Then sign up RIGHT NOW at

OR…if you can wear your patience panties just a little longer…there may be an opportunity for you to run it FOR FREE…. Stay tuned!