I think…..Maybe?….Oh poop…….

Seriously though…I think I’m ready.


I’ve been a huge ball of nerves since yesterday when I received the confirmation email yesterday morning. However, I’ve realized that it’s just a part of the process…since all my pro runner friends are posting Facebook statuses about their nerves.

One thing I was super nervous about was my left knee. It started acting up earlier this month while training. I did go see the lovely Dr. Mandy Wyant with Family Chiropractic at the Expo yesterday and she gave me some fantastic advice (she’s a pro runner too!), So I feel better about it.

photo (6)

My awesome pink tape thanks to Dr. Wyant!

I’m super excited about our swag! I LOVE the shirts! AND I had to purchase a 13.1 sticker to put on my car after the race so I can be like all the other cool kids!

photo 3

Oliver! Get out of my picture!!! (Seriously- it took a good 10 minutes to get this shot because of this cat)

photo 4

That’s better….ps you can follow bib numbers on the “It’s My Race” App!

In the end- it’s going to be a GREAT WEEKEND! I’m so excited for everything happening before, after, and yes, even during the race! My husband and I will be running together (at least trying to- he may race ahead of me…haha!) so I can’t wait to experience this with him.

photo 1

Dan and I having a great time at the photo booth at the expo!

Hope to see you there!

Sara Beth :)

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