“If you look the right way,…

“There’s naught as nice as th’ smell o’ good clean earth, except th’ smell o’ fresh growin’ things when th’ rain falls on ‘em.” 

― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

On my constant trek to discover the greatness of Columbus, I found myself on the corner of 5th Street looking into the fence of an amazing house and gardens. I thought, well, that’s pretty. I walked along the side street and turned the corner. Upon inspection, I saw this door…

I immediately thought of “The Secret Garden,” and I wondered what treasures this wall held. I turned back to go see if I could inquire about this place, and I noticed that the side gate was open with a sign that said Irwin Gardens is open to the public 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Tuesdays. Just my luck! It was 2:05 pm on Tuesday!

This sight awaited me as I entered, and at that moment I was hooked! The Italianate gardens  begun in 1910 and finished in 1913 at the Irwin House. They are inspired by the ruins excavated at Pompeii.

On a hill above the sunken garden stands the tea house. The tea house is of Roman-Pompeian design and decoration and serves as a great vantage point of the property as well as to protect the marble fountainhead of the gardens largest water feature – the descending fountain.

I was in complete awe of this place. The old-world feel. The aromas of blooms. The serene, calming nature. It’s like I could feel the energies of times and lives passed, staying with these gardens for eons to come. Not because the energies cannot find a way to escape, but because they are meant to be there. To enjoy. To protect. To ensure its survival.

I urge you to take a visit to The Irwin Gardens on 5th Street in Columbus. It really is a sight to behold.

Also, by the way, I took these photos with my cell phone. I cannot believe how great they turned out!

For more information about the Irwin Gardens or the Inn at Irwin Gardens Bed and Breakfast, go to www.irwingardens.com.

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