Joanna’s Top 3: TV Show Edition

I would love to win some money for doing things I love. That’s when I had a thought: there are certainly some TV shows out there that could help me with that, right?!


So here are the Top 3 TV shows that would be rad to be on:


#3 Big Brother. I’m lazy already. All you do is sit around, play in the occasional endurance competition and try to not become the crazy one in the house. If you’re the last one lazing about, you win $500,000! What? Sign me up!

Big Brother


#2 The Amazing Race. Travelling the world has always been a dream of mine. But I would love it a lot more if I was doing it with my hip mom, little brother or best friend and at the end of the trip got to split $1,000,000. 



#1 Hollywood Game Night!! Who wouldn’t want to hang out with your favorite celebs and play games all night?! And if that wasn’t enough, you get $25,000 if your team wins!



What reality TV/game shows would you love to be on? If there aren’t any, what is something that you do that you would love to win money for? Binge watching Netflix? Playing with puppies? Tell me!

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