Flash Your Brights!

Speed Trap.jpgHelp a fellow driver out, flash your brights!  Many folks do it to tell oncoming drivers of speed traps, and police used to be able to write tickets for it. Whether or not they were actually allowed to has always been a question, but a lot of people probably figured it’s easier to just pay than put up with the hassle. Now, they can’t do that so don’t pay. Thanks to Florida resident, Ryan Kintner, we know they cannot ticket us. He challenged his ticket and took it to Federal Court where it was ruled that driver’s have every right to flash lights to warn oncoming cars of speed traps. Of course there are about 100 other things they could still ticket you for when you do it, including being too close to other cars, which is 500 feet for oncoming cars and 300 feet for ones in front of you. There’s always a loophole.

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