And here’s my proof! (My Husband and I crossing the finish line)

I even reached my goal of finishing under 3 hours- 2:58! And that was even with a bad knee! Which by the end of the race became 2 bad knees, but that’s ok. I’m walking and Aleve and Salonpas are my new besties. :)

My Medal!!!! I’ve been dreaming of wearing this thing since the beginning of the year! I really didn’t want to take it off…haha!

This day was amazing. Not only did I check off a bucket list item (which is an amazing feeling! Must do this more often!), but I couldn’t be more proud of Columbus, Indiana. The way our community came together to support everyone is just unbelievable. I’m so proud of my hometown right now! :)

I’ve been loving all the stories from this weekend too! We would love to hear yours! Whether you raced, volunteered, or just a spectator…What did you think of it all? Did you have a great time? Were you inspired? Let us know!

-Sara Beth

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