New Freddie Mercury? It Could Happen!


We could be hearing more Freddie Mercury? And a “sequel” to “We Will Rock You?” Yes, Please!




Queen guitarist Brian May revealed plans for a new Queen album featuring unreleased Freddie Mercury vocals from the Eighties. “I’ve just been doing something very similar because we found a few more tracks with Freddie singing and all of us playing and they’re quite beautiful. People will be hearing this work toward the end of the year.”


Freddie Mercury of Queen performs


Asked what his favorite Queen song ever recorded was, May said the answer changes every time, but “my favorite at the moment is ‘Made in Heaven,’ which was never a single but it’s the title track off the [1995] album we made after Freddie was gone with all the pieces that were left.


May revealed the album will “probably” be called Queen Forever, with the material primarily taken from the Eighties “when we were in full flight.” “It’s a compilation but it will have this new material on which nobody in the world has ever heard and I think people will really enjoy it,” said the guitarist. “It’s the big, big epic sound. It wouldn’t have been if we hadn’t have done this restoration job. We only had scraps, but knowing how it would’ve happened had we finished it, I can sit there and make it happen with modern technology.”



The guitarist also admitted that he has “secretly and quietly workshopped” a follow-up to We Will Rock You, the wildly successful musical based on the band’s songs. “We are working on a sequel, yes,” said May. “In fact, we’ve already very secretly and quietly workshopped, which means you stand it up and get people to sing it and act it. Everybody loved it, so we’re looking for a theatre and we hope to have a sequel out there at some point. More than this, I cannot say. It’s a little naughtier than the first one.” We Will Rock You author Ben Elton will return for the sequel.



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Didja Know That?


12 Enjoyable Names for Relatively Common Things




1. The plastic table-like item found in pizza boxes is called a box tent and was patented in 1983. Most people in the biz now call it a pizza saver. Meanwhile, whomever “invented” this, is probably a billionaire, and that is not fair…..



2. Ever look at a familiar word for so long that it starts to look—and sound—completely strange? That feeling of seeing something for the first time, even though there’s nothing new about it, is called jamais vu. Oh, I see what you did there…. Ha!





3. Paresthesia is that tingling sensation when your foot falls asleep. Needles. I call it needles.



4. The string of typographical symbols comic strips use to indicate profanity (“$%@!”) is called a grawlix. Apparently, this is a thing. Google it.





5. The small, triangular pink bump on the inside corner of each eye is called the caruncula. It contains sweat and oil glands that produce rheum, also known as “eye crispies,” “sleep,” and “tear rocks.” I’m totally using this in everyday conversation. “Hey…you got a little rheum in your caruncula.” Let the weird stares begin. 



6. Another word for playful banter is badinage.



I know must apologize for the next picture. Especially is you suffer from Ophidiophobia. 










7. What do you call a group of rattlesnakes? A rhumba.



8. To waste time by being lazy is to dringle. So maybe it should be called “DringleBook.”



Getty Images



9.  An agraffe is the wire cage that keeps the cork in a bottle of champagne. Tell all your classy friends! Who knew?!



10. Those back flaps on a bra are called wings. Why aren’t they just called “back flaps?” And I guess I have no idea what they’re talking about here. There are back flaps on bras? What is the purpose? Help?!





11. A single slice of bacon is called a rasher. More importantly, why do we need this word. Who eats just a rasher? I want to know what like 5 pieces of bacon are called. I blame the Brits.



12. The web between your thumb and forefinger is called the purlicue (and is pronounced just like “curlicue”). Acupuncturists say pinching it will make headaches go away. This actually works and you should try it!



What are some of your favorite extra ordinary/extraordinary words?




Meet “Happy” the CREEPY new Happy Meal Mascot



Meet the NEW McDonald’s characters. A couple weeks ago, we met the new Ronald.




Now… meet the new Happy Meal mascot. His name is “Happy.”



Yup. I, too, think his name should be “Creepy.”


Look at those EYES!



Look at that MOUTH!



Weird… Maybe they’re trying to capitalize on the “Minion” phenomena from the Despicable Me movies…?





Why do I care? Because these characters were part of my child hood and I don’t like change…. 






Brad Pitt is one cool dude!




Matthew McConaughey was in New Orleans when his family started pointing in the direction across the street and he wondered why.

Matthew McConaughey was in New Orleans when his family started pointing in the direction across the street and he wondered why.

Splash News

Oh. That’s because BRAD PITT was standing on the balcony across from them.

Oh. That's because BRAD PITT was standing on the balcony across from them.

Soul Brother / Splash News

Just two normal dudes.

Just two normal dudes.

Soul Brother / Splash News

Chit-chatting from across the way, as two normal guys who aren’t anything but normal do.

Chit-chatting from across the way, as two normal guys who aren't anything but normal do.

Splash News

But then Brad thought Matthew might be thirsty. So, he threw him a beer.

But then Brad thought Matthew might be thirsty. So, he threw him a beer.

Fameflynet Pictures

Oh yeah, he threw that beer.

Oh yeah, he threw that beer.

Fameflynet Pictures

And then Matthew enjoyed that beer (see, beer in hand). Oh yeah and Drew Brees was there too.

And then Matthew enjoyed that beer (see, beer in hand). Oh yeah and Drew Brees was there too.


Build Your Own Coke…?



Yesterday I was searching iFunny as I often do in the afternoons and I came across this picture….


build your own pack coke machine






You can build your own Coke packs? You choose your carrier. Select your favorite brands. And fill ‘er up with 12 cans! You mean I can have like, 2 cans of Sprite, 2 cans of Coke, 2 cans of diet, 2 cans of Root Beer, 2 cans of Cherry Coke, and 2 cans of Vanilla Coke? VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE!




This morning, I immediately went to the interwebs to see if it were true. Because, apparently, not everything on the internet is true. 



What Did You Say?



I know, it’s sad. I searched Google. I searched the Coca-Cola website. There was nothing available for this machine. I think it’s a fake picture. 



Insert BIGGEST SIGH OF MY LIFE!!!! Dear Coke. Can we make this happen. Would you partake in the “Build Your Own Coke Machine?” Do you feel my same feels?




Many Eyes on the NFL Draft




In case you missed it [by living under a rock], the NFL Draft happened. Now, I am not into football. You can blame me not coming from a big school. We didn’t have football at CHS. [I know, I know...that's a whole other blog...]




Many people were talking about Johnny Manziel, AKA “Johnny Football.” He was the Heisman trophy winner and thought a strong pick for the draft. He eventually went to the Browns. Cleveland Browns.






More importantly, the NFL made a step in the right direction, but choosing to draft Michael Sam. Remember when Sam came out as openly gay? 



We was waiting patiently as a 7th Round Pick. He also happened to be waiting with his boyfriend, Vito.



And then the networks started playing his video. The video of when he got the news that the St. Louis Rams wanted him to play on their team. Not because he was gay. But because he plays football. That’s it. He’s a footballer and it shouldn’t matter about his private life.


”The definition of masculinity shifted today, whether consciously or not, because during the hyper-masculine NFL draft, a man kissed another man on national television. The NFL and the media are expanding everyone’s consciousness,” said Wade Davis, a former NFL player who is the executive director of You Can Play Project, an advocacy group aimed at getting homophobia out of sports.

To write off negative reaction as bigotry is to oversimplify it, Davis said.

”People are used to seeing two people being intimate during the NFL draft. Just not these two people,” said Davis, who is gay. ”It’s not necessarily people being homophobic. I think people push back naturally because it’s so much out of the norm.”

Sam’s embrace of Cammisano was instinctive, not a plotted-out statement, said Howard Bragman, the vice chairman of and public relations expert has been working with Sam.


Thanks, Michael for being brave. Thanks, ESPN for being brave. Thanks, St. Louis Rams for recognizing talent. 


Here’s the whole video from ESPN of Michael Sam being overcome with joy with his friends, family, and loved ones, while his dream of playing in the NFL was fulfilled.