Joanna’s Top 3: Feel Good Edition

I didn’t set New Year’s resolutions for myself. Mainly because I knew I would ditch them a few weeks into the year. So around this time of year I like to do things that are fulfilling and can take the place of those hypothetically ditched resolutions. All three of these things I have done over the past two days and I feel super great about it!

So here are my Top 3 things you can do to feel fulfilled: (Especially with all this cold depressing weather…)

#3 Finish a book. Or better yet, start a book! I am finally getting around to reading the Hunger Games series and I can’t put them down. There are few greater feelings than finishing a good book. 

Look at how happy they are!

Look at how happy they are!


#2 Try a new healthy snack. Emphasis on the “healthy”. It’s hard NOT to find new recipes out there. Find one that looks delicious and try it. I’ve been trying to at least snack healthier and I’m pleasantly surprised by how not-disgusting healthy food is!


#1 Learn something new. My mom and I decided to try arm knitting yesterday. After watching the YouTube video 5 times and almost strangling myself by accident, an hour later I had a B-E-A-utiful infinity scarf (which is now sitting around my neck, warming my soul). Now I have something else to add to my “I can do that!” resume!

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