Joanna’s Top 3: Pinterest Edition

Have you been thinking of joining Pinterest, but not sure if you want to make that kind of commitment? Or maybe you just don’t know what you’d be getting yourself into? Well, while I was surfing on the Pin (Just made that up…it’s not a thing to say that. Feel free to use it though.) and I made some observations. Maybe my random thoughts about this social media-internet-hoarding-site will assist in your decision.


Here are the Top 3 observations I had about Pinterest today:


#3 This website really helps me feel more organized. I can neatly and compactly Pin away my hobbies, wants, fun ideas and things that make me giggle into nice little categories. Most of these things include my future hypothetical shoe and nail polish collection, pictures of animals, celebrities and tidbits from my favorite geeky fandoms. 


#2 Kind of along the same line as feeling more organized, Pinterest definitely fuels my self-diagnosed mild case of OCD. I don’t just get on Pinterest and go all crazy pinning every thing I see. No no! I am very selective about my Pins and think (way too much) about which of my Boards they should be Pinned to. If you take a quick look at my profile, you’ll see there really aren’t that many Pins. Yea. I’m proud at how concise and awesome it is. 



#1 What did we do BEFORE Pinterest? I mean, I know what we did. We did just fine. BUT, I can imagine someone going through all the stress of planning their own wedding, having a baby, buying a house, etc. and then a week later, Pinterest launches. And you missed out on all those ideas?!? Wouldn’t you just feel so cheated?!

Are you on Pinterest? Love it? Hate it? Hate to love it? Love to hate it?


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