Farrell’s Day 3- DEM LEGS!

So yesterday was Day 3 of Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping, second strength training day, and first day of lower body strength training.

So the nerves are starting to subside, even for my runner’s knee issues that I acquired training for the Mill Race Half Marathon. (if anything Farrell’s should help make my knee(s) stronger!) I even went into yesterday’s class thinking that since I had been running most of the summer, that I would be able to rock this class and maybe go up in a resistance band.


I will admit, there were a few exercises that I felt good about, but there were some I was wondering if I even had that muscle! And with the soreness just building up on each other from the past two days my muscles were crying for a break! I’m definitely feeling the past 3 days all over my body.

But even though I am sore, I’m not to the point where I can’t move. If anything, the soreness kind of feels like a reminder…like my muscles are saying “Hey- I may be hurting now, but I will be HOT later!” hehe! So I’m excited to keep at it.

Tonight is another kickboxing class- let’s see if I can master the jab cross hook combination more than 5 times!

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