Joanna’s Top 3: Bug-a-boo Edition

Everyone needs to complain every once in awhile, right? I had a few minor annoyances that I would like to get off my chest. Maybe as you read these, you can relate and please feel free to comment and complain about some things if you like. 


Here are my Top 3 bug-a-boos for the day:


#3 I’ve decided to get into comic books. I’ve read a few here and there and have decided (after reading Joss Whedon’s Astonishing XMEN) that I’m in love with them. It can be a difficult thing to get into. There are so many story lines and people! My bug-a-boo stems from Google. I’ve been relying a lot on Google to answer questions that I have a long the way and when it doesn’t give me an answer, I become annoyed. Google should have all answers to everything. It’s GOOGLE!


#2 I’ve been using the same face wash for a long time. I just recently bought more and for reasons unknown, they changed the scent! What?! I’m not going to just throw the stuff away (I’m not crazy…or wasteful). I just can’t wait for it to be gone so my face will stop smelling like a perfumed hamster cage. UGH!



#1 My phone decided to have a mind of it’s own today. You know how you can turn a smart phone sideways and the screen moves with it? Well, mine went sideways and never moved back. So I’m over here looking like I’m playing a driving video game with my phone trying to get it to move. I would include some screen shots here, but now I can’t even get it to move at all. Aaaand then my phone randomly decides to restart. My phone is sick. I look really dumb.

Technology-1 Joanna-0


What are some of your bug-a-boos from today? Or recently? Share!

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