Joanna’s Top 3: Reasons I Will Watch The Oscars Edition

Fact: I love movies. Fact: I love the Oscars. Fact: I’ve seen everything that has been nominated for this year’s awards ceremony (Except for the Foreign films and shorts, sadly. I couldn’t find them anywhere or get to a theater in time!). So, we can deduce from those facts that I will be watching the Oscars on Sunday. I am of course excited for all the different parts of the evening, but there are few things that I think are a little extra special this year. 


Here are the Top 3 things that I’m excited to see at this year’s Academy Awards:


#3 You can appear in a fancy red carpet photo! Yes please!




#2 Ellen is hosting! ‘nough said.

Looking forward to plenty of charming Ellen-like antics… :)




#1 Of course, previous Oscar winners are on the list of this year’s presenters, but the presenter that I am most excited about is…wait for it….



What are you looking forward to seeing at the Oscars this year? Who are your picks to take him the golden statue?


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