Polar Opposites… When is Christmas Too Early?

This is a very polarizing commentary, but I want to hear your reactions/comments/thoughts. Why is it so wrong to want to start celebrating Christmas early? Now hear me out.

Christmas brings out the best in people. People are more generous at Christmastime. People are generally in better moods. I worked retail. I know this for a fact.

Christmas means traditions. That one special ornament on the tree. Meeting at your aunt’s on Christmas Eve for family get togethers. Going on a drive to see Christmas lights. Making Christmas cookies using your grandma’s recipes. Bell ringing. Setting up the nativity scene. Getting that ONE stocking stuffer that’s been a gag gift every year since you can remember. Christmas service at church.

Speaking of food. Cookies. Fudge. Ham. Wassail. Sweet Potatoes. Cranberry Sauce. Turkey. Fruit Cake.

Those special moments. Sitting in the living room, with the other lights off, staring at the Christmas tree. Grabbing a cup of eggnog and watching “White Christmas” or “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” on TV. Passing someone on the street and saying Merry Christmas with a smile, and them saying it back. A fresh snow.

As we get older, families grow, and people move away, the Magic of Christmas changes to the Stress of Christmas. I get that. I live in the same world you do. But instead of harping on others who want to start those Christmas memories and feelings early, can we not try to recall the feeling you got when you were six or seven, running down the stairs on Christmas morning, and seeing what Santa brought? Or waiting with anticipation as you wait for your significant other to open that one special gift you gave them?

Maybe then, you can start remembering that the magic is better than anything else during this time, and then maybe, the disdain of the Holiday Season will transform. Or if you can’t let the magic back in your heart, try volunteering for a charity. Ring a bell. Buy an angel off a tree. And let those that enjoy the Christmas season enjoy it without hearing your Grinchiness.



What are your thoughts? We wanna hear them too! How soon is too soon for Christmas?

Hocus Pocus 2?

Brittany gave me a GREAT surprise this morning on the #QWakeUpCrew:


Bette Midler has always said making Hocus Pocus was her favorite film. AND SHE WANTS TO DO IT AGAIN!


From the Buzzfeed article found here:

During a recent Reddit AMA to promote her new album, Bette Midler was repeatedly asked about Hocus Pocus — Walt Disney’s beloved 1993 movie about a trio of evil sister witches who are brought back from the dead and set out to drink the youth from Salem’s children and perform a seriously catchy pop number.

Well, after the AMA concluded, Midler leaned into that suggestion by updating her bio at the top of the page with this: “Inundate the Disney company, because I have canvassed the girls and they are wiling to do it, but we have no say in it, so if you want a HOCUS POCUS 2, ask the Walt Disney company. You have been SO adorable. This has been most enlightening. SISTAHS!”

You know what that means, right?

Bette Midler, SJP, And Kathy Najimy Want To Make A "Hocus Pocus" Sequel

Walt Disney

It means that the most daunting hurdle — convincing Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy to reprise their roles as the Sanderson sisters — has long passed.

When reached by BuzzFeed News, a rep for Disney had no comment. But while the company has never indicated interest in a Hocus Pocus sequel, if the fans can make enough noise, there’s always a possibility that Hocus Pocus 2: The Dawn of the Rise of Thackery Binx (working title based on Hollywood’s recent habit of saddling sequels with unnecessary verbiage) could actually become a reality. And that’s enough hope to get us through at least one more Halloween.


Najimy wrote in an email to BuzzFeed News, “I have read Bette’s quote and I agree.
The outpouring of love from Hocus-ites has been astounding. The creativity of their Sanderson sisters costumes, posters, artwork, t-shirts, statues, TV stills, photos, compliments and line quotes have blown up social media and I want them to know … We see and appreciate it all. When a film is being shot, you never quite know the impact.. If it’ll be a hit or a miss, and..with this one … we hear y’all loud and clear!
A sequel is totally in The Disney company’s hands — And it will be exciting to see what transpires!”

Meanwhile, in response to a Tweet from BuzzFeed News’ Jarett Wieselman asking about her interest in returning, Sarah Jessica Parker wrote, “Yep. I’m in.”




There are now “DEWitos”

Mountain Dew Doritos


It’s definitely no joke: According to Reddit user and Kent University freshmanSteve Barnes, the company was handing out sample cups of the Dewritos flavor on campus, which Barnes called “the weirdest thing I’ve ever drunken” and that the Doritos flavor lingered at the end.  “It honestly wasn’t too disgusting … it just had a really strong Doritos aftertaste which was odd. It was like … if you shoved a handful of Doritos in your mouth and chugged some [Mountain] Dew at the same time. Not that I’ve ever done that,” he wrote.

View image on Twitter

According to Barnes, the company was also handing out other flavors such as lemon-ginger (he called it “ok but it just tasted like ginger ale”), mango habanero and rainbow sherbet, “which tasted like medicine.”

Read more of the PEOPLE Magazine article here.

Really, Discovery Channel?

Discovery is ready to feed a man to an anaconda for Eaten Alive. The network released two promos for the special, which will see wildlife expert Paul Rosolie go into the belly of the beast. But not to worry, he’ll be wearing a protective suit (as showcased in one of the videos below), which will allow him to come out unharmed.





A Singing Nun

The TV show, “The Voice” has been reproduced in several countries across the globe, and recently on “The Voice Italy,” a singing nun has been making some noise.


Sister Cristina can work. it. out.





And she won!!!


Also, this is her first single….