Week 5 at F.X.B. kick’s off today

Well week 5 is in full swing. I can’t believe that we are about 5 weeks into the program and we only have 5 weeks left. I’m so excited to see what my results will be on Saturday as we do a retest on push ups, sit ups, check our weight, B.M.I. and run the mile again. I can already see a big difference in the way my clothes fit and how I feel. A big thanks to everyone at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping in Columbus for all of their support. They are a first class training facility. Also a big thanks to my co-workers and to my wife. Who’s put up with all of the complaining about being sore the past few weeks. I will post another blog on Monday with my results. Until then I will see you on the QMIX 80′s Saturday Night!

QMIX Christmas Musical Fireworks!



Thank you for being a part of  Thomasson Thomasson Long & Guthrie’s QMIX Christmas Musical Fireworks! We hope you and your family had a great time!


PICTURES WITH SANTA ARE HERE! A BIG thanks to Creative Portrait Studios for capturing these special moments. Scroll down the page to find your photo and instructions on how to download.


Happy Holidays from Thomasson Thomasson Long & Guthrie, Columbus Regional Health, Service 1 Plumbing, and QMIX 107.3!




Also, a big thank you to Will Howe for creating the artwork for our posters!


Pictures with Santa!


How to download:

  1. Find and left click on the photo of your choice.
  2. Ready to download? RIGHT click on the photo once chosen and click “Save picture as”
  3. Then save it to your computer.

Happy Holidays!

Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping Update

Well week 2 started at 5am today. All I can say is that Finally I can feel my legs after last weeks workout. Great day today, all I’m saying is FIRE HYDRANT. Now I know why my dog just leans into it! HAHA! Looking forward to another great week at Farrell’s Bodyshaping in Columbus. More updates later this week. If I can move my fingers. FEELING GOOD! :)


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