Halloween Fun all October!



Submit your Fall / Halloween events to your BOO-MMUNITY calendar and they will be added to this list!
http://www.qmix.com/community-calendar/       http://www.korncountry.com/ccalendar/


Trick or Treat Times:


Columbus 5pm – 8pm
Bloomington5:30pm – 8:30pm
Edinburgh6pm – 8pm
Greensburg5pm – 8pm
Hope6pm – 8pm
North Vernon5:30pm – 7:30pm
Seymour 6pm – 8pm


Haunted Houses


Nightmare on Edgewood – Indianapolis


Hanna Haunted Acres – Indianapolis


Haunted Angelus House – Indianapolis


Franklin Fall Activities – Franklin


When Darkness Falls – Columbus


E-Town Terror – Elizabethtown


Fear Fair – Seymour


Cedar Rock Haunted Trail and Scarefest – Morgantown


Family Activities


Night of a Thousand Jacks – Columbus


Downtown Trick or Treat  - Seymour Main Street – (Night of the Lions Costume Parade)
October 27th 4-6pm



Trunk or Treat Locations


Eastside Community Center
October 31    5:00 – 8:00 pm.
421 McClure Rd
Columbus, IN 47201




Bartholomew Pumpkin Company - pumpkins
10640 E 100 S, Columbus, IN. Phone: 812-579-5198


Bush’s Market - pumpkins
7301 E 25th Street, Columbus, IN. Phone: 812-379-9077


Elsbury’s Greenhouses - pumpkins
SR 9, Hope, Columbus, IN. Phone: 812-546-4454


Hackman’s Farm Market - pumpkins
6040 E State Street, Columbus, IN. Phone: 812-376-6345


Nienaber’s Farm Market - pumpkins
6970 W SR 46, Columbus, IN. Phone: 812-342-6187.


Sand Creek Berry Farm - Pumpkins
400 S, Columbus, IN 47202. Phone: 812-536-4155. Directions: Junction of 400 S and 250 E, just north of Mineral Springs Subdivision.  Call ahead for hours and availability.


Simmons Winery & Farm Market - pumpkins
8111 E 450 N, Columbus, IN. Phone: 812-546-0091.


Whipkers Market and Greenhouse - pumpkins, and during the festival weekends: hayrides, corn maze, pony rides
5190 S. US 31 Columbus, IN 47201 , Columbus, IN 47201. Phone: (812)372-4216. Email: doug@whipkersmarket.com .


Do you absolutely LOVE your Halloween Costume this year? Show us! Submit it in the form below or click HERE. Our favorites will be posted on the QMIX Facebook page! Who knows…you may even win something from it!


Happenin’ Apps Happy Hour at 4pm!


Join us starting at 4:00 pm on QMIX 107.3 for Jordy McTaggart’s Happenin’ Apps Happy Hour! Brent Lee will get you ready for that time of day we all look forward to! Listen everyday, because who knows? You could score a Jordy’s Gift Card just for listening.

Fun Facts about Jordy McTaggart’s Pub and Grill:

  • Live Music every Friday and Saturday Night
  • $5 Appetizers from 4-6pm and 9pm to close
  • New lunch menu: quick, delicious, and all under $10.
  • 24 Beers on tap- guaranteed coldest beer in town!

Hope to see you there!

Joanna’s Top 3 – Fun Things Edition

January is over (for the most part), so let’s talk about February! More specifically, the first week of February. SO many fun things to look forward to, so I thought I’d highlight some super special things that you should know about, if you don’t already. 


So here are the Top 3 fun things coming up that you need to be a part of: (These really all should be ranked #1, but for sake of uniformity, we’ll stick to 3, 2 and 1.) ;)


#3 A Taste of Chocolate. The Columbus Service League hosts this delicious event every year. For all the event details, CLICK HERE




#2 Empty Bowls Dinner A great event for a great cause. Check out full event details, HERE



#1 THE SUPERBOWL. duh. Sports, food and hilarious commercials. #excited


Plan to attend/partake in any of these events? Let us know!

Paramore Breaking Records

Paramore is having tons of fun in their new “Ain’t It Fun” video! Apparently, they had a different music video filmed and scrapped it. Thank goodness, because this one is awesome! They break 10 Guinness World records including fastest time to smash 30 clocks with guitars, most vinyl records broken in one minute, fastest time to unwrap a mummy and more! Check it out!

Joanna’s Top 3: Celebrity BFF Edition

What if someone said to you, “Hey, you’re going to get some new best friends, but you have to pick a celebrity.” Would you say no? I wouldn’t! In fact, I couldn’t narrow my choices down for this completely hypothetical situation that will never happen! (This is the type of random thing I think about all day…)

So here are the Top 3 female celebrities that I want to be my BFF: 


#3 Jennifer Lawrence. Obviously. She’s super down to earth, hilarious and shares my love for food. 


#2 Anna Kendrick. Her sarcastic wit and musical talent entertains me. She’s also such a goof ball.


#1 Amy Adams. I love her. She could be my BFF and my hair mentor.




Who would you pick for your celebrity BFFS?

Joanna’s Top 3 – Birthday Party Edition

My birthday is coming up in a few days and I’m at that age where, as much as I would like to, it is no longer appropriate to have a birthday party that involves cute comic book invitations and cheap party favors. As I’m thinking about how I actually want to celebrate with friends and family, I am also trying to stay aware of money and such. 


So, here are the Top 3 birthday party ideas for someone who shouldn’t have a dress up princess party anymore: (these are also in order from most to least expensive)


#3 Buy tickets to somewhere you’ve dreamed of going. It’s always a good idea to be more adventurous (especially as you get closer to getting over that hill). Plan a road trip for yourself, buy a plane ticket to go visit your sister in Germany, or even splurge on tickets to a concert or event that you’ve always wanted to go to. This will give you something to look forward to AND you get to actually enjoy it later. So it’s like TWO things! ;)


#2 Go to a wine/beer tasting. Broaden your taste bud horizons and of course bring your friends and family along with you. Everything seems fancier when you’re drinking wine.


#1 Host a game night!! This is is my favorite, birthday or no birthday. Any game will do: Jenga, Dungeons and Dragons, Charades, that Battlestar Gallactica board game that you got last Christmas and have yet to play. Just invite your friends over, make up some food and you’re all set. (Fun Fact: Alcohol is proven to make any game funnier. Must be 21 to participate)



What is your favorite birthday party memory?