I’m such a daredevil…

Just want to give a big THANK YOU to Buffalo Wild Wings for sharing some of your delicious boneless chicken wings and flatbreads with us!

There really isn’t anything better than a buffalo chicken wing dipped in bleu cheese…

photo (5)

My favorite kind of lollypop! haha!

Why may I regret this later?

Earlier this week I had a stomach bug (jury is still out as to what caused it, I think dehydration…) and my stomach is not back to where it used to be before I was sick. I’ve been eating nothing but water, applesauce and sprite the past couple of days when I have been hungry.

Needless to say spicy chicken is not the way to go after being sick…

but I don’t care!

I did it anyway!!


Remind me of this moment later if I end up bowing to the porcelain throne… :-/

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