Marvel Fans: Time to Geek Out!

Spider-man will be joining the Avengers!

According this article at, the Spider-man character is now no longer under the power of Sony Pictures, and can now come back to it’s original Marvel home. This means Spidey can be a part of the next Avengers installment…and even show up and make an appearance as early as Captain America: Civil War. (Comic book fans already know Spidey is an important part of the Avengers plot line)

See? He already fits in so well! :)

The article does state that a new series of Spidey movies intertwined into the Avengers story is in the works too, so much so that it will push back original release dates for Thor 3 and the new Black Panther and Captain Marvel films.

I’m super excited about this! True, it feels like Peter Parker’s story has been overdone the past several years, but I’m interested to see how the character is intertwined in the Avengers saga. I’m no comic book geek, but I’ve been obsessed with the Avengers story lately (Agent Carter anyone? So good!) that I can’t get enough.

So the main question…who should play the new Spider-man?!? Go old school with Toby McGuire? Keep Andrew Garfield? Keep the “hot Chris” theme going and hire Chris Pine? (eonline read my mind…)

Love to hear your ideas…share please!

-Sara Beth

Text Alerts now available!



Text Alerts are now available!

Want today’s forecast first thing in the morning? Or how about a link to Team Weather Watch? Or just info on our latest contest?

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OneDirection Pre-Sale Ticket Giveaway!




One Direction: On The Road Again Tour 2015 is coming to Lucas Oil Stadium on July 31st at 7:00pm!
CONGRATS to all of our ticket winners!
1. Facebook ‘Like and Share’ winner: Nikki Carter-Windland
2. Instagram winner: Seth Sharpe
3. Tropical Smoothie Cafe winner: Noah Goble
4. Website winner: Sydney Talkington
5. Caller 7 winner: Shannon Koester
Thanks to everyone for listening and playing!

Joanna’s Top 3 – Fun Things Edition

January is over (for the most part), so let’s talk about February! More specifically, the first week of February. SO many fun things to look forward to, so I thought I’d highlight some super special things that you should know about, if you don’t already. 


So here are the Top 3 fun things coming up that you need to be a part of: (These really all should be ranked #1, but for sake of uniformity, we’ll stick to 3, 2 and 1.) ;)


#3 A Taste of Chocolate. The Columbus Service League hosts this delicious event every year. For all the event details, CLICK HERE




#2 Empty Bowls Dinner A great event for a great cause. Check out full event details, HERE



#1 THE SUPERBOWL. duh. Sports, food and hilarious commercials. #excited


Plan to attend/partake in any of these events? Let us know!