Joanna’s Top 3: Metabolism Boost Edition

Time for a healthy edition of my Top 3 list! I’m am NOT a health nut or a gym rat by any means. I’m always looking for small and easy (coughLAZYcough) ways to be healthier. 


Here are the Top 3 easy ways to boost your metabolism:


#3 Eat a variety of foods. Mix it up! I personally could eat my favorite frozen dinner every day at work, but it’s best to give your digestive system a workout (that sounded a lot more gross than I intended). The bigger variety of minerals, nutrients and vitamins in your body, the better.


#2 Drink more water. We all know this is a healthy thing to do. The hard part is figuring out how to consume as much as we should every day. Make a goal for yourself every day to just drink one more full glass of water than you normally do. You’ll get there! (The water in your coffee and/or tea counts too!)


#1 Move around! We all know this one is my favorite. Put on your favorite song and dance around for a few minutes every 15 minutes to get your metabolism going!

(When I found this gif, I was really excited. Then I had to watch every pixel of it to make sure no one was doing anything inappropriate. #WolfOfWallstreet)

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