DVR Adultery!

tivo_unplug[4]There is no worse cheater than the one who watches “your” TV show alone. 79% of DVR owners watch at least one show with their partner. It’s what they do together. If you both work, it’s what you got Monday-Friday a lot of the time. But there’s a whole lot of cheating going on.  51% say they have watched episodes they hadn’t seen together, alone. There’s now an app called Roamio or Else that lets you send a digital postcard warning your significant other not to watch the next episode without you. Some are based on specific shows. One for The Voice says, “If you watch The Voice without me, I won’t turn around my chair, EVER.” One for Mad Men says, “If you watch Mad Men without me, I’ll drink all your scotch.” Just remember to sleep on the couch.  No one wants to hear you snore!

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