Joanna’s Top 3 – Burger Edition

Prepare to drool.

Time Magazine conducted interviews with burger historians and experts (yes, those are real things) to compile a list of 17 burgers that have influenced the burger industry and our taste buds over the years.

Here are the Top 3…

#3 The In-and-Out Burger – This burger debuted in 1948 and has a reputation for being delicious. Who wants to join me in a petition to get one here?!



#2 The McDonald’s Burger – We can never escape it. 



#1 The White Castle Burger – Technically, it is a slider soooo can it really be on this list? I kid. The White Castle Burger is classic and tasty. I agree.



Here’s the full list of all 17 Influential Burgers. What do you think? Would you add or remove any of these tasty burgers from the list? And who else is hungry now?

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