I said Brrrrr!

Who’s ready for all this wonderful snow this weekend?

I am actually quite excited for it! Mainly because a.) it’s coming on a weekend so I don’t have to worry about having to get to work, and b.) it’s January- when it’s supposed to snow! I tend to get angry when it snows after February 28th. 

I know several people will be taking time today and tomorrow to “prepare:” aka- buy out all the milk, eggs, and bread at grocery stores (seriously- where is this grand french toast party held when it snows and how can I get invited? :) ) But below is another list to consider when preparing for snow and chilly temperatures.

At Home:

- Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to piping under sinks and vanities near exterior walls

- run a small trickle of water from hot and cold faucets during extreme cold (keep from freezing)

- keep exterior doors to unheated spaces closed as much as possible (duh! It’s cold out there! haha)

- Bring your pets inside! Even if it’s just the garage. Temperatures are low enough to be life threatening for them too.

- Make sure your car battery still has plenty of life left (if you think it’s on it’s way out then you may want to have a new one ready to go)


- have extra blankets, bottled water, and some granola/power bars on hand, and make sure your cell phone is completely charged before leaving. 

-alert family and friends when you are leaving and when you are expecting to arrive at your destination.

-also have a small shovel and a small bag of kitty litter in your vehicle in case of a slide off. 

For more winter safety tips, Columbus Township Fire Department has a very extensive and helpful list. Check it out HERE.

Stay safe and enjoy the SNOW!

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